Mrs Morris in the USA – Part Two

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the first half of my USA trip with Mrs Yollis.

After spending time at Mrs and Mr Yollis’ house and travelling to San Diego for our conference, Nate and I flew to the east coast of the USA. We spent some time in New York and Washington DC. Then we flew back to San Francisco on the west coast before flying home.

We had a fantastic time in the USA! Here are some highlights from the second half of the trip.

  • Visiting the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Rockefeller Centre, Central Park, Times Square, 9/11 Memorial, United Nations Headquarters and more in New York.
  • Celebrating 4th July by watching the Macy’s Fireworks with millions of people in New York!
  • Seeing the musical, Jersey Boys, on Broadway.
  • Meeting with blogging buddies.
  • Shopping!
  • Enjoying the warm summer weather – there was a heat wave on the east coast!
  • Visiting lots of museums in Washington DC.
  • Seeing the White House, Capitol Building, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and more in Washington DC.
  • Visiting Alcatraz (an old prison on an island) in San Francisco.
Here are some photos from the second half of my trip.

Do you know any information about the places I visited?

What did you do on the holidays?

What are you looking forward to this term?

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39 thoughts on “Mrs Morris in the USA – Part Two

  1. Dear Mrs Morris,

    Wow, what an outstanding post! 🙂 I liked the photos of you and Nate in America.

    I bet there would have been heaps and heaps of people celebrating 4th of July. Did the fireworks go on for ages? Every time I hear about 4th of July I think of Katy Perry’s song, Firework. It says 4th of July in it.

    Who were the blogging buddies that you met?

    I have been having a great holiday, I can’t believe I am going back to school in two days. I am glad that school is starting again. I can’t wait for Bike Ed Camp.

    From your student,
    Skye ♦

    • Dear Skye,

      Thanks for your great comment. I heard you did a fantastic job of helping Miss Jordan with the blogging PD. Well done!

      The fireworks did go on for ages. Maybe 40 minutes? We had to line up for about 2.5 hours before the fireworks to get a spot. Katy Perry was actually there singing! We couldn’t hear her from where we were 🙁

      Some of the blogging buddies I met in New York were Sue Waters from Edublogs and Anne Mirtschin, a high school teacher and blogger.

      I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Skye,
      Thank you for commenting on the class blog. The photos that Mrs Morris has taken are really good. It is cool that she got to have some photos with people from cartoon shows like spongebob square pants. The robot that is very popular in America, I have never seen that robot before.

      I bet nearly all of America was there. It is a big celerbration for America and it is an important day for all of America. If we came inderpendent we would celerbrate as well. That is a good way to remember the 4th of July.

      I am very happy that we are back to school again. School is fun to go to because you know it is going to be fun and that you learn different things everyday. Bike Ed camp is going to be so much fun and we will know more about bikes and more how to ride bikes.

      From Maddy

  2. Dear Mrs Morris,
    Welcome back.

    I am so glad you had an awesome time in the USA.
    Now I want to visit the USA. The statue of Liberty must have been an awesome sight. When you were in New York it must have been very busy. I would have loved to go to the museums. When I saw the T-Rex picture I was amazed.

    This term I am looking forward to Camp and learning about Natural Disasters.

    On the Holidays I have gone bowling, Ice Skating, Going the cinemas to watch Snow White and The Huntsman also blogging.

    Here are some facts about the White House.

    The White House was designed by James Hoban it was built in 1792 and finished at 1800. John Adams was the first president to live in the white house.

    Do you know what the most popular place is when people visit the USA?

    I think it is New York do you agree with me Mrs Morris?

    Like Skye said the fireworks remind me of the song Fireworks too by Katy Perry.

    Have you heard the song Fireworks before?

    From your pal,


    😀 🙂

    • Hi BB,

      Thank you for the welcome back!

      I am looking forward to camp too. What a shame we’re not going at the same time. I hear your mum is going too. I’m sure she’ll have a great time.

      Interesting facts about the White House. It sure is a very old building. It looked magnificent in real life. Imagine living in a house like that!

      I have heard the Katy Perry song. It is quite catchy.

      I think you might be right about NYC being the most popular place to visit – especially Times Square which was so crowded. For us Australians, it is closer to visit California on the west coast than it is New York on the east coast. But I’d recommend both places as excellent spots to visit.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear BB,
      Thank you for commenting on the blog. It is really nice that we have Mrs Morris at school again. We didn’t get to see Mrs Morris much yesterday because we had planning day until after lunch.

      It was really cool that she got photos taken with people from cartoon shows. There was a robot that she had a photo with he is very popular in the USA but the only place I have seen him was our joke of the day on our blog. So it sounds like she had a great time!

