A New School Year Begins!

Today is the first day of the 2013 school year at Leopold Primary School in Victoria, Australia.

After nearly six weeks of summer holidays, Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are excited to welcome the 54 new 4KM and 4KJ students. Some of these students were in 2KM or 2KJ in 2011!

We have a lot to look forward to this year including our new 1:1 netbook program, Bike Ed and of course our camp to Maldon.

Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan are certain all the students will learn a lot in 2013 and enjoy being part of our wonderful classroom community.


We had a very warm summer in Leopold and we look forward to hearing how all the students spent their holidays.

Mrs Morris and her husband, Nate, enjoyed Christmas with Mrs Morris’s family. They also spent some time at Indented Head where Nate’s parents rented a holiday house. Mrs Morris and Nate enjoyed a holiday to the historic town of Beechworth and our nation’s capital, Canberra.


Miss Jordan travelled back to her family’s home in Pomonal (near Halls Gap) for her Christmas celebrations. In January she painted her house and she also enjoyed seeing friends, exercising, going shopping, cooking and reading. Miss Jordan loved meeting her family’s chocolate Labrador puppy, Mocha.


Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan also spent a lot of time in the holidays preparing for Technify Your Teaching in 2013. This was a professional development day held at Leopold Primary School on January 24th. We had 60 teachers attend from all over Victoria to learn about how to use technology in their classrooms.



Leave a comment and tell us about your holidays.

What are you looking forward to in 2013?

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79 thoughts on “A New School Year Begins!

  1. Hi Kelly and Kathleen,
    Good luck on your first day with your students today! Our students don’t start until tomorrow – today will be a professional development day for our school. I’m very excited to start the year with our new 5/6 students for 2013!
    When you have a chance, could you please tell me how to create a header for my blog that includes more than one photo?
    Have a great day! Looking forward to possible collaboration between our classes through blogging!
    Katelyn 🙂

    • Hi Katelyn,

      Thanks for the welcome back! I hope you enjoy your professional development day.

      I made the blog header in PowerPoint and saved it as a JPEG. You can find more tips about custom headers here.

      Kathleen Morris

    • Hello,
      What a great blog! I hope the new term is going well. Have you ever been asked why we have to wear hats and sunscreen at school? You can find out why by using the new SunSmart IWB lessons at http://bit.ly/Uop6Xj . We’d love to get any feedback from you and find out if you discovered anything new.
      Have a sun safe term one! 🙂

      • Hi Justine,

        Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog! We love to stay sun safe in 4KM and 4KJ so we will definitely check out your link. We’ll let you know if we have any feedback 😆

        Kind regards,
        Mrs Kathleen Morris

  2. Hello Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan, 4KM & 4KJ,

    It looks like the teachers had a wonderful holiday. I really enjoyed my break and having time to read and plan for 2013 and all theexciting teaching ideas. How about all the students… Did you enjoy your holidays?

    I hope you have a wonderful 2013. I look forward to following your blog.

    Have a fun day!
    From Miss McLennan

    • Hi Miss McLennan,

      My name is Haille and I am in 4KM for 2013. Yes I did have a good holiday and for some reasons I still wanted it to keep going, but in some other ways I wanted school to start.

      Also, did you have a good holiday?


  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I cannot believe that the summer vacation is already over! From the looks of your photos and after reading your summer summary, I can tell that you had an amazing break!

    My class is a 2/3 combination class in California. That means my students are 7 and 8 years old. We started our school year at the end of August and will get out of school mid-June, just before our summer begins.

    Since we are in the northern hemisphere, it is winter here…the opposite of your hemisphere. The month of February is typically our rainiest month, so everyone has their umbrella at the ready.

    I look forward to reading the summer summaries from your new students!

    Welcome back!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Hi Mrs Yollis,

      thanks for the great comment,

      My name is Ava I’m one of the students in 4KJ. I’m not new to blogging because I was in Mrs Morris’s class in grade 2 which was 2KM. Do you remember the 2km and 2kj class blog in 2011?

      I can’t believe that February is your rainiest month. I think it is our most sunniest month but it is the end of summer so I also think January is our sunniest month.

      I love the word, summer summaries well actually two words but I hear summer a lot.

      Thanks for the welcome.

      Best wishes,
      Ava :mrgreen:

      PS. here is a link to my blog:

      • Dear Ava,

        Of course I remember 2KM and you! We have been pals for a long time! How nice of you to comment back to me!

