4KM and 4KJ in the District Cross Country!

On Friday 30th March, the Leopold Primary School Cross Country was held. The top ten students in each age group were chosen to compete in the City to Surf District Cross Country against three other schools.

Today three 4KM students and five 4KJ students travelled with Mrs Morris to the lovely Torquay foreshore for the event.

Well done to Elijah from 4KM who came 3rd in the 8/9/10 year old boys age group.

Congratulations to Hannah from 4KJ who also came 3rd in the 11 year old girls age group.

Becky, Lachlan, Ehberneese, Olivia Y, Sophie and Jess also ran excellent races and should be very proud of their efforts.

We wish Elijah and Hannah all the best for the next Cross Country event in late May.

What do you think about the performance of our classmates?

Do you enjoy running? 

What sort of sports are you best at?

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35 thoughts on “4KM and 4KJ in the District Cross Country!

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a splendid post! I think the race was amazing.

    Well done to all the people who raced, it looked like a lot of hard work. If i were in that race I would of been puffed out!

    I don’t really enjoy running but I still participate in cross country. (At school) I run sometimes but not all the time.

    I am probably good at calisthenics (dancing) but if that’s not a sport I would be good at riding my bike. I <b<love to ride my bike!

    Bye for now,


    • Dear Goergia,

      What a great comment! You are a fantastic blogger. The cross country was a lot of hard work!

      I enjoy running at school and at home with my mum. I don’t do calisthenics. My favourite sports are running and swimming. I also love to ride my bike!

      From your friend,

  2. Dear 4Km and 4KJ
    Well done for a good showing in the district cross-country! A city to surf race sounds like a lot of fun.
    In the next two weeks our school is hosting the district secondary schools and then the district primary schools for their cross-country races and the course will be run at the local golf club.
    It is always a popular venue especially if there has been some rain and there’s some mud!
    None of the B4 children will be running as they are too young, but it is something for them to look forward to in future years.
    Once again, congratulations to all the runners from 4Km and 4KJ.

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie

    • Dear Mrs McKenzie,

      My name is Liv S and I am in Miss Jordan’s class this year. This is the second time I have had Miss Jordan so I am very lucky. Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris are outstanding.

      Wow, what an absoloute quality comment! We always love to hear from Blogging Buddies.

      I agree, a city to surf race sounds like heaps of fun. Well done, Hannah, Becky, Sophie, Jess, Ehberneese, Liv Y, Elijah and Lachlan. You all did a fantastic job.

      A golf club! What a great place to have Cross Country. I would love to run on a golf course for Cross Country, I would especially love to run in the mud!

      Where do you think is an ideal place to hold Cross Country?

      From your new blogging buddy,
      Liv S 🙂

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post! The cross country was lots of fun! But it was very tiring. It was very cold down at Torquay as you can probably see from the photo of Jess, Liv and I.

    Well done to Hannah and Elijah on their fantastic achievement of coming 3rd. Also well done to Jess, Liv, Ehberneese, Becky and Lachlan.

    From your blogging buddy,

    • Dear Sophie,

      Wow, what a fantastic quality comment! You are such an outstanding blogger. As you said, this is a magnificent post!

      You, Jess, Liv Y, Hannah, Becky, Ehberneese, Lachlan and Elijah all did a fabulous job. I agree with you, it would tiring. It looked like it was cold as you and Jess had a blanket!

      Good Luck to Hannah and Elijah in the next stage!

      From your friend,
      Liv S 🙂

      • Dear Liv,

        Thank you for replying to my comment. You are an outstanding blogger aswell! I agree with you, Jess, Liv Y, Hannah, Becky, Lachlan and Elijah all did a fantastic job!

        It was very tiring! It was also very cold at the beach! I would also like to wish Hannah and Elijah good luck for the next stage.

        From your friend,

  4. Dear 4KJ and 4KM,

    How strange a coincidence, while I was working on the Mother’s Day stall at my local primary school, I saw students in sports clothing assembling in an area of the school. Today was also their district cross country. 🙂

    Well done, Elijah and Hannah for your third place results. Congratulations also to Becky, Lachlan, Ehberneese, Olivia Y, Sophie and Jess. I know you all tried your best .