      We had a comment left on our blog from the statue of Liberty but it was actully Mr Avery so thats why Mrs Morris went to see it. I have always wanted to see the statue of Liberty in person.

      I’m looking forward to learning about them as well it sounds like a lot of fun and it is imortant that you know a lot about it because you might be near one or in one.

      Camp is going to be very exciting. My family is going to miss me and I’m going to miss them as well. I have been waiting to go to camp seince grade two.

      It sounds like you had a great holiday I went to the movies as well but I went to see Ice Age 4. I went with school holiday program because my mukm and dad was working.

      Loooks like you know a lot of things about the White House I know a couple of things about the white house. These are really interesting facts.

      Like I said to Skye it is a great way to remember the 4th of July.

      From Maddy

  3. Kathleen,
    I enjoyed your pictures of the visit to America. Glad to see the squirrels got into the act also. Would bet that the spent with Linda Yollis was your favorite. I’m sure you and Kelly will be using your ISTE 12 adventure when classes resume. Take care and keep the passion for learning flowing with your kids!

    • Dear Mr Cantrell,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I saw a lot of squirrels, especially in Central Park and around the White House. It was quite a novelty!

      Although we did so many great things, time spent with Linda Yollis was definitely the biggest highlight of the trip.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

    • Dear Rich,
      Thank you for commenting on the blog. The photos made me leave the room and catch a plane to the USA.

      The squirrels looked very cute and it was amazing when you were taking a photo they wouldn’t run away.

      From Maddy

  4. Dear Mrs Morris,

    Like BB I would like to welcome you back home too.

    I really loved reading and watching your slide show of all the different places you and Nate visited while in the USA.

    Now I would just love to visit Alcatraz now that would be interesting.

    I think it is really awesome that you finally met Mrs Yollis and Mrs Hembree. 🙂

    Still on a high about that!

    Yes, as you know I am going to camp but don’t really know if that is good or bad as I am hopeless at riding a bike. Oh well only time will tell.

    Enjoy your day back tomorrow. 🙂


    • Dear AA,

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. It is so nice to be welcomed back home.

      I am still on a high from meeting Mrs Yollis and Mrs Hembree too!

      Alcatraz was a fantastic place to visit. It was so interesting to learn about the history of the island.

      You will be fine on camp – the bike riding certainly won’t be too tough. It’s great of you to volunteer!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  5. Dear Mrs M*rris,

    I can see you have been able to pack quite a few experiences in your U.S. visit…

    * France’s gift of the Statue of Liberty
    * Ellis Island the gateway for many migrants into USA
    * Rockefeller Centre with its shops & things to see
    * Central Park the scene of so many movies in NY’s heart
    * Times Square with its lights, shows, taxis and people
    * 9/11 Memorial to remember the event in 2001
    * United Nations Headquarters a hope for the world

    Perhaps, better than all of these, was being able to meet in person people once only known by keyboard or Skype. I know the class will want to hear more when they return in the new term come so quickly. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross,

      A new term is upon us today!

      It’s great to hear from you. I sure had a fabulous time in the USA and it will be fun to tell the students all about it.

      Meeting our blogging friends in person was certainly the real highlight of the trip.

      Your blogging buddy,
      Mrs M☀rris

  6. Dear Mrs. Morris,
    I loved seeing your photos from your trip to NYC and DC and San Fransisco! You had quite the amazing trip!

    There are so many worthwhile things to see in all of those places, it must have been hard to decide what to see. I think it must have been spectacular to be in NYC for July 4th and see all the fireworks.

    I went to Washington, DC when I was 10 years old and I have never forgotten that trip. Someday I’d like to go back. My favorite part was seeing the Lincoln Memorial. Did you have a favorite in DC?

    I hope you hopped on some cable cars in San Fransisco. I lived in the Bay Area in high school and I used to take BART (the subway) to the city and ride the cable cars! I went to Alcatraz once too. It’s eerie to be in those small jail cells.

    I hope you have a wonderful term!

    Your Seattle friend,
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs Hembree,

      Thanks for another great comment. We sure did have an amazing trip.

      The fireworks were fantastic but the heat and crowds were pretty tough as we had to wait for over two hours before the show began. It was all worth it though!

      I think the Lincoln Memorial was a highlight in Washington DC for me too. Mr Avery told our class about it earlier in the year and I hadn’t forgotten!

      The BART was really handy to get to and from the airport. We saw lots of cable cars but didn’t have the chance to ride one!

      Alcatraz was so interesting – that was another big highlight for me.