        February is usually rainy her in my area. However, tomorrow is the first day of February and the temperature is supposed to be 78˚F (25˚ C)! The sky will be blue and not a chance of rain. Go figure!

        I’m glad you liked my “Summer Summary” phrase. I love alliteration, when the same sound is repeated at the front of a word.

        Happy Blogging, Ava!

        Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Hi yollis
      My holadays were grate
      I went camping we
      Went to the Zoe
      We sore a kebra
      In the grafes cage
      It was a great holadays
      We’re graet

      • Dear Alisha,

        Wow! It sounds like you had a terrific holiday!

        I like to camp as well. Mr. Yollis and I have been camping in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. We like to hike and fish. What did you do while camping?

        Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Hi Miss Yollis,

      My name is Amelia and I am a student in 4kj.

      Over the holidays I went to the Wallington Park Equestrian Centre Christmas show. I rode one of my favourite ponies called Henry. In the best turned out horse and rider class we came 7th , we came 4th in the fancy dress competion, and we got a clear round in the show jumping. There were 3 other classes that unfortunately we didn’t place in because Henry was being naughty, but it was still awesome.

      My half baby sister Sasha was born on the 2nd of January which was very exciting.

      For Christmas my family came over for Christmas dinner which was really nice. My mum made a roast and my auntie made a pavlova for dessert. My mum’s boyfriend’s parents also made a trifle.

      I went to the beach, had a sleepover with my friend Paris, went to the movies to see Parental Guidance, went to Luna park and more.

      What do you enjoy doing in your holidays?

      Looking forward to doing more blogging with you and your class.

      From Amelia 4kj

      • Hi Amelia,

        What a great, quality comment.
        I Love they way you put in all your punctuation in your comment.

        I am absolutely sure that Mrs. Yollis will love your comment.

        Who was your favorite character in Parental Guidance?

        Keira 4KM

      • Dear Amelia,

        You had quite an eventful vacation! A horse show, a new sibling, a family dinner, the beach, and a movie! You are a very active person.

        I also noticed that you are a terrific writer. It is clear that you went through your thoughtful comment and proofread it for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Panda and I are very proud of your effort! 🙂

        Here in America, we had a Christmas break of two weeks. Then school started back again. Our next break will be our one week Spring Break.

        During time off I like to hike, walk our one-year-old dog named Buck, practice yoga, and read.

        I’m sorry that Henry was a little naughty. Buck has that problem sometimes too…just ask Mrs. Morris!

        Your friend,
        Mrs. Y♥llis

        • Dear Mrs Yollis,

          We have our Christmas break for about 5 or 6 weeks.

          In my spare time I also like to read and take my 4 year dog Abby for walks. My dog is pretty good but if she can see a cat or a bird she runs of to chase it and doesn’t come back until she has chased it away!

          Henry is only a young pony so he gets frightened easily. For example, at the Christmas show he stopped at the poles in best pony because they were a very bright colour and this can be quite frightening for a pony, especially a young one because they will most likely not have seen it before.

          Your blogging buddy,

    • Hi Alisha,

      I sure did have a great holiday.

      Thank you for commenting at home. Always remember to read over your comment before submitting it and don’t forget to write a closing (eg. from Alisha) at the end of your comment.

      Your teacher,
      Mrs Morris

  4. i needid to write more so could you reply and tell me how to deleit your oun comment thank you. miss morris ilove working in your class.you are
    awesome i cant wait until bike ed it sounds fun.I gotta tell you some questions how old are you?
    What got you in to laerning?
    i need to know some becuase im new.
    whose your best freind in the school?
    tell me the grades you were in a long time a go?
    it would be very very very nice
    so would you be my teacher freind
    now for school.
    my school carea was awesome i cant
    wait until camps and all
    i a`m so exited.
    good bye hope you will reply.
    miss morris

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for commenting at home. I like your enthusiasm.

      You can’t delete your own comment but I deleted the first one for you.

      I am 31 years old.

      What got me in to learning? Well I have always loved learning and I enjoyed school when I was younger.

      At our school I am good friends with Miss Jordan and Mr Limb.

      I have taught grades one, two, three and four at Leopold.

      Here are some tips for you:
      – always read over your writing.
      – start your commenting with a greeting and end with a closing.

      We will talk more about quality commenting in the next day or two.

