In 4KM and 4KJ we are focussing on apostrophes.

An apostrophe is a type of punctuation.


On a keyboard, you can usually find an apostrophe to the left of enter.

keyboard apostrophe

Apostrophes can be confusing. Here are some tips that might help.

Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t know about how to use apostrophes correctly. A lot of people think that any word that ends with an s needs an apostrophe. Remember, plurals do not need an apostrophe.

What is wrong with this picture?

Image: ‘Sofia’s Pizza’s Calzoni’s Kebab’s Burger’s Pakora’s’
Found on flickrcc.net

Did our tips help you learn about apostrophes?

What is wrong with the picture? Have you seen any businesses use apostrophes incorrectly before?

Can you make up a sentence that has an apostrophe before an s, after an s and in a contraction?

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33 thoughts on “Apostrophes

  1. Well I do believe Tom’s mum is the first to comment on the most recent blog post.
    Thank you for the informative post on the correct use of apostrophes.
    It’s a lovely day outside so I’m going outside to enjoy the suns’ rays.
    I hope I got my punctuation correct?
    Have a good day everyone and let me know if I made any mistakes.

    • Dear Kylie,

      It’s Liv S here!

      Thankyou so much for your detailed comment! We always love to hear from parents.

      I, too, really enjoyed learning about the correct way to use an apostrophes.

      We know you were tricking us with using the apostrophe in the wrong spot with the word ‘suns’ ray’s! You used all your punctuation correct!

      Liv S 😆

        • @ Kylie,

          Thanks for the fantastic reply. As I said in my previous comment, we love hearing from parents!

          Now I will use some apostrophes:

          I’m going to tennis tonight.

          There’s a rainbow bird.

          That’s Liv’s blog.

          Thanks again!
          Liv 😆

  2. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I really like the post! It is just like your in a class room but insted of writing you are typying!

    No sorry I don’t have any tips for apostrphes. But I do know what is wrong with the picture well this is what I think: When I look at it I always think “Way to many apostrphes!” But I know it is not the answer.

    Well I better go, lots more blogging to do!

    From your blogging buddy,
    Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

    • Dear
      thank you for leaving a comment on the blog!

      Well I what I think is wrong with the picture, on the sign there are way to many apostrophes! All the words on the sign are plurals, so you don’t add an apostrophe, you only add on if it belongs to a person, thing, or a contraction (did I get it right? I ment two words put together)

      I’ve seen many businesses use apostrophes when not needed. The butcher, Coles (on a sale poster), Godfather’s (I’m not so sure if I got that apostrophe right 😳 ) and that’s about it.

      Your mate,
      Bronte :mrgreen: 😛

      • Dear Bronte,

        Thanks for replying to me! 😛

        At that time of the night I really can’t work my brain as good in the morning so that’s why I forgot to put in the plurals thing! 😳

        Sorry it was a short comment.

        From your best mate,
        Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

    • @ Iesha,

      What an excellent comment as usual!

      You sure are a superb blogger!

      I too love the idea on having a post on learning about apostrophes. You are right, just like in the classroom but typing!

      Well, what I think is wrong with the picture is that the words, pizza, kebabs, pakora, burger, calzoni are all just plurals so they don’t need an apostrophe.

      See you tomorrow!
      Liv 😆

      • Dear Liv,

        Thanks for replying to me! Thanks for the exellent comment and the superb blogger! 😀

        I agree apostrophes is a great post to put on the blog!

        Your right about the plurals it is just that my brain wasn’t working well at night and I didn’t think of the plurals!

        From you class mate,
        Iesha 😀 :mrgreen:

        • @ Iesha,

          Thanks for the fantastic reply!

          You are such a great blogger that I think soon enough you will earn your own blog.

          We have the same ideas. Maybe one day there will be another punctuation post.

          Your reason was right too. Way too many apostrophes!

          From your classmate,
          Liv 😆

    • @ Jd,

      Hi my name is Liv and I am in Miss Jordan’s class, 4KJ this year.

      Thankyou for your comment!

      Good try but that wasn’t the exact answer. Did you know that when a word is a plural it doesn’t need an apostrophe? Aaah! A perfect example! The word pizzas doesn’t need an apostrophe because it is a plural.

      Liv 😆

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    This is a great way to help people with their apostrophes, especially the ones who overload on apostrophes 🙂

    I myself am really good at English, because it’s my best subject but I could definitely show this to my other classmates 😛

    I can give you a sentence using a contraction, apostrophe after S and before S. Okay here it goes.
    “One summer day, Mandy was playing with Chris’ toy. Chris came home and yelled out “MANDY! It’s mine! Don’t EVER PLAY WITH IT AGAIN!”