    I was impressed with the cross-country course shown in the Animoto. Being able to take in beach and park would have been a great run.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a fabulous post! I enjoyed watching the animoto. Well done to Hannah and Elijah for coming third and the others did a great job aswell!

    It was very cold yesterday. It was good that some of you brought blankets to rug up in. I had to play netball last night and it was not good because it was so COLD! The ball we were playing with was so wet!

    I do enjoy running but I enjoy netball more. 😀

    What happened at Pop Maths Day yesturday? ❓ I was away so I don’t really know. 🙁

    Skye ♥ ♦

  6. Dear 4km and 4 kj

    I enjoyed reading about the cross country…it’s great to see everyone having a go… well done.

    Craig (sophies best uncle)

    • Dear Craig,

      Hi I’m Sophies friend Jess.

      Thankyou for leaving a comment on the blog. I think everybody did a great job too. I also really like reading about all the posts too and I really like this one.

      Got to go,
      Jess [Sophies friend] :mrgreen:

  7. Hi to all 4kjand4km.
    Hannah and Becky Dad here,
    congratulations to all the runners who attended the Cross country and a special congratulations to Hannah and Beck from Dad.Well done Elijah all the best for the next event.

  8. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I’m not so fast at running and don’t really like it, but everyone has their likes and dislikes.

    Did you know there’s a different kind of Cross country?
    If you gussed it’s on horseback, you’re correct!
    It’s got nothing to do with running.
    It’s not like normal horse jumps like poles and cross jumps. It’s a lot more dangerous than normal jumps, but it’s only very dangerous if you’re competing. For beginners, you would normaly be doing things like logs. Professionals would be doing more challenging jumps such as ditches, gates/fences, water jumps and things that are least expected.

    your blogging buddy,
    Bronte 🙂 😉

    • Dear Bronte,

      I wanted to post a quick reply to your comment to let you know that I was really impressed with what you wrote in your comment. You really added some extra information to the post and wrote it in a way that was very interesting to read.

      Well done!

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

      • Dear Mrs Morris,
        thank you for that complement. This comment will not be so long because I don’t have much to think about.

        Do you like running?
        Do you do sports on the weekend?

        Your blogging buddy,
        Bronte 🙂 😉

        • Dear Bronte,

          I do love running. Yesterday I did the 8km Mother’s Day Classic. I often run before school.

          I’ve never been into sports – only individual sports/exercise like running, aerobics, cycling, weights etc…

          Best wishes,
          Mrs M☀rris

          • Dear Mrs Morris,
            in my past I have tried out for Tennis, Netball, Gymnastics and even Rugby, my Mum made me do it and I liked the firstlesson, than I found out therewere only threegirlsthat were there.

            Now I do horse riding and absolutly love it!

            Your blogging buddy,Bronte 😉 🙂

  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Cool post!It looks like your school does alot of cool things!What other sports do you play?
    Congrats Hannah and Elijah on getting 3rd you must have have done really good!You all probabaly did good!
    I am really good at the sport hockey!I played it all winter and loved it!Have you guys heard of hockey where you live?
    I have a blog to teach you a little about hockey well a team in hockey!Check it out! The address is http://colerk2.edublogs.org
    Well got to go,

    • Dear Cole,
      I have herd of hockey were I live, in fact I know two friends that do hockey.

      I do horse riding, and my Mum did horse riding, my Dad was a riding instructer when he was young (that’s how my Mum and Dad met), My Mums cousin even rode with a man in the olympics and he won a silver medal. But sadly, he died in 2010 🙁

      your new friend,
      Bronte 🙂 :Mrgreen:

  10. Dear 4Kj and 4km

    I was lucky enough to be in Torquay to see our fantastic athletes doing their best and representing Leopold Primary. Great weather, a beautiful location and terrific planning contributed to a wonderful event for all involved. So proud of our girls who were encouraging each other before the event, cheering the boys on in their event and embracing what it means to be a good sportsperson. You did yourselves, your parents and your school proud, well done.

    Liv and Charlotte, great job today playing hockey at stead park in the under 13 team. It was fantastic watching you play on the synthetic surface, ( even though it was so early!)

    Liv and Thomas and anyone else taking part in the mothers day classic tomorrow, good luck! We are doing the 4km run, see you at the finish line!!!