      Keep enjoying your summer!
      Mrs M☀rris

  7. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    We are glad you are back from the USA and we missed you! All of the things you did sound like lots of fun. Do you know how big the Statue of Liberty is?

    It is funny that Char’s dog’s name is Jersey but she is a girl not a boy!

    Sophie and Char

    • Hi Soph and Char,

      Thanks for commenting! I missed you too.

      The statue of liberty is 93 metres tall. It was pretty impressive!

      Jersey is a cute name for a dog 😆

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  8. Dear Mrs Morris,

    It sounds like you are having a great time in America and I have got some exciting news its my birthday today!

    Anyway I have got three questions for you:

    1. What are your most 2 favourite places you have been to yet?

    2. How was Mrs Yollis feel when you left?

    3.Did Mrs Yollis’s dog or bird get fur or feathers on you?

    Just one last thing before I finish my comment how would Nate if you left him?, and if you brought with you, that is good!

    Anyway from your sort of regularly saying hello

    Lachlan! :mrgreen: 🙂 😉 😳 👿 :wicked:
    Sorry if smiley faces don’t work Bye!

    • Hi Lachlan,

      Happy birthday! I hope you had a great day.

      To answer your questions,

      1. Good question – I think I’d like to visit the Northern Territory and Hawaii.
      2. Mrs Yollis was sad when I left. We were sad to say goodbye too!
      3. I may have got a bit of fur or feathers on me. It wasn’t too bad though!
      4. Nate came with me on the trip luckily. He wouldn’t have wanted to miss it.

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  9. Dear 4KJ and 4KM,
    On the holidays I went to my Dads house.
    We went to Queenscliff to stay at a house.
    It cost $20 dollars a night.Also was near the beach.
    Maddy my sister went to the beach with me .
    When we got there it was to cold to hop in so we had to go back to the other house.

    from Paige

  10. Dear Miss Morris,

    wow what a great post about part two in USA, in the pictures there were really big and tall budings behind you also look pretty in the dress you wore.
    I’ve got a qustion for you

    ♥ have you done lots os shopping latley ❓

    • Hi Shakira,

      Thanks for commenting. I did do a bit of shopping. It was fun!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

      • Dear Miss Morris,

        Thank you for repling to me I didn’t get time to do the other qustions I wanted to ask you. So these were my 3 qustions I
        wanted to ask you,

        ♥ what clothes did you buy ❓

        ♥ who went with you ❓

        ♥ what were some of the names of the students ❓

        from your blogging buddy

        shakira :mrgreen:

        • Dear Shakira,

          Thanks for writing back to me.

          I bought some pants, t-shirts and a cardigan.

          Nate went to the USA with me.

          Some of the students were Royce, Sammy, Hannah, Leila and Maya.

          Best wishes,
          Mrs M☀rris

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    It looks likes Mr Morris had a great time in America.

    On the holidays I did lots of blogging, went, to the snow, went camping at Apollo Bay and heaps more!

    This term I am looking forwards to learning about the Olypics and chaging our seats.

    I do not know much about America but things I do know is that America has held the Olypics three times now.

    See you soon,
    Clancy 🙂
    P.S hope you had a great time Mrs Morris and welcome back!

  12. Dear everyone
    Hi everyone I’ve got some info about the USA George Washington was the USA’s first president
    and he died on the 14 of december 1799
    well ran out of time
    see you later


  13. Dear 4KM
    I love it in Leopold Primary School, it is nice to be here at Leopold. Thanks for welcoming me to my new school.

    From Chloe

  14. Dear Mrs Morris,
    Wow! I bet your trip in the USA was great. I hope you had a great time there.
    Libby told me you went there to see your blogging buddy, Mrs Yollis.

    Here is a question for you:
    &hearts Did you learn some of the names of Mrs Yollis’class and did you remember them ❓

    Thank you,
    Laura :mrgreen:

  15. Hello Mrs Morris,
    Wow, what a great post, Mrs Morris. It’s great going to see our blogging buddy in person. I know we have skyped with Mrs Yollis and her class, but meeting her in person would be such a great expirience, you will never forget that amazing trip.
    Can youy list some thing you bought in America for example, Macy’s?

    Happy Blogging.
    Your pal,

    • Hi Libst@r,

      You’re right, meeting Mrs Yollis in person sure is something I won’t forget.

      I bought a few things in Macy’s. For example I bought an apron, a t-shirt and some make up. Nate bought some things at Macy’s too including ties, shirts, vests and shoes.

