End Of Term Two – Time For Holidays!

After a busy eleven weeks in 4KM and 4KJ, everyone is looking forward to our two week holiday break!

We have had a terrific Term Two, full of learning and fun. The Tagxedo word cloud below is a snapshot of the last couple of months in 4KM and 4KJ.

Bike Ed has certainly been a highlight of our term. Everyone enjoyed learning about the road rules, practising their riding skills and demonstrating safe riding behaviours out on the road.

Next term will be exciting, as we have our Grade Four camp happening in week three! This will be the first school camp for all students and it will give us a chance to practise our riding skills in the town of Maldon. We are also looking forward to studying The Olympics and Natural Disasters. We can’t wait to share all of our Term Three adventures with you!

Happy holidays!

We’ll be back on Monday 16th July.

What would you create a Tagxedo word cloud about?

What did you enjoy about Term Two?

What are your holiday plans?

What are you looking forward to next term?


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10 thoughts on “End Of Term Two – Time For Holidays!

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Wow! What an entertaining post! I really enjoyed really reading it. I really loved term two and things I enjoyed included:
    ~ Bike Ed.
    ~ Having Miss Hannan and Miss Paul.
    ~ Getting my own blog and learning more about blogging.

    Next term I am looking forward to:
    ~ Bike Ed camp
    ~ Learning more about Bike Ed
    ~ Having fun with my brilliant class!

    I would probably make a tagxedo about sport because lots of kids these days like sport and I would like to see what sport is the most popular.

    My holiday plans are to spend lots of time with my family. Of course play tennis, nearly every day!

    Liv 🙂

    • Dear Liv,

      Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog. This year I have enjoyed…

      ♥ Blogging
      ♥ skyping
      &heats; and meating Miss Hannan and Miss Paul
      I got some awesome qustions for you 😀

      ♥ What maths topic have you enjoyed ❓

      ♥ What part do you like about bike ed ❓

      from your class mate

      shakira :mrgreen:

  2. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    It was so fun to skype with you today on your last day of term. Can you believe that it was 2:20pm for you and 9:20pm Thursday for me? Crazy huh! We just got back from dinner and you were finished lunch already.

    I am looking forward to meeting some of Mrs Yollis’ students tomorrow at Royce’s house. Guess what? I am also going to visit her classroom. I can’t wait to see Beverly and Panda!

    On Saturday (your Sunday) I fly to New York City. Then I will visit Washington DC and San Francisco before I fly home.

    What are you all doing on the holidays?

    Best wishes,
    Mrs Morris

    • Dear Mrs Morris,

      I also enjoyed the skype with you and Mrs Yollis.
      Sometimes I think its a little freaky that its 9:20pm for you and 2:20pm for us, and you had dinner already!

      I’m very exited that its school holidays. I can’t believe its been 11 weeks till now. It feels like its been 5 weeks.

      I hope you enjoy New York and the rest of your holiday. On the holidays (Sunday) Bronte might be coming over for a sleep over.

      Well I better go!

      From your blogging buddy,
      Iesha :mrgreen:

      • Dear Iesha,

        Thanks for writing back to me.

        You’re right, last holidays don’t feel like that long ago!

        Enjoy your time with Bronte!

        Best wishes,
        Mrs Morris

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post! Term two was lots of fun and I thought it went by very quickly. I have enjoyed heaps of things we have done this term.

    Some of them are:
    ♥Having Miss Hannan and Miss Paul
    ♥Writing narratives
    ♥Bike ed
    ♥Earning my own blog and learning new things about blogging
    ♥Skyping different people
    ♥Practicing our times tables in maths

    I am looking forward to term three and all of the exciting things we are going to do!

    From your friend,

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post!
    I love the Tagxedo you made Miss Jordan!
    I’m going to miss school and sometimes I keep forgetting its the school holidays, since I’m steel stuck to my schedule.

    On the holidays I will be going up to Queensland, for the last week of the holidays. I’m looking forward to that. Dad said that we will be going to Dreamworld. 😀 Oh, and on Sunday
    Bronte might come over to my house to have a sleepover.

    Now I might tell you about what I enjoyed in term 2.
    Writing narritives
    Miss Hannan and Miss Paul
    The cafe stratiges

    Well I must go help dad with some stuff.

    From your blogging buddy,

    Iesha :mrgreen:

  5. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    Term 2 has passed so quickly but what an eventful time you have had. Bike Ed., skyping, blogging, student teachers, and many other things made your term very interesting. Adding to that, you know your two teachers are known for being excellent teachers, with Mrs. Morris travelling to U.S.A. to meet with the equally amazing Mrs. Yollis.

    Thank goodness you had Miss Jordan to help you all while Mrs Morris was away. 🙂

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    Taecher, NSW, Australia

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    I would make a Tagxedo word cloud about the camp we went on in Term 1 because that was heaps of fun and it’s probably the thing I can remember the most.
    I think I enjoyed extension art classes the most and I would have to say I enjoyed lunch break as well.

    The holidays are over now but for the holidays I went to Wellington for a week and did not much for the rest of the holidays.

    This term I am looking forward to cross country and robotics because I that should be really fun and I will be able to use the programming part lots in the future.

    From your blogging friend
    Kellie, Room24

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