CAFE Strategy: Making Predictions

Each week in 4KM and 4KJ we focus on a CAFE strategy. CAFE stands for

Expand Vocabulary

We learn and practice strategies under these four areas as these are the strategies that good readers use.


This week’s comprehension strategy in 4KM and 4KJ is

When we are reading, we can use the clues, our background knowledge and our imaginations to guess what will happen further on in the text. As we read on, we can see whether our predictions were correct, almost right or way off.

Good readers are always thinking about the story as they read.

We invite students and other blog readers to read the story introduction below and then write your prediction in the comment section.

The door creaked as Sam carefully pushed it open. It took a few moments for Sam’s eyes to adjust to the dark. Her heart was beating rapidly and she could hear herself breathing heavily.

Sam’s mind was racing with thoughts of what she might find inside the small room. She made herself take a step forward. Suddenly, something caught her eye and she jumped…

Leave a comment now and make your prediction!

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53 thoughts on “CAFE Strategy: Making Predictions

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post.

    I also like the little story here is what I predict will happen:

    I think some one is living in the dark room and grabs here. She is held captured for the night…

    Can some one continue on from me?

    I like the picture of Millie, Kadyn, Indid and I reading the books.

    See you all at school,

    • Dear Clancy,
      Wow, what a great comment.
      I loved it how you made it different how someone has to go on with your prediction.

      I am going along with your prediction.

      Sam could not get to sleep for the whole night she sat there thinking that her mum would help her. she yelled but she was in the garden shed so know one heard her. In the morning she found her self in her own bed she thought in was all just a silly dream. All was it.

      Happy blogging,

  2. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Wow, what a great post!
    I really liked it how you let us predicted what comes next in the story.

    My prediction is that Sam opens her spare bedroom door. She sees that her little bother is running around in the dark at midnight.She was very surprised and reliefed that it was not something else.

    In my opinion I think it is great how we have a CAFE strategy every week. I learn lots from them.

    Happy blogging,

    • Dear Hannah,

      I like your comment,
      I think it is great to have a CAFE strategy every week to.Because you get better at readdind fluency every time you read.


    • Dear Hannah,

      I liked you commrnt. 🙂
      I think it is great to do the CAFE every week because you get better every day when you read.


  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    We love this post! It’s a great passage to read and it hooked us in straight away. We’ve been looking at the reading strategy “inferencing” which is reading between the lines and looking at what the author is indirectly saying by using key words in the text.

    Because of our recent learning, we’ve used key words in the passage above to help us make sensible predictions.

    Here’s what we think Sam will find:
    Savanna predicts there will be red eyes staring at her. These eyes will belong to a creepy intruder in her house.
    Simon is guessing that what she’s seen is a cat with rabbies. It’ll be looking at Sam from across the room.
    Cody thinks there’s a big spider with bright red eyes, huge fangs the size of a pen.
    Johno expects there’ll be a mummy, with red eyes, wandering around in the room.

    We think Hannah’s prediction sounds good as it’s quite realistic.

    Thanks for sharing your reading strategies with us.

    Your friends

    Miss McLeod & the Weasley Reading Group
    Room 24

    • Dear Miss McLeod and The Weasley Reading Group,

      My name is Maha and I am in 4KM. I have never heard of inferencing and I hope I can learn more about it.

      I hope you can make more predictions in your learning.

      I also think with Hannah that there might be a creepy intruder and with Cody, that there might be a spider.

      I also think tha Hannah’s prediction is great because it sounds like it might happen.


      Maha :mrgreen:

      • Dear Maha

        Thanks for your lovely reply to our comment. I also like predictions that ‘just might happen’. But, didn’t Ross do a great job with his prediction! I thought the way he took us deeper into a story was very clever. I’d love to read more of that story.

        The Weasley Reading group and I also noticed that the story gets us to make a prediction right at the very beginning; as soon as we read the name Sam, all of us predicted Sam was a boy. Of course we soon discovered the prediction was wrong. It was a great name to use in a text when a practising prediction.

        What do you think happens next in Ross’ story?

        Your friend
        Miss McLeod

    • Dear Miss McLeod and Weasley reading group,

      Hi my name is Emily and I am 9.I am in Mrs Morris’ grade.

      That was a great quality comment. What do you think “Inferencing” would be under Comprehension, Accruacy, Fluency or Expanding Vocabulary.

      All those predicts are very good and i espically liked Savanna’s guess.

      Here is mine:
      I think that Sam will see something really big near the wall, but it turns out it was just a shadow… Then she thinks who is it though, but itt was just her friend.