    Ta-da there’s my sentence, and I used an apostrophe just then haha.

    Thanks for being a fantastic blog and sharing your knowledge with the world.

    From Chrissie.
    PS:/ visit our blog? http://4gps.global2.vic.edu.au

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What an excellent post on apostrophes! I learnt lots of rules about apostrophes.

    What I think is wrong with the picture is that it has way too many apostrophes! All those words like pizza and pakora are only plurals so they don’t need an apostrophe.

    Now I will use some apostrophes in my sentences:

    It’s a very sunny day today.
    I used the apostrophe in this sentence because the it’s is a contraction.

    I have three tennis racquets.
    I didn’t need to use an apostrophe in racquets because it is only a plural.

    These are the girls’ racquets.
    I used the apostrophe in this sentence because there was more than one girl.

    I have seen a business use an apostrophe when not needed. I have seen GodFather’s have an apostrophe before.

    See you soon!
    Liv 😆

    • Dear Liv,

      What a quality comment, Liv. You have your own blog and still leaving comments on the 4KM and 4KJ blog.

      I think you’re correct with your idea. They are plurals. So they don’t need a apostrophe.

      Here are some sentences that I made up:
      It’s Friday today.
      We’ve had lunch already.

      I have also seen a factory using incorrect spelling.


      • Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

        What a great post about apostropes. 🙂

        Your tips did help me alot, I have never used an apostrope after an s. I can’t remember seeing a shop with incorrect spelling but I’ve got a very bad memorie.

        I will try to get the apostropes in the right place.

        . I’ve got a very bad cold.
        . Mr Avery’s blog is great.
        . The kittens’ milk is old.
        I hope I got them right.

        From Chloe

        • Dear Chloe,

          Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog!

          Yes, it is a very good post on apostrapes!

          I never seemed to look at wrong spelling on stores windows. I really think that the tips helped me. I never have used an apostraphe at the end of a word.

          Now that you have tought me the tips I think I will get all my spelling right.

          from your friend,
          Kealee :mrgreen: 😳

      • @ Emily,

        Thankyou for such a kind reply! You are an amazing blogger!

        That picture was just wrong, it had way too many apostrophes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a business with so many apostrophes!

        I love your sentences! And you used all your punctuation and apostrophes correctly.

        I really enjoyed learning all the rules about apostrophes. The one I found the most interesting was when there’s more than one person, you put the apostrophe after the s.

        See you on Monday,
        Liv 😆

        • @Liv,

          Thank you for leaving the wonderful comment.

          Thanks, I hoped I had all the punctuation correct.

          I really enjoyed the facts on apostrophes. I learned the exact thing you did.

          The girls’ had a puppy.

          I hope I got the punctuation correct. Did I?

          Talk soon,

          • @ Em,

            Thankyou for the great reply!

            We’re having a wonderful conversation aren’t we? It might never end!

            I hope to learn more in the future about different types of punctuations.

            Nice sentence! And you used all the apostrophes correct.

            See you tomorrow!

            Your classmate next door,
            Liv 😆

    • Dear Liv S,

      Thank you leaving a comment on the blog, you are so good at blogging thats why you earnt your own blog
      I wish that I was a good like you.

      I agree with you, it is a exellent post about apostrophes I also learnt heaps about apostophes.

      Your apostrophes sentences are correct good job! I’ve also seen GodFather’s have an apostophe where they should not be.

      nice chatting

      shakira :mrgreen: 😀

      • Dear Shakira,

        Thankyou for the very kind quality comment!

        You are an amazing blogger, and I mean amazing.

        I really hope to learn heaps more about different punctuation. If we never learn, we would never be able to write properly! Imagine that!

        Thanks for the compliments! I actually think they took the apostrophes on GodFather’s down… but I could be wrong… who knows!

        From your classmate,
        Liv 😆

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a wonderful blog post about apostrophes. 🙂

    The picture up above is wrong because all of the words have apostrophes, when the apostrophes are not needed. The words are plurals.

    I will make up some sentences:

    I am going to my nanny’s house.

    These are the dogs’ toys.

    They’re playing together.

    I haven’t really been taking any notice of signs but I will now since I know how to use apostrophes.


  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a FANTASTIC post about apostrophes!

    I think that there are way way too many apostrophes.
    I think that all the foods don’t need apostrophes.

    Am I right?

    From your friend,
    Lilli 😆

  7. Dear 4KM & 4KJ,

    what a wonderful post on apostrophes! I have learnt a lot thanks to this post. I know whats wrong with the picture. There should be no apostrophes in those words.

    Here are some sentences:
    I’ve got a new puppy.
    The girls’ ponies need grooming.
    The boy’s house is very creepy.

    I hope I got them all right 🙂

    Do you know any apostrophe sentences?