    Bye for now, Katy x

  11. Dear 4kj and 4km

    Good job on the districts everyone. It looked like you all gave
    It your best shot. After today I know how it feels because I ran 4kms
    In the Mothers’ Day Classic with my mum, Olivia, Kylie and Thomas!
    It was exciting to cross the finish line!
    This is my first comment on the blog,

    From Steph

    • Dear Steph,

      We all did give it our best shot because I was there.

      Looks like you had fun at the Mothers Day classic today and I hope everybody else had a fantastic time too. Did your mum have a great mothers day?

      Sounds like you were really excited when you crossed the finish line.

      Happy blogging,
      Jess [4KJ] 😀

      • Dear Jess
        Thanks for replying yo my comment I’m glad that you all gave it your best.

        We did have a geat mother’s day. We had egg’s Benedict for Breahfast at 6 am and then we did the run wich was exciting . Then we had a lovely day at home in the warm. We had a delicous roast chicken for dinner What did you do on Mother’s Day?

        Love from your new blogging buddy,
        Steph Y 2DD :mrgreen:

    • Dear Steph,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog! I am Sophie. You might know my brother Liam in 2MD.

      It was really hard doing the cross country because we had to run on sand and up stairs.

      I also ran the Mother’s Day Classic with my Mum, my brother (Liam) and my Dad.


      • Dear Sophie,
        Thank you for replying to my comment. The Mothers Day Classic was my first fun run. It was good to do it with your family. The run was really exciting, it was a bit squishy going up the hill but then it was easier when we got to the road and spread out. I ws so happy when I swathe marker that said 4kms as I knew we were close to the finish line, I was puffed out but happy to take part!
        Love from Steph
        Written by Steph, typed by mummy

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Well Done to all the people that ran at the District Cross Country! You did a Great Job! I am proud of my sister Jess for making it that far. It looked like you had heaps of fun and it looked like it was cold there!

    Happy blogging,
    Daisy [Jess’ sister] 😆

    • Dear Daisy,

      Thankyou for leaving a comment on the blog!

      I also think everybody did a fabulous job too. Good job to the people who got through to the next round you did awesome! 😀

      Also thankyou for saying that I did a great job and your happy I made it that far.

      See you soon,
      Jess 😆

  13. Hi guys,

    I think everybody did a fabulous job at cross country districs!

    It was very cold down there but not as cold as it was at soccer this year. I had great fun at cross country and I hope everyone else had a great time too.

    At cross country I came 16th I think but everyone else did a great job also. Great job to the people who got into the next round we all did a fantastic job.

    Happy blogging,
    Jess 😯

    • Dear Jess,

      What a great comment! You are a fantastic blogger! I also think everyone did a fabulous job at the cross country.

      I agree with you it was cold down at the beach, but we got warm after we got our blankets out!

      I don’t know what I came. I would like to wish Hannah and Elijah good luck for the next round.

      From your friend,

  14. Dear Elijah and Hannah,

    Well done on coming third place. I wish I could run as fast as you two.
    Here are some questions I would like to ask.

    *Were you tired after running.

    *Would you like to run again, and what do you think you would come next year if you make it.

    From your Blogging Buddy,

  15. Dear Elijah and Hannah,

    Well done on your placings in the Cross Country. To run is one thing but to have the stamina for endurance running, well, that’s another thing.

    Congratulations to everyone one else in the Cross Country team. Your efforts have not gone un-noticed. It doesn’t matter that you missed out on a major placing on the day, what does matter is that you were all winners for making it into the team.

    Well done!

    Kerryn (Loren’s mum)

  16. Hi 4KM and 4KJ

    I like to have a run sometimes I feel very free when I am running. Sometimes I enter into fun runs with my sister Jo she always runs faster than me. But my favourite sport is swimming and water aerobics. Sometimes my mum comes to water aerobics too and we have a steam sauna and spa after the class its a lot of fun.

    Love Aunty Donna

  17. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    It looks like you all had fun at the cross country on friday and I heard there was no rain to spoil the day. Good job to Hannah and Elijah on getting through to the next round.

    Also good job to Jess, Ehberneese, Olivia Y, Becky and Lachlan.

    Steve(Sophie’s dad)

  18. Hi 4kmand 4kj,
    I just watched the cross country clip.Very well done,I love watching clips that have been put together well with sound and pictures. Great way to keep memories to look back on.

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