      • Dear Emily

        Inferencing definitely fits under the Comprehension section of CAFE reading as it is all about understanding the text and what the author is saying more.

        I think your prediction is very good; I especially like it because it is realistic and could happen. My own prediction was simply that is was a mouse who was actually disturbed by Sam opening the door.

        I really liked Ross’ prediction and continuing of the story. I thought he used words in a clever way and I enjoyed Alice in Wonderland being tied in. I also liked the humour he used.

        Your friend
        Miss McLeod

    • Dear Ross,

      Thankyou so much for your detailed post! You are always so kind to leave comments and posts for 4KM and 4KJ.

      I thought your prediction was amazing. Your continued text was so entertaining with so many interesting words to make it sound like it was real.

      My prediction is…
      Sam sees a pot of gold at the end of the room, she sprints as fast as she can to grab it, but suddenly, a trap falls over her and she is trapped until she can get out…

      I like doing the CAFE strategy each week. I always make sure I do all of those things, I love to expand my vocabulary and learn new words. What is your favourite CAFE strategy?

      Thanks again!

      Liv 🙂

      • Dear Liv,

        I think your prediction is brilliant.

        The story beginning leaves so many paths for prediction. They could be funny, frightening, sad, happy or even scary. That’s the great thing about writing stories, you can take your mind any place, any when. The only limit is your imagination.

        My favourite CAFE structure? Comprehension, accuracy and expanding vocabulary are quite important but, perhaps, it is fluency. I like the flow of ideas as a story develops.

        Each week I take part in challenges where I need write about 100 words on a given prompt. I add these to my story blog. They can take the form of poetry, fiction or even reports on real events. The latest was a poem I entitled, “No Fool”. The prompt was a photo of a dog lying on ice. It was written to exactly 100 words. Here is a link…

        Keep writing, Liv. Story writing and telling is something I’ve enjoyed since I was your age. It’s a great hobby.

        Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross
      Thanks for leving a comment. I like a good challenge too. Your link was great. same as your story. Thanks for going on our blog

      Happy blogging from Ehberneese :mrgreen:

  4. Dear 4KM & 4KJ,

    I think that the rest of the story went like this…

    Out of the darkness jumps a man dressed in red and says! “It’s a me Mario!”

    He chashed Sam all around the until Sam turned into Donkey Kong (DK) and started throwing barells at him but the man in red jumped at him and then turned into…

    Bowser! and then got hit by a koopa troopa three times losing all his lives. Then mum got home…

    From Brandon.

    • @ Brandon,
      Hello Brandon
      I like your imagination it’s
      very creative how you used Mario in your prediction I think you’d be a great book writer
      see ya got to go!

      From James (Jimbo)

    • @ Brandon,
      Thank-you for commenting on our blog!
      It’s lovely, you commenting on our blog.
      Haha, Thats a great prediction to the story.
      Sorry got to go 🙁

      Happy Blogging.
      you pal,
      Libby :mrgreen:

  5. Dear 4KJ,

    I thought that was a really good post about our reading stratergies.

    I predict in the story, I think somethings pulls her by the leg and drags her inside the dark room and she sees 2 big eyes. THen something turns on the light and it was….

    Right there I sought of written a bit of the story but that is my prediction.

    Bye for now Lachlan :mrgreen:

    • Dear,Lachlan
      what a great comment you have done
      i agree that was a wonderful post.
      I predict that two red eyes are evily looking at him and something pulls him in and he opens his eyes and hes in a emtey room the only thing he could see was a scary shadow and thats what i predict will happen.

      From Lachlan 4KM

  6. Hi everyone,

    this is a very very good post :)))))))))

    here is my prediciction:
    as Sam jumps the world go into slow mo (for the win)
    that was my fake prediction 😛
    here is my real predicition (caution this could be silly but it probably isnt)
    as she does the creature got a hold of her and swong her around (here is what the creature is) this massive black octopus she found a stick and jabbed it into its sensors it lost her and she found a blunt lawn trimmer and threw it into it sensors again she uhhhh… very very very very very very injured it making it hmmmm pass away and she left it turned into a cherry and she somehow get OVER 9000 pts which turned out to be gold and yes i mean gold

    That took a while to type if you want to know why just ask

    cherrios (are yummy),
    Riley ^_^

  7. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love making predictions! My favourite thing about making predictions is finding out what the real answer is and seeing if I am right.

    My prediction to the story is that it is Sam’s bedroom and it is just her cat rubbing her head on Sam. She got home late from something and it is night.

    I wonder if my prediction is going to be true. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be because I am not 100% sure.

    Bye for now,
    Georgia :mrgreen:

    • Dear Georgia,

      Great comment Georgia! I like making predictions too. I even made a prediction to Miss Mcleod and the Weasley Reading Group.