      Your teacher,
      Mrs Morris

  5. Dear miss Jorden,

    This year I am going to injoy reading and writing.
    Are you excited about a new school year?
    I no I am!

    from your student,

    • Dear Sophie,

      It is great to see you commenting from home after your first day of Grade Four!

      I am excited about the new school year, I know it’ll be a fun year and you will learn so much.

      See you tomorrow,

      Miss Jordan

  6. Hi 4KJ and 4KM,

    It was so nice to meet you all today! I hope you all enjoyed the first day as much as I did! What was your favourite part? I enjoyed taking photos of you all!

    Your student teacher,
    Miss Smith

    • Hi Miss Smith,

      Great Quality comment!

      I really enjoyed the first day of school, it was great and I liked it as much as you did.

      My favourite part of the day would probably have to be the sentence task and the holiday writing. I thought they were quite fun.

      Great comment again! 😛

      Best Wishes,
      Ava :mrgreen:

  7. To Miss Jorden,
    My holidays were so much fun. I went to Beeac for christmas. We also went there just to see Pa. I had a great time with my cousin there as well.

    But my highlight was spending time with Anthony.
    I slept at his house twice and he slept at my house once. We always have so much fun with each other!

    see you soon,

    • Dear Harry,

      Terrific comment, well done!

      It sounds like you had a wonderful holiday break. It is great to see you and Anthony are still such good friends. I was very pleased when I found out I would be teaching you again!

      Your teacher,
      Miss Jordan

  8. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Great post!

    I did a lot on the holidays. I will tell you most of them. I went horse riding with Jordi (4km student),
    had lots of sleepovers with Jordi, spent time with family and friends, went to the beach, went swimming a lot, went to Sorrento with my family, went ice-skating, went for a bike ride from Leopold to Drysdale and back, I went to the movies to see Wreck it Ralph, I went swimming a lot, celebrated my mum and my brothers birthday, celebrated Christmas and the new years, rode my penny board with my brother up and down our court, wrote a couple of blog comments, I went shopping a lot, organised my stuff for school, played with my pets,had a new baby cousin been born, relaxed and lots more that I can’t remember.

    I am looking forward to hopefully getting my pen licence, being with two great teachers Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris, bike ed, bike ed camp, and another camp I forgot where to, excursions, blogging of course and lots more because I will be going on all night about what i’m looking forward to so I better stop here.

    Great post again! 😎

    Best Wishes,
    Ava :mrgreen:

    • Dear Ava,
      It looks like you enjoyed your holiday. Hopefully you had a good time horse-riding with Jordi. If you didn’t know I ❤

      • Hi Ava

        I think the post Paris did was cut short, she wanted to let you know she loves horses and rides a horse called Brandy at Walington Park. Maybe you can have a chat about your horse riding.

        Well done on all of your great posts so far.

        Cheers Lara

  9. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    It was lovely to meet you all today, I had been looking forward to coming into your classrooms all holidays.

    It was so good to see you all so excited and ready for grade four, I can already tell you’re all so clever!

    I look forward to a great year ahead with you and learning lots from your wonderful teachers Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan! What’s something you’re looking forward to this year?

    From Miss Mckeegan

  10. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Great post!

    Hi I’m Ava’s mum, Maria.

    I am Really looking forward for you Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris for teaching Ava again this year.

    Great post again! 😛

    Maria (Ava’s mum)

    • Dear Maria,

      Thank you so much for your comment! We always love to hear from our students’ parents, and I believe you are the first 2013 4KM/4KJ parent to leave us a comment!

      We are looking forward to a wonderful year in Grade Four and I am so pleased to have the opportunity to teach Ava again. She is a role model for other students, and I know she will learn a lot this year.

      Thanks again! 🙂

      Best wishes,
      Miss Jordan

  11. Dear Miss Jordan,

    I am so exicted to be in grade four this year. I have learnt so much last year and i am looking forward to learning more. I am also very exicted about all the excursions, going on camp, going on bike Ed and doing other things like that. I have enjoyed all my hoildays but i am so glad to be back at school. It is so great to see that so many of us have already written on the blog. I think that having this blog is so much fun.

    I am so happy to have you as a teacher,

    from Jess

    • Dear Jess,

      Thanks for your quality comment!

      There are so many exciting things happening in Grade Four this year and I know you will have a wonderful year. Bike Ed, the Maldon camp and the netbook program will be some of the highlights.

