End Of Year Excursion

The grade four students had a wonderful time on our end of year excursion yesterday!

Here is an outline of the day:

9.30am: We departed school on our bikes and rode to a swimming pool.

10.15am: We had a snack and changed into our swimming gear.

10.30am: We swam in the Splashdown pool and enjoyed the waterslides.

12.15pm: We hopped out of the pool, changed and assembled outside.

12.30pm: Pizzas were delivered for a delicious lunch.

1.30pm: We rode back to school.

2.30pm: Once back at school, everyone enjoyed ice creams and a rest.


The Splashdown complex is about 7.4km from Leopold Primary School. We rode most of the way along the Bellarine Rail Trail. It was great to see all students using the riding skills they deveoped during our Bike Ed program.

Here are some photos of our day

Tip: click the button in the bottom right hand corner to view in full screen.

We would like to thank our excellent helpers for the day – Nate, Julie, Melissa, Paul, Kylie, Brett, Justin, Sharon, Scott, Fiona, Kyle and Kaye.

What did you enjoy most about our excursion?

How have your riding skills improved this year?

What has been your favourite excursion?

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10 thoughts on “End Of Year Excursion

  1. 4KJ,
    Thankyou for a very enjoyable day.
    Everyone did such a great job riding the distance (especially on the way home after a big swim!)
    I loved the refreshing swim and waterslide and just watching everone else having a nice time.
    Merry Christmas to everyone.

    • Dear Kylie,

      It’s Liv S from 4KJ.

      Thank you for the terrific comment! We always love to her from parents.

      We all had an enjoyable day and we are happy to see that you are too.
      Lots of people loved the waterslide, I liked it too, but also liked the ride too.

      I really love to swim through the nice refreshing cold water on a nice hot day.

      Hope to hear from you again!
      Liv S

  2. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post!

    I really enjoyed the excursion!

    The ride there was very relaxing with the breeze. On the way back it was a little bit harder because we were going a little bit uphill.

    I enjoyed the swim as much as the ride there. It was nice to have a splash in the water when we arrived at Splashdown.

    The pizza was delicious! My favourite was the margarita.

    From your friend,

    • Dear Sophie,

      I also agree that the post is good.

      I also enjoyed the excursion even though I didn’t do the riding part I still really enjoyed splashing around in the pool, it was a good day for it.
      (I absolutely love the pool).

      I loved the pizza! My favourite flavour was margarita but I also liked the ham and cheese.

      From your friend,
      Lilli :mrgreen:

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Great post! I loved Cam’s expression in slide 36!

    I thought yesterday was really fun! I enjoyed everything about it.
    To me the ride to Splashdown was very peaceful and refreshing. The ride back was okay but a little tough.

    When we arrived at the pool we changed and jumped in the pool. I played around with some of my friends for a while then went down the waterslide. It was heaps of fun and I went on it four or five times.

    When it was time for lunch I got changed and walked outside to be treated by pizza and juice! I chose Tropical Punch juice. It was delicious! I had two slices of cheese pizza. Yummy!

    We rode home, had an icy pole/ice cream and enjoyed a great day. It was so fun!

    Your blogging buddy,

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    First of all thank you for the fun excursion, my favourite part of the day was going on the water slide six times. It was fun, when you got to the end of the water slide you slash down to the bottem.

    Also I’ve never riden that far before, but now I’ve had. I wasn’t tiring on the way but on the way back it was tiring after you’ve had a long swim. My favourtie pizza was magarita it was delious! I think I kind of improved at my riding.

    What my favourite excursion was Maldon camp, but still I like the splash down one.


    shakira :mrgreen:

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a wonderful post! The bike ride to Splashdown is one of my favourite excursions for the year. Thanks for organizing it Grade 4 teachers.

    I enjoyed all of the excursion but if I had to choose a favourite bit I would choose the ride to Splashdown. I didn’t really enjoy the ride back because I kept on having to stop because my tire kept on running out of air. It was annoying but I tried my hardest.

    I loved Bike Ed this year, it has been one of my highlights. I have build my stamina. I can ride up hills easier and I can ride for a longer distance.

    From your classmate,

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a lovely post Miss Jordan! I really like the photos of 4KM and 4KJ!

    My favourite part of the day was the swim, the water slide, the pizza and the ride to splash down. I only went on the waterslide once because the line was packed with grade fours. I thought this morning that if we would only be allowed to have three water slides it would be better because every-one would go on there three water slides first then some of us would wait till the line was much shorter. But that might not be true. How may times did you go on the water slide?

    My bike riding skills improved alot this year. In January my family and I went to look for a bike for bike ed this year and I was very rusty on my riding. Then after my “rusty” skills I started riding around the backyard, the frontyard and any were else I could lay my hands on. One day I was riding in the backyard and then my dog made a “gift” for me to pick up, so I didn’t know what I was doing a put my breaks on really hard and flew over the handle bars. Luckly I didn’t squash my dog gift for me to pick up.

    Well I must finish up on there!

    From your blogging buddy,
    Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

  7. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post! We loved the ride to Splashdown and think that it is good that all Grade 4’s are continuing the tradition.

    Char went on the waterslide 7 times and Liv went on 6. It’s a really cool waterslide with 2 dips that go straight down.

    After our big swim, we were so hungry! Liv had 2 slices and Char had 3. The pizzas were delicious.

    Char’s favourite excursion…
    My favourite excursion this year would have to be the trip to Maldon camp and defiantly the ride to Splashdown!

    Liv’s favourite excursion…
    My favourite excursion would be Maldon camp, Ice Skating and touring Etihad Stadium and defiantly the ride to Splashdown.

    Thank you to all the parent helpers and a special big thank you to Miss Jordan, Mrs Morris, Mr Lees and Mr Renkin for making this day turn out fantastic!

    Liv and Char

  8. hi 4km and 4kj myname is georgia and I go to newham primary school. the splashdown sounds so cool i wish our school would take us there thanks for the idea for grade 6 day out bye

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