Wet Frogs: By Trent and Millie

This is a guest post by Trent (4KM) and Millie (4KJ).

At Assembly on Monday, Trent, James, Jess, Kayley, Lachie and Ms Rollinson performed a play. The play was about frogs. Confused? 

First we all had to wait until it was our turn to go up on stage. When it was finally our turn to go up, we got into our positions and got our script ready. We performed our best and had a red hot go like a tomato that has tried to escape from the BBQ!

The point of the story was that you should be wet frogs not dry frogs on land. When I say being wet frogs I mean get in there and have a go don’t stay and talk about what you will do, all speech must be backed up with action.

We all need to be wet frogs in the classroom and have a go!

What stories of being a wet frog do you have?

Are you able to have a go and try?

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10 thoughts on “Wet Frogs: By Trent and Millie

  1. Dear Millie and Trent,

    What a great post! You both did such a great job writing it! You are fantastic bloggers! I think wet frogs and dry frogs is a great way to say it.

    I think most of the students at our school would be wet frogs. I know Millie and Trent are wet frogs because they had a go at writing this post and they did a great job!

    Being a wet frog and going all of your school work is better than being a dry frog and not doing it.

    From you friend,

    • Dear Sophie,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. I enjoyed watching the wet frog performance and I loved it.

      It uses a lot of good laugage in this post. It is a great way to show preps to grade two how to be a wet forg and a dry frog.

      Lots of poeple are wet frogs in this school and more people will try to be wet frogs after watching that performance. L

      • Dear Sophie,
        Sorry I didn’t finish my comment. As I was saying Lots of people in 4KM and 4KJ are wet frogs.Millie and Trent are defferently wet frogs because they always have a go at everything.

        I agree with you it is a good thing when your a wet frog and when you are a dry frog you can always jump in the pond and have ago.

        From Maddy 😳

  2. Dear Trent and Millie,

    What a wonderful guest post! I liked the language that you used.

    I think the wet frog and dry frog idea is very good. It gets people wanting to have a try even if you get it wrong. At least you are having a go.

    I think I can have a go and try at many things at school, in ballet and at netball.


    • Dear Skye,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. The laungage is awsome and the post is like Mrs Morris or Miss Jordan typed it and made the post.

      That is what the wet and dry frog thing is all about. And I love the idea. And the show they perform they did in the assemerly.

      I think everyone should jump in the pond. It is important to always have a go when you have the time.

      From Maddy

  3. dear 4km and 4kj,

    I’m happy to say that this post is a really good post for people who are dry frogs, you know, people that think about what they’re going to do but they never end up doing it.

    I can tell you this, I think I mite a wet frog most of the time, But some times I’m a dry frog.

    I hope in the fetcher everyone at Leopold P.S. ends up to be a wet frog!

    your blogging buddy,

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love the post on being a wet frog and a dry frog. I really love the interesting words Millie and Trent put in. And the sentence (We performed our best and had a red hot go like a tomato that has tried to escape from a BBC) That was a bit funny 😀

    I think I am a wet frog. Most people think they are wet frogs too. But sometimes I can be a dry frog aswell. I think Lachlan, Jess, Patrick, James and Kaley did a very good job at performing. And Ms Rolenson and Trent did well too.

    I better go now.

    Bye bye!

    From your blogging buddy,
    Indi 😆 :mrgreen: 😎 🙂

  5. Hello Trent and Millie,

    What an interesting metaphor for having a go. It’s a lesson for life. If we are never willing to try, we will never achieve. I can share a little about a former student of mine I taught when she was in Year 5. Let’s call her S.

    S kept in contact with me as she moved into high school. As I had become a friend who also taught her sisters, she was able to come to me when needing help in high school. She then let me know she wanted to become a teacher and work with children as she had seen me so often do.

    At times S would ask for help while studying to be a teacher. When she qualified as a teacher, gaining a permanent teaching job wasn’t easy. S asked me if I thought it would be a good idea for her to travel to England to take up a position in a primary school for a year. Here is what I advised…

    If you do go and it doesn’t work out, at least you know you tried. If you don’t try, you might live your life wondering what might have been. It’s better to try and not succeed than never to try at all.

    As by this time I had known S for over ten years, I had faith in her ability. In the end, she taught in England for five years (I think) before returning to Australia and now teaching in Sydney.

    What did being a wet frog bring to her?

    S not only was liked by the staff and students at her school (they kept asking her to stay on after her first year), she gained experience of teaching in another country. The friends she made would often plan trips together to Africa, Europe and Asia.

    One message she posted to Facebook went something like this, “The girls and I popped over to Paris for a weekend shopping.”

    Her wet frog choices allowed her to experience things she might never have tried had she stayed in Australia.

    For me, one of my wet frog choices was to start blogging and blog commenting just over a year ago. I have now been in contact with many schools around he world and hundreds of blogs. Had I not tried, how much smaller might my world have been?

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful post,
    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  6. Hi Trent and Millie
    What wonderful work you have done in inspiring so many people to have a try, not just at assembly but also via your blog. I am the Principal at Roslyn Primary School and I have also shared the story of the wet frog anology with my staff (not yet with my students). Ms Rollinson had shared the wet frog with me when I worked with her. I was on the web looking for pictures of wet frogs when google took me to your page. Keep up the good work of changing the world one step at a time!

    • Hi Mary,

      Trent and Millie are no longer in 4KM and 4KJ as this post was from last July. I just wanted to thank you for commenting though and wish you good luck with your wet frogs! There are certainly a lot of wet frogs at Leopold 😆

      We hope to hear from you on the 4KM and 4KJ blog again sometime!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs Kathleen Morris

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