Olympic Comics

This afternoon, 4KM got creative with the website Make Beliefs Comix. 

The students made their own comic on the website. The only guidelines were that it had to have something to do with the Olympics.

Make Beliefs Comics allows you to make a comic with two, three or four panels. You can chose from a range of characters, backgrounds, objects, speech bubbles and thought balloons etc. This site is free and doesn’t require you to sign up.

Here are some of the comics that the students produced.

(Tip: click on the full screen button to view the comics)

What do you think of the students’ comics?

Have you tried Make Beliefs Comix? How did you find it?

What is your favourite comic book or newspaper comic?

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49 thoughts on “Olympic Comics

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I loved everyones comics, they all put a lot of effort into it! 😀

    I make lots of different comics but the one I mainly make is called Lozzer and friends, it’s about
    her life and what she does with her friends.

    I hope everyone enjoys making comics!

    happy blogging

    • Dear L♥ren,

      Thank you for commenting on the blog at home! I hope you enjoyed showing your family your comic. It was very good. 😆

      Do you think you’ll use the comic website again one day?

      Your teacher,

      Mrs M☀rris

      • Dear Mrs Morris,

        I enjoyed making the comic so much that I did some at home and sent it to mum and dad.
        They were very pleased with the hard work I put into making the one at home and they liked the one on our class blog.

        From your student

    • Dear Loren,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. That website is really fun to use. Lots of kids will love make belive comix because 4KM did.

      The comix were fun to make. It was hard to think of something to do with Olympics but they still turned out great. The people that there comix got be on the blog are very lucky.

      Everyone’s comix looked great, they look great because people were trying there hardest and like you said put a lot of effort into their work.

      It is good that you are going and doing things that your doing at school it means that you have enjoyed that leason and it would be fun if we did it again.

      From your friend

  2. To Mrs Morris,
    I love the all of the comics you put on the post.
    I made one called Olympic tickets are sold out!
    I hope you liked it.
    From your friend Chloe

    • Dear Chloe,

      I’m so pleased to see you commenting on the blog. You’re settling in so well to 4KM.

      I really enjoyed your comic! What event would you like to get Olympic tickets to?

      Your teacher,

      Mrs M☀rris

      • To Mrs Morris,
        I would like to get tickets to the swimming and horse riding.
        What event would you get tickets to?
        From your friend Chloe

    • Dear Chloe,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. The comix that Mrs Morris put on the blog are really good. They deserve to be on the blog.Bad luck to the people that their comix didn’t get to go on the blog.

      I love your comix it is really creative. It was nice for the bunny to run for the dog because he broke he’s leg. She must be a nice friend.


  3. Dear,4KM and 4KJ

    I love all your comics and their funny looking charactors.You’ve all done a fabulous job.

    From Angela Lachlan’s Mum.

    • Dear Angela,

      Hi I’m Loren from 4KM, and
      yes, I agree with you we did have
      funny looking charactors. 😀
      When we were in class doing them everyone had fun.

      I love making comics at home especially
      this one!

      From your blogging buddy

      • Dear,Loren
        thanks for replying to my mum it is just her first time to write a blog comment
        yes i agree that the charactors do look funny.By the way i love your comic.

        From Lachie 4KM

        • Dear Lachie,

          It was a pleasure to write back to your mum, and I’m glad you like my comic 😀

          happy blogging

    • Dear Angela,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. Everyone did a great job. Yes some of the charactors do look funny looking. But some don’t
      From Maddy

  4. Dear Mrs Morris,

    Thank you so much for putting my comic on the blog!Mine is a little bit weird.

    I like Loren’s comicx. I like it because it has got Leo our class mascot in it! It is very cute. I also like Maha’s because it was funny to me!

    I found out how to find it by typing Make Beliefs Comicx into Google. I found it very easily and it is normally the top one.

    You could also type in the address into the address bar up the top of the page. It is also linked to 4KM and 4KJ’s blog.

    I like comics in the newspaper. I like the in the Ginger Meggs Geelong Advertiser. I sometimes don’t understand the joke.

    Bye for now,

    Georgia :mrgreen:

    • Dear Georgia,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. Your comix should be on the blog because it is so good. But your comix is not the only one that is good everyone else’s are good as well. Your comix does NOT look weird.

      I like Loren’s comix as well. It was nice of Loren to remember Leo and put it in her comix. It was a very good idea. If I thought of that I would put it in my comix.

      I thought Maha’s were funny but in a good way. I think that everyone put a lot of effort into their work.

      The comix in the newspaper but it is not as fun as reading a comix that you made yourself.