      You are such a happy and enthusiastic student, which I think it just terrific. I don’t think you stopped smiling all day! 🙂

      Your teacher,
      Miss Jordan

  12. Hi 4KJ and 4KM

    I am very excited about the Laptop Program and am looking forward to learning new things with Jessica at home. I believe it is going to be a fabulous year for learning for everyone!

    Enjoy and have fun.
    Carolyn (Jessica’s Mum)

  13. Hi 4KM and 4KJ

    I am Lara, Paris’s mum.

    This blog looks fantastic, I look forward to reading your posts throughout the year and seeing what you are all up to.

    I think the netbook program will be very interesting and that you are all going to learn some great new skills. I am a graphic designer and work with technology a lot, so let me know if there is anything I can work on with you.

    Bye for now

  14. Dear Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan,

    I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your new students back from the wonderful school holidays.

    I, have to say I have enjoyed reading what you and yours students got up to during the school holidays.

    I had a wonderful holiday however did have to work a few days during these holidays.
    Hope you have another wonderful year of blogging with your new and old blogging pals.


    • Hi AA

      Thanks for a great comment!

      My name is Amelia ( or Millie ) and I am in 4KJ for 2013.

      I am definitley looking forward to learning more about blogging and hopefully later in the year, getting my own blog!

      Best wishes,

  15. Hi 4KJ and 4KM,
    My name is Shannon and I am Darcy’s Mum.
    I am looking forward to keeping up to date through your blog. It looks fantastic!
    This year will be an exciting year with the Netbooks arriving soon and the Bike Ed Camp in July.
    Talk soon

  16. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I can’t believe that today is your first day of school! It’s closely to our 100th day of school. I’m from Mr. Avery’s sixth grade class in case you were asking. It’s very interesting knowing that we are close to our hundredth day of school and your class is just starting. Enjoy the school year!

    Tristan B. 🙂
    Mr. Avery’s Class

  17. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    I’m so glad you’re back! Your class is always one of my favorites to work with. Mrs. Morris and I have been talking and I think we may just be able to work together a couple times this year!

    Some of you may remember me from when you were in 2KM and 2KJ. It’ll be a lot of fun to work together again this year!

    Feel free to swing on by our blog, Mr. Avery’s Class Blog and let us know what you did over your vacation/holidays.

    Mr. Avery

  18. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    My name is Heather, and I am in second grade. My teacher is Mrs. Yollis.

    My holidays were great! I celebrate Christmas. Even though I think Hanukkah is better, Christmas is still fun. What do yo celebrate?

    During the holidays, I went to Mountain High. It is a place to ski or snowboard. I was there for two days. The first day, I skied and the second day I snowboarded.

    Does anyone ski or snowboard in Leopold?

    I earned my own blog in Mrs. Yollis’ class. Maybe you’d like to leave me a quality comment sometime.


  19. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    Hi, our names are Aashi and Chloe. We are from Mrs. Yollis’ class.

    Did you have a nice summer? Here it is winter, but some days have been kind of hot. Chloe thinks that it has been the hottest winter she’s been in. Aashi also thinks that it has been hot.

    We are going to tell you about ourselves. Chloe likes art and blogging. When it’s hot, she likes to go swimming. Aashi likes to read and sing. When it is hot she also like to go swimming.

    Have a nice school year,
    Aashi and Chloe

    • Dear Aashi and Chloe,
      Hi my name is Ella and I am in 4KM.
      I had an awesome summer.How was your winter? Did you have fun?

      I also like art and bloging.What do you like doing in your spare time?
      This year my grade and I will be doing lots of blogging. I hope you enjoy the rest of the year. What are you looking forward to most of all this year?

      have fun

  20. Welcome back to school. It was 73 degrees F here in North Carolina, USA today but thunderstorms are around and tomorrow high should be in the low 40’s. F. Up and down weather here in the southern USA.

    We look forward to reading your blog site as you get into your school year. We are like Ms. Yollis in California and start school August 25th and get out in June. It is really winter season here although the temps are up and down.

  21. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Wow! This is a marvellous blog post.

    My name is Emily and i’m in 5TM and My name is Becky and i am also in 5TM. (as some of the new kids may not know us).

    On the holidays we both did alot but this is one of our highlights. Going to Time Zone(Emily).
    Going to Adventure park (Becky).

    Becky and I are both looking forward to going to Soverign Hill.

    Talk soon,
    Emily and Becky

    • Hi Emily and Becky,

      How great to hear from our old students. How are you enjoying Grade Five with Mr Mac?