    Well I’ve got to go.

    Bye bye!

    From your blogging buddy,
    Indi 😎 :mrgreen:

    • Dear Indi,

      Thanks for the comment. I do know some sentences and they are:

      It’s a wonderful day today
      I like Iesha’s dog

      I done 2 but I can’t really think sorry. 🙁 You are a great blogger too just to say something.

      From your friend Chloe

  8. The Aprostrophe

    It’s such a simple mark yet it can show us who or what owns something or can show us where words have been shortened and joined. Of course, there is a rule exception when we look at its and it’s.

    What is wrong with the picture?
    The sign does seem to be having problems with an apostrophe or is it simply someone has shaken the sign and moved the commas?
    This is how the sign might have looked…
    In this way, the apostrophe works because the foods are from Sofia’s shop. As it stands it looks more like Sofia owns the pizzas, the pizzas own the calzonis, the calzonis own the kebabs…

    Have you seen any businesses use apostrophes incorrectly before?
    One part of being a teacher is noticing spelling and punctuation errors in places many might not notice. I suppose it comes from years of reading the work of students. 🙂
    Here are some errors I have seen in person or online…
    Home Idea’s
    Delicious Pizza’s
    Lord Mayors Walk
    Mens World

    Can you make up a sentence that has an apostrophe before an s, after an s and in a contraction?
    The boy’s parents’ car was red.

    They are the parents of the boy and the car belongs to the parents.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    Learning the correct use of punctuation is important if we want to share our ideas without others thinking more of the mistakes we make rather than the words we share.

    We might understand what is meant in this sentence.

    The boys parent’s werent happy when his friends’ drink fell on two mats’.


    Would the readers think more of the errors than the message? Would they realise the sentence was written about one boy and his one friend or would they believe there were more? Would they notice the parents weren’t happy or would they wonder why the parents owned werent? What is a werent anyway?

    Now look…

    The boy’s parents weren’t happy when his friend’s drink fell on the two mats.

    Keep blogging and practising punctuation. 🙂
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

    • Dear Ross Mannell,

      Wow! What a long, long quality comment! Thank you so much! It must have taken you a very long time!

      It is such a simple mark and it does show us that something owns something or it is a contraction.

      The picture does have problems. It is funny if the sign was actually supposed to say that the pizzas own the calzonis!

      I have seen a business have a spelling mistake! The sppelling mistake was outside of Godfathers, though I have forgotten what the mistake was.

      I can make a sentence with an ‘s and s’.
      My parent’s parents’ had a reunion. If I have made a mistake can you please correct me?

      It is important to learn the proper use of apostrophes because lots of people haven’t learnt how to.

      Yes, I woud think the readers will think more of the errors. I would think they would believe there were more than one friend.

      Your other example of the sentence makes much more sense now!

      From your blogging buddy,

      Maha :mrgreen:

    • Thank you for the reply, Maha.

      I don’t think the comment took too long to write. For one comment I made over the weekend, I took about 5 hours to complete it because I had to make and add 3 video clips.

      “My parent’s parents’ had a reunion.”
      Your sentence was a good attempt. It could have appeared as…

      My parent’s parents had a reunion.

      One of your parents owns the parents (your grandparents) but your grandparents had nothing to own. This is how to change your wonderful sentence so it needs two apostrophes…

      My parent’s parents’ reunion was a success.

      Your parent owns the parents (your grandparents) and your grandparents own the reunion. It can be a little tricky to understand.

      Keep blogging. The posts from your class are always a pleasure to read. 🙂

      Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  9. Hello, my class is also starting to get into bloging and we are all learning from other class’s posts. We have heard great things about this blog and decided to check it out. I think it is so funny when people put signs like this out in public. Once I saw a sign that said, “No parking, all vehicles will be TOAD”. Obviously they meant to say towed, not the frog. I have also seen a sign at the workout room in a hotel. The sign was above the scale and said “Check your WAIT here”, when is should have been spelt weight. I hope you will come visit our class blog also (@bdonofrio.edublogs.org) and leave us some comments on our post!

    • Hi Mac!

      My name is Maha and I am from 4KM.

      Are you enjoying blogging? I hope you are learning lots from other posts and blogs.

      I also think it is funny they put signs with words spelt wrongly.

      The one with the parking is really hilarious. TOAD is towed. Wow! That is really funny.

      The one with with weight cracked me up.

      I will visit your blog. I will leave you some comments.


      Maha :mrgreen:

  10. Hey, I am Jordan Patterson and we are starting to comment on post in our edm310 class. I enjoyed your post on Apostrophes. You give some very important information on how and not to use them. I liked how you said where they were on the keyboard and how you kind off guided people through how to use them.

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