      From your friend
      Maddy 😳

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I enjoyed reading all of your comics. 🙂

    Chloe – It would be very hard training for the Olympics only to break a leg just before going.
    Elijah – With the smaller guy getting the tickets, it was kind of the big guy to give his tickets away.
    Georgia – Granny in the Olympics? She must believe in “If we dream we achieve.”
    Kealee – Many children dream of being in the Olympics. Those who train hard can sometimes make it. It show us what persistence can do.
    Lachlan – Even making it to the Olympics is an achievement. Being last still means you had a chance to compete.
    Leah – A little magic in our lives can help the imagination.
    Lilli – What a treat! tickets to the Olympics would help make anyone feel better.
    James – How lucky a kind alien had a spare ticket.
    Loren – Leo scored and won Gold!!
    Trent – Training in sport is important. A good trainer helps bring out the best in us.
    Maha – How much better being at the Olympics would be if we are there with friends.
    Patrick – Imagine the feeling of winning Olympic Gold.
    Travis It was lucky the alien and robot could help with a laptop.

    Well done, everyone. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • To Ross,
      thank you for commenting about everybody’s comics.
      I like it how you always comment on our blog.
      from Chloe (4KM)

    • Dear Ross,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our blog, they’re great to read 😆
      That was so nice of you complimenting everybody work! It must of taken a long time. My fravourite ones were Elijahs and Leahs, whose one dide you like best?

      Your friend,
      Bronte :mrgreen:

    • Dear Ross,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. Everyone’s comix will be fun to read. This is what I think about everyone’s comix.

      Chloe- It was nice that the bunny helped the dog and that she run for him
      Eli- It’s nice that people give other people things when they miss out
      Georgia- It would be fun to watch a granny go in the Olympics
      Kealee- you should always follow your dreams

      Got to go
      Maddy :mrgreen:

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Wow I can’t believe my comic was chosen to go on the blog, I didn’t expect my comic to come up because mine was pretty simple and not exciting as the others, but all the comics were fantastic. :mrgreen:
    I hope to comment again.
    From your blogging buddy
    Patrick. 😆 🙄

    • Dear Patrick,
      I loved your comic.
      I thought it was cool how you wrote “then later on” at the top of one of your boxes.

      Your comic was simple, but simple is good, it makes it not look over crowed.

      All the comics were great.

      Happy blogging,

    • Dear Patrick,
      don’t say that, I liked your comic.
      It’s great that your comic got to go up on the class blog 🙂

      Do you think that you’ll do another comic?
      Whose comic was your favourite?

      Your blogging buddy,

    • Dear Patrick,
      Thank you for commenting on the clas blog. It is great that your comix made it on the blog. Everyone put a lot of effort into their work so that’s why some people’s comix got chosen to be on the blog.

      It doesn’t matter if it is simmple but what does matter is that you tried your hardest and that you are happy with your work.

      It was nice to read everyones comix. They al, did a fantastic job. I

  7. Dear Mrs Morris,
    Thank you for putting my comic on the blog. James’s and I were nearly the same! I liked everyone’s comics but the comic that I liked the most was Lilli’s.
    Did you make a comic?

    From your blogging buddy,
    Trav 🙂

    • Dear Travis,

      Thank you for writing a comment on our blog!

      It was very nice that Mrs Morris put your comic on the blog. I have to admit that your comic was amazing. Mrs Morris also put my comic on the blog. James and yours ma have been nearly the same but that just means double awesomeness. Yes, Lilli’s comic was amazing and she must have put so much effort in to it.

      Did you make a comic?- Yes I made a comic and it was about staying persistent. Do you say persistent?

      From you blogging buddy,
      Kealee :mrgreen:

  8. Dear Ross,

    thank you for commenting on our blog, that was a really great qulity comment. I’ve got some qusetions to ask you 😀

    ♥ What is your favourite comic?
    ♥ if you were making a comic what would you make yours about?

    nice chatting


    shakira :mrgreen:

  9. Dear Mrs Morris,

    We loved all the comics your grade created. They were all very good. Now down to the qustions,
    What is your favourite news paper ❓
    Iesha: Advertiser.
    Indi: Well actully I don’t have a favourite.

    What is your favourite comic ❓
    Iesha:Zoo Wee Mama.
    Indi: Zoo Wee Mama aswell.

    We have never tried the comic making website. But we hope to try it soon.

    Thats all for now.


    From your blogging buddys
    Indi & Iesha 😎 😀

    • Dear Indi & Iesha,

      WOW! What a quality comment! 😆

      I don’t have a favourite news paper but I like the paper with comics in it.
      My favourite comic is the Garfield comic. :mrgreen:

      From Lilli

  10. Dear 4KM & 4KJ,

    WOW! what a great post!
    The comics look fantastic
    How clever you all are 🙂

    Well done!