      Sovereign Hill will be a lot of fun!

      Your former teacher,
      Mrs Morris

  22. Hi 4KM & 4KJ,

    It looks like everyone had a great holiday!!

    I am so excited to be reading the class blog again and getting to hear about all the exciting things that are going on in class!!

    I am looking forward to starting the 1:1 netbook program.

    I hope everyone has enjoyed their first few days back,

    Beck 🙂

    • Hi Beck,

      Thanks for commenting on the 4KM and 4KJ blog! We always love to hear from parents so we hope you come back often.

      We can’t wait for the 1:1 program too. Miss Jordan and I have lots of activities planned and we’re trying to be very patient. Hopefully we’ll be using them on Monday!

      I have had an excellent two days with my new class. I’m lucky to be teaching such great students this year!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Kathleen Morris

  23. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I really enjoyed the holidays so much because I did a lot of things and went to a lot of places on the holidays.I did a little bit of cooking I made Jam and choc chip cookies.My Mum mostly helped me to do some things for me but I mostly made it my self.They were really yummy.What I enjoyed on the holidays was relaxing and watching movies by my self.
    What you do on the holidays?
    What was your favourite thing to do on the holidays?
    Did you do any cooking?

    Bye for now
    🙂 Eden 🙂

    • Dear Eden,

      Thanks for your terrific comment! I am sure you will enjoy blogging this year.

      It sounds like you enjoyed your holidays. It’s always nice to relax over the summer break after such a busy school year.

      I enjoyed spending time with family and friends. I did do some cooking, although I didn’t make any jam or cookies like you did. Yum! I did make some berry and white chocolate muffins which were very tasty.

      See you tomorrow,
      Miss Jordan

    • Hi Eden,

      Great comment!!
      I am so excited about the net book program. I can’t believe we get them so soon.

      What is your favourite thing to cook??Do you cook often or just some times? I love to cook as well. My favourite thing to cook are cupcakes. Yum!

      Sounds like you had a fun hoilday! I had a fun hoilday to. I went swimming, to the movies, I also went to the hoilday program. At the hoilday program i went to Adventure Park and the movies!!! I love the hoildays but i love school too.

      Looking forward to tomorrow,

      From Jess

      • Hi Jess,

        My favourite thing to cook is choc chip cookies:)
        I mostly cook on the weekends and on the school holidays:)
        I am very excited about the netbooks too.The holiday program sounds fun.

        bye for now,


  24. Dear 4Km & 4KJ,

    This year I’m looking forward to Bike Ed especially the camp to Maldon.
    I’m also looking forward to learning about technology.

    What are you looking forward to?

    I had a great holiday, I went camping, went to the
    movies and heaps more things. What did you do?

    From Molly 🙂

    • Hi Molly,
      Great comment!

      This year I am looking forward to Bike Ed and the camp to Maldon too.

      On the holidays I went to Echuca and the weather was over 40 every day!

      Jordi 😛

      • Hello Jordi,

        Wow that would have been very hot!

        In Geelong there were a few 40 degree days but I spent those days that at the pool.


    • Hi Molly,

      I am looking forward to bike Ed and the camp to maldon too.
      I did some cooking and I mostly rested

      Bye for now,

      🙂 Eden 🙂

  25. Sorry mrs morris i needid to fix some words,please delite the first one please.Thank you mrs moriss and dont forget to
    tell miss mc keeghan that she is awesome,dont forget.so on you holiday, I have been to the dog on the tucker
    box and my brother has been to Cannbra
    and did a modle and tell mrs jorden your class and hers are awesome.You were write my kytchen rules arent on thursday it was mon,tue,wed.Your class student kyle
    p.s you are awesome

    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for commenting again tonight!

      I like the way you signed off with your name 🙂

      Are you a My Kitchen Rule fan too?

      Your teacher,
      Mrs Morris

      • Hi Mrs Morris,
        My name is Amelia ( Millie )
        and I’m in 4KJ.

        I love My Kitchen Rules too!
        Which is your favourite team?

        From Amelia.

        • Hi Millie,

          Thanks for writing to me.

          My Kitchen Rules is a great show! So far I like the Tasmanian team because I like the way they worked well together and spoke nicely to each other. Some other teams tend to argue in the kitchen!

          What about you? Which is your favourite team?