      I hope you get to shop at Macy’s someday. It is a really fun place to shop!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

  16. Dear Mrs Morris

    It sounds like you had a fantastic time with Mrs Yollis and her Husband in the USA!
    I haven’t been out of New Zealand before so I haven’t heard that much about the places you visited. But I am sure that one day I will. I think that the fireworks would have been amazing. We have a day in early November called Guy forks which is the same as the fireworks you went too.
    Have you ever been to New Zealand?
    During the holidays I went on a holiday to Lake Taupo which is in the central North Island. I also spent lots of time with my friends and family.
    This term I am looking forward to the school production which is happening at the end of the term. This year it is Aladdin. For the past term we have been busy practising our singing and working on our drama skills with games.
    Does Leopold Primary School have school productions?

    Your blogging buddy
    Ashleigh, Room 24

  17. Dear Mrs Morris,

    Wow, it looks like you have had heaps of fun!!! I wish I had the opportunity to go to the USA.
    When I heard that you had been to the Statue of Liberty I got really excited because I have always wanted to go there. So I found out an interesting fact did you know that the Statue of Liberty was actually a gift from the French.
    These holidays I went to the movies to see a new film that got released, Brave. My favourite part of the holidays was when my brother visited New Zealand for a week. We had so much fun.
    This term I am looking forward to the Palmerston North exchange. Students from T.I.S travel down to Palmerston North to compete in the following activities: Dance, Drama, Kapa Haka, and Orchestra.
    Hope you have a wonderful term.

    From your pal,
    Brooke, Room 24

  18. Dear Mrs Morris

    It sounds like you had an amazing experience in the USA. Unfortunately I have never been there or know anything about it but I have always wondered how big the Statue of Liberty is?
    In the holidays I didn’t do anything exciting but I did enjoy a long sleep in every morning, watching my favourite show and spending my birthday money on anything and everything.
    This term I am really looking forward to woodwork because I have never done it before and I think it will be a really great experience.

    From your blogging friend
    Briney, Room 24

  19. Dear Mrs Morris

    Your holiday sounds very interesting. I know that Alcatraz was a famous prison on an island in the San Francisco Harbour. It held the famous criminal, Al Capone who was devoted to drug dealing and smuggling alcohol when it was banned in America. He was also a gang member. I also know that 9/11 was on the 11th of September because they put the month before the date when writing the short date.
    Is there a zoo at Central Park?

    My Nana and Granddad saw the Jersey Boys in Auckland, New Zealand. I didn’t do a lot in the holidays but my cousins were down from Auckland.

    The thing that I am most looking forward to this term is the regional Intermediate schools Mathletics Competition on the 1st of August.

    From your blogging buddy
    Kadin, Room 24

  20. Dear Mrs Morris

    It looks as if you had an amazing experience in the U.S.A. The photos that you took looked amazing. Sadly I don’t know any information on the places that you went to.

    In the holidays I did lots of exciting things like going down to the beach, going to the movies, riding my motor bike and lots more.

    There are a lot of things that I am looking forward to but some of the things are Tech arts, Art and going to the school library. Tech arts is when we go to a class and learn things like woodwork, cooking, visual art, Dance/Drama and Biotechnology.
    What was your favourite part on your trip?

    Your blogging buddy
    Lisa, Room 24

  21. Hi Kathleen, I did enjoy reading what you got up to in the USA and loved looking at your photos. It was great to catch and spend time with you and Nate. The other enjoyable aspect of this post is reading the comments from your students and what they got up to in the holidays. What wonderful conversations and a chance for you all to learn together.

  22. Dear Mrs Morris

    Your trip to the USA sounded amazing; one thing I know about Alcatraz is that it is an island and was once a major prison.
    In the holidays I went to Gisborne which is on New Zealand’s east coast. We did lots of things that I enjoyed such as horse riding, going to the movies, mini golf, and sliding down one of the HUGE half pipe at the skate park.
    What I am looking forward to this term is our school production which is Aladdin; everybody has been practising really hard so it sounds like it is going to be really good.
    I hope you had fun on your trip and that you saw and learnt lots of things.
    Did you go to Chinatown?

    Yours sincerely
    Georgia, Room 24,

    • Hi Georgia,

      Thanks for your great comment!

      I sure did have a lovely time in the USA. I hope you can visit Alcatraz someday. I did go to a couple of different Chinatowns. Lots of cities have a Chinatown. The Chinatown I spent the most time in was in New York City. It was a great area to shop!

      Gisborne sounds like a great place to holiday and I’d love to go there. I have only been to NZ once but I’d love to go back!

      I’m sure your production of Aladdin will be marvellous. Do you have a special part?

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

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