    From Eileen (Lilli’s mum)

    • Dear Mum,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog! 😆

      I also think the comics were FABULOUS! :mrgreen: I loved them all! 🙂

      From your daughter,
      Lilli :mrgreen: 🙂 😆

  11. I have not seen these comics before but they are certainly great fun. It must take quite a bit of thinking about how to present a story in such small bit e size pieces but you have done it brilliantly. Thank you for teaching me about yet another great programme

    • Dear Mrs Skinner,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog. 🙂

      I did take a bit of thinking time to decide what to do.

      Got to go now,
      Lilli 🙂 😆

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I loved the comix! 🙂 My two favourite ones were Elijahs and Leahs. I dodn’t really know any comic books or anything like that. I did try to do Make Beleifs Comix. I loved the people on the website, they were so funny! 🙂

    Your blogging buddy,
    Bronte 😆 :mrgreen:

    • Dear Bronte,
      wow, what a great coment.

      I loved all the comics.
      But my favourite comic is Trent’s.

      I would like to make a comic on Make
      Beleifs one day.

      Happy blogging,

    • Dear Bronte,

      Thank you for writing a comment on our blog!

      I also love the comixs!
      Yes, I also really liked Elijah’s and Leah’s comixs. They must have put so much effort into it.
      I also don’t really know any comix but I would be sure there are heaps.

      Yes, the people on the website are very funny indeed.

      Bye for now,
      Kealee :mrgreen: 😳

  13. Dear 4Km and 4KJ,

    Wow what a great post about Olympic comics, I love reading comics because they’re really funny. My favourite comic is Elijah’s Leah’s and Lachlan’s

    ♥ what were your favourite comic or comics?
    ♥ Have you read any comics?

    I hope you can anwer my qustions

    nice chatting


    shakira :mrgreen:

    • Dear Shakira,
      wow, what a great comment.
      I liked it how you asked great questions.

      I love all the comics.
      My favourite one is trent’s comic.

      I have read Garfield comics before, they have cute picters.

      Nice chatting,
      Hannah 😉

    • Dear Shakira,

      Thank you for commenting on our
      class blog.
      It was fun making the comics,
      wasn’t it?
      I make comics at home all the time!
      I was going to ask, do you make comics
      at home?

      Got to go
      L♥ren 😆

  14. Dear mrs morris,

    what a good post I think every one in your grade did a terrific job I cant wait to see every ones in our grade I just want to say one thingg great job it looks so fun i liked all of them that much I cant choose witch one is the best keep up all the good work.

    From your friend Heath 😆

    • Dear Heath.

      Thank you for writing a comment on our blog!
      You are a very good blogger.

      Yes, Mrs Morris worked very hard on this post and it turned out amazing. I also think everyone in my grade did a good job.

      I remember you saying in your comment you were looking forward to seeing your classes comics and I just wanted to say I can’t wait to see them and I am sure they will great.

      Yes, they are all very good which makes it hard to choose which one you like better. I thought really hard of which ones I like and I choose a girl and a boy. Those people are Chloe and Travis.

      Bye for now,
      Kealee :mrgreen: 😳

  15. Dear 4KM aand 4KJ,
    Wht a gret post i think all the comix were great
    aand that they are all very creative.But some of the ones that i liked were…
    Lachies & James & Lorens

    well by for now


    • Dear Brodey,

      Thank you for writing a comment on our blog!
      You are getting great at leaving comments.

      Yes, this is a great post and on the post there are lots of creative comics which derserve to be on the blog.

      Yes, Lachies, James and Lorens were some of my favourites too. My very favourite were Chloe’s and Travis’s. They put lots of hard work into theres. GOOD JOB!

      Bye for now,
      Kealee :mrgreen: 😳

  16. Hi 4KM and 4KJ
    My faverat olympic comic is chloe’s it is cute how he goes over to the girl with his hat in his hand’s.I liked all the other comics but that was my faverat any way got to go bye.

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  18. Dear Mrs.Morris
    I just started 8th grade. During this summer I went to go see the Olympics. I thought that it was a cool idea to have Olymipic comics. I liked the comic that James did the best. I liked it because that is how I felt trying to get tickets to go see the Olympics. I went to go see the Taekwondo event there were so many vibrant colored lights and the crowd was as loud as thunder. I had the best time in my life!

    • Dear Jesse,

      Hi, i’m Emily and I am in Mrs Morris’ grade.

      Wow! You just started 8th grade.
      I can’t beleive you got to see the Olympics. That would have to be a great memory.

      I’m glad you liked our comments.I also liked James’ comic, but I did like all of them.

      Enjoy blogging,

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