          Best wishes,
          Mrs Morris

  26. Dear Miss Smith,

    It’s been great having you in our classroom!

    Like Ava my favourite tasks were the sentences and holiday writing.
    Hopefully the netbooks are ready soon so we can start using them in our classroom.


  27. Hi Aashi and Chloe,

    My name is Amelia and I am in 4KJ for 2013.

    Thanks for a great comment! : D

    I like swimming, reading, art and blogging too. I also like netball, cricket and horse riding.

    Looking forward to more blogging with you and your class this year.

    Best wishes,

  28. Hi 4KJ and 4KM!

    My name is Nikki and I am Amelia’s mum. It’s been fun to read what everyone did over the school holidays. Such a variety of activities and places visited – gives me some great ideas for the next school holidays.

    I loved going to Luna Park with Amelia, her sister, and my neices. It reminded me of when I went when I was a kid. Amelia was quite a daredevil with the rides – I’m glad I didn’t have to keep up with her!

    Looking forward to checking-in on all the comments.

    Nikki (Amelia’s mum)

  29. Hi

    4KM and 4KJ, this year I am looking forward to
    bike camp and the exciting things that have been planned for us this year.

    On the holidays my favourite things were kneeboarding with my cousins Luke, Jack and Mathew; and having a play with Bradley, Ryley and Jarrod.

    I also enjoyed Parker’s birthday on the 17th of January with Parker’s friends and family. It was her 1st birthday and she had a party.

    Bradley and I went to Adventure Park and went on the lazy river 20 times and the aqua racer.
    Ryley came over for a sleepover and we played minecraft. We also did nerf gun war.

    I went to Jarrod’s house for a sleepover. We did lots of cool things like playing golf with Tyler and I accidently hit the ball over the fence twice.

  30. Hi 4KJ and 4KJ.

    We had a great holiday this year as we went to Echuca for a few days where Jack and his sister Jacinta had a great time with their cousins.

    I had two weeks at home which was really nice to have some time with the kids.

    Jack had lots of fun with friends and family and is really looking forward to bike ed and the camp.

    Fiona (Jack’s mum)

  31. Hi everyone,

    My holidays were the BEST IN THE

    On the first week of holidays I was so, so, so bored so I started playing Smash Cars on the ps2.

    On the second week of holidays Jai came over for a sleepover.

    On the third week , my family and I went to see OVO the circus . I made a friend with the tightrope man.

    On the fourth week Jai came over for another sleepover.We had a water fight with my sister and her friend Alice.

    On the last week my family and I went to Adventure Park.

    Did anyone else go to Adventure Park?

    Yours dearly,


    • Dear Jesse,

      No I did not go to Adventure Park, but I wanted to. It sounds like your holidays were busy and fun.

      From Molly 🙂

  32. Hi Miss Jordan,

    I am really excited to get my own netbook next week
    🙂 I am looking forward to when we get to do bike Ed
    and school camp.Tomorrow I might do some more cooking
    and I might make cupcakes or a cake.

    Bye for now,

    🙂 Eden 🙂

  33. Hi 4km and 4kj,

    I had a great holiday I went to a lot of places
    Like bainsdale for New Year’s Eve,the fireworks
    We’re right above us.

    Then I went to holiday program . At the holiday
    Program I went to win city I loved it because
    Mini golf was glow in the dark. The golf balls
    We’re glowing. It was crazy.

    Best wishes

  34. dear Mrs. Morris,
    My name is Mike k. and I’m from Mr avery’ s 6th grade class. I LOVE your blog. It is VERY nice. It looks like you had a WONDERFUL summer vacation. Wasit very hot this summer? Don’t you guys have summer in January or something like that?

    Mike k.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for writing on our blog!

      You’re lucky to have a teacher like Mr Avery.

      I certainly did have a wonderful summer holiday. It was extremely hot some days. Summer is December, January and February in Australia. It’s about the opposite for you!

      Your blogging buddy,
      Mrs Morris

  35. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    We have just looked at your blog. We give it a 10 out of 10! We think your blog is fascinating and fabulous! We are just starting to blog for the first time. We hope ours ends up as good as yours. 🙂
    From 3 Sky Stars in Broome, WA

    • Hi 3 SKy Stars,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. We’re happy to hear you’re starting a blog for the first time.

      Miss Jordan and I have visited Broome and we think it is a wonderful place!

      We will have to visit your blog sometime.

      Good luck,
      Mrs Morris

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