      I like your guess it was good.
      Here is mine:
      I think that Sam will see something really big near the wall, but it turns out it was just a shadow… Then she thinks who is it though, but itt was just her friend.

      Your friend,

    • Dear Georgia,

      What a lovely comment,
      I also loved your prediction!
      I bet you put a lot of effort into
      I love making predictions too because
      since I read the Enid Blyton books
      I always predict whats going to happin

      From your blogging buddy

  8. Hello 4KM and 4KJ!
    Mrs Morris is teaching me about blogging.
    Look forward to all of you visiting 3HM’s blog once we get it up and running!

    • Dear Mr Marshall
      thankyou for leaving a comment on our blog,Mrs Morris told us that she was teaching you about blogging.

      Can’t wait to visit your blog when it starts.

      From Elijah 4KM

      • Hi Elijah!
        You’re welcome, you guys have an amazing class blog and I aim to get 3HM’s up to as high of a standard as yours.
        Keep blogging and i look forward to having you visit our blog once we launch it!

        Mr M.

    • to Mr Marshsll,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog im sure when your blog comes good i will leave a comment.

      I will like to reply to most of your comments and i hope you leave lot and lots of coments on our blog post.

      from your friend,

      • Hi Haydos!
        Always lovely to meet another Haydn in the world, although my name is spelt a little different to yours.
        Look forward to you visiting our blog once we get it up and running!

        Mr M.

        • to mr marsell,

          it is very interesting to hear about your name spelt diffrent to mine, i have never met someone with a diffrent spelling of mine.

          i will viset your blog and try to be the first person to comment on your blog.

          youur new friend,

    • @ Mr Marshall,
      Thank-you for commenting on our blog 😉
      Mrs Morris is a great “Blogging Teacher” as well as a class teacher 😆
      I didn’t know that you had a grade 3 class, see I learn something new everyday.

      Happy Blogging.
      Your pal,
      Libby :mrgreen:

      • Hi Libby!
        I bet you learn more then just “something” everyday!
        I teach a Grade 3 class and we are just starting setting up our own class blog, please visit us once it is up and ready!
        Mrs Morris is a fantastic “blogging teacher” and a fantastic teacher in general. She actually taught me for 6 weeks when i was in my final year training to be a teacher a few years ago, so there is another thing you have learnt today!

        Keep smiling.

        Mr Marshall

        • @ mrmarshall,
          Thanks for commenting back to me. Of couse not just me nearly all 4KM and 4KJ students will try to leave a comment!
          Mrs Morris told my class a lot about her teaching you a couple of years ago.
          Here’s a question for you,
          Was Mrs Morris you only teacher before or did you have another teacher?

          Happy Blogging.
          Your pal,
          Libby :mrgreen:

    • Dear Mr Marshall,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. I seem very excited to check out your blog and leave a comment.

      From your new blogging buddy,

      • Hey BB Adam!
        I look forward to you visiting our blog, i will let Mrs Morris know when you guys can check it out as it’s just a little baby at the moment and needs time to grow into a full adult blog!

        Talk soon!
        Mr Marshall

    • Dear Mr Marshall,
      Hi my name is Travis but you can call me Trav. You tought me on the last day of term 2.
      Do you remember me?
      How is your blog going?
      I will leave a comment on your blog as soon as you put up your first post.

      From your mate,

      • Hi Trav!
        Of course i remember you.
        Our blog isn’t really a blog at all at the moment, but give it time and Mrs Morris’s expertise and it will be up and running in no time!
        Look forward to you checking it out when it’s up and running.

        Mr Marshall

    • Dear Mr Marshall,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog.

      I can’t wait to visit the “3HM” class blog! :mrgreen:

      See you soon,
      Lilli :mrgreen: 🙂 😆

      • Dear Lilly,
        I too want to comment on Mr Marshall’s blog.
        What do you think about the story?
        From your buddy,

      • Hi Lilli!
        Looking forward to you visiting 3HM’s blog when it’s up and ready to go!
        Keep up the great blogging work.

        Mr Marshall

  9. To 4KM and 4KJ,
    that is a fantastic blog post and I love it how we get to predict!
    This is what I think is going to happen next,
    the caterpillar takes Sam and they go a place exactly like wonderland but is isn’t wonderland.
    Sam gets scared but she dosn’t mind.
    From your friend Chloe

    • Dear Chloe,
      I think Sam gets traped in a cage and then a witch is about to eat her but then someone saves her. Its a bit wild.
      Do you think Mrs Morris will post the rest of the story up?
      From your blogging buddy,

      • To Trav,
        Yes I think Mrs Morris will post the rest of the story after a few more people comment.
        Do you think your prediction was going to be right.
        From your blogging buddy Chloe

  10. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,

    Its Trent here. What a wonderful post.

    Here is what I think will happen.
    I think Sam will go into the room and an Alien abducts him and will suck his brain juice to do experiments with it. I know its gross but that what I think

    From your friend Trent.

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Every time I predict it never happens! 🙁
    Predicting is a lot better than just reading the book, its better to look in the dictionary if you don’t know what the word is or what it means.

    It’s also good to use your CAFE strategy.
    The One And Only Ivan ( that’s the book we’re reading in class) you don’t know what’s going to happen next, although The One And Only Ivan is a fantastic book and i can’t wait to see whats going to happen in the end. 🙂

    Keep predicting,

  12. dear 4km and 4kj,
    what a great post my pediiction is that litle monster will come out and what are you looking at huh will someone continue on for me

    by for now BB

  13. Hello 4KM & 4KJ!
    I had not heard of CAFE before and think it is a brilliant idea! I have showcased this post here on Blog Dipping!

    Here is my idea of what happened:
    A bright pair of eyes glistened in the dark. They were deep yellow and seemed to be staring at her. She was pinned to the spot with fear. She had lots of ideas flying around in her head – should she scream? should she run? would the thing attack her? Suddenly …..

    • Dear Mrs Skinner,

      Hi! My name is Liv and I am in Miss Jordan’s class this year. This is the second time I have had Miss Jordan so I am very lucky.

      Thankyou so much for your magnificent comment. 4KM and 4KJ loved hearing from you.

      We too, think that CAFE is a great way to improve our reading, and it also makes reading so much fun. We love our weekly CAFE strategy!

      Wow, wow and wow! Your prediction is brilliant! It sounds like it could actually happen. I love to write, including these genres of writing:
      ~ Fact
      ~ Poetry
      ~ Narrative

      Thanks again!

      Talk soon,
      from your new blogging buddy,
      Liv 😉

  14. Dear 4KM,
    From behing the door jumped Sam’s dog named Butch. Butch was so happy to see Sam again after Sam had spent all day at school. Sam was so keen to get to school this morning that she accidently locked Butch in the room. Butch was just so happy to see Sam that he jumped up on her and licked her face.
    Sam will never lock Butch in the room again

    • @ Justin,
      Thanks for commenting on our blog! We’re looking forward to reading more of your lovely comments on our blog 🙂
      Wow, great prediction I like the name ‘Butch’ ( For a dog 😉 )
      Hopefully Butch doesn’t get locked up in that room again.

      Happy Blogging.
      Your pal,
      Libby :mrgreen:

  15. Hi guys

    Wow i love how you are sharing your learning especially by using the CAFE strategies.

    Thank you for blogging all about it and thanks for giving us a chance to get involved….
    now for my prediction….
    Sam jumped back out into the corridor and closed the door. She had no idea what she had seen but she new she didn’t want any part of it. She began to walk back downstairs when suddenly she heard a noise coming from behind the door she had just closed ….
    a good mystery!

    good luck and thanks for sharing

    Miss T

    • Dear Miss T,

      Hi! My name is Liv and I am in Miss Jordan’s class this year. This is the second time I have had Miss Jordan so I am very lucky.

      Thankyou so much for your comment! We loved hearing from you.

      Yes, we all love using and learning about our CAFE strategies. They make learning so much fun!

      Your prediction is brilliant! I think that could be a very likely thing to happen. I love writing stories, and especially when there’s a bit of a challenge.

      Talk soon,
      from your new blogging buddy,
      Liv 😉

    • @ Miss T,
      Thanks for your lovely comment on our blog!
      First of all I love your prediction, it’s so imaginative!
      No worries about ‘Blogging all about it’ 😉 we have got that covered 😆
      Sorry got to go.

      Happy Blogging.
      Your pal,
      Libby :mrgreen:

  16. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Here’s my part of the story: She forced herself to take a step into the room. “BANG! ” , the door slammed behing her. Sam felt like screaming, but she was to scared. Then she heard a giggle, she thought it was her imagination so she ignored it. all of a sudden she felt brave. She started to explore the room. Then a box fell down, a peice of paper fell out of it. She tried to make out the words in the moonlight, “I’m coming to get you!” It said. “Boo!” screamed Sam’s cheeky older brother. “Alex!” Screamed Sam furiously. “You scared the crackers out of me!

    Hope you enjoyed the story.
    You blogging buddy,
    Bronte 😆 :mrgreen:

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