Guest Post: Rugby Clinic

This is a guest post by Clancy and Maha.

On Tuesday 17th April we had a visit from the Melbourne Storm. If you are wondering what they are they’re a team of Rugby League (NRL).

They came to our school (Leopold Primary) and did a clinic for the grade threes and fours.

They will visit our school for three weeks and each week we do a different activity and also learn something new!

This week we learned how to score a try also to pass, dodge and play the ball. To pass you must throw backwards. To score you have to hold the ball with two hands and touch the ball on the ground.

To “play the ball” you have to put the ball on the ground and push it with your toes.

Next week in rugby we are playing tag rugby. Tag rugby is a game which you wear velcro straps and you wear tags on the velcro.

The name of the man who works for Melbourne Storm is Luke.

Thank you to Lilli from 4KM who took some great photos of the clinic.

What did you think about the rugby clinic?

Have you ever seen a game of rugby?

What is your favourite sport?

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45 thoughts on “Guest Post: Rugby Clinic

  1. Dear Clancy and Maha,

    What a well-written post about the game of rugby!

    It seems to be a very popular game and fun to play. When I was in college, there were rugby teams so I’ve heard of it. However, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a game.

    It sounds like there are a lot of rules to follow for moving the ball. How many points is a goal? Can you earn points in any other way?

    You asked about my favorite sport. I am not a big sports fan, but I have been to several Dodger games here in Los Angles. I’ve also been to a few Laker games. They are fun to watch, but I’m not a regular fan.

    Do either of you play on any teams?

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis,

    Clancy and I did try our best to write this post!

    It does seem like a popular game and the game is fun to play! I have heard of the game but I am not a big fan of it though. I haven’t been to a game either!

    There are a lot of rules to follow in rugby! I think you score 4 points for a goal but I don’t know another way you can score.

    It must have been fun going to some of the Lakers game’s because I have heard they are a good team! I love doing sports, so my favourite one is tennis.

    I play for a team and they are calle Leopold Lightning and we play netball.

    Happy Blogging!

    Maha 😀

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    the rugby sports we played was great!It was fun when we had to pass the ball to each other and some people fell over. It was funny to watch

    I thought every bit of it was excelent. It looked like every one was enjoying it very much.But I have never seen anyone play rugby before.

    My favorite kind of sports is swimming.

    Hope to see you soon.
    Your blogging buddy,
    Indiana 😛

    • Dear Indi,

      Thanks for the comment on the new post Maha and myself put on the blog!

      It was good fun but I did’nt get to see anyone fall but it must have been funny 🙂

      I agree it did look like everybody was having a fatasticly fun time!

      I don’t like swimming that much but I think it a realy good sport and I’m you like it!

      By for now
      Clancy 😉 🙂

  4. Dear Clancy and Maha,

    Wow, I just love this post, it looks as though you put a lot of effort in. You are both great bloggers so keep up the great work.

    I really enjoyed the rugby clinic. Luke was nice, I learnt how to score a try, ‘play the ball’ and dodge the ball.

    No, I have never seen a game of rugby. My favourite sport is tennis, I have lessons on a Friday. Tennis rules!

    Talk soon,
    Liv S 🙂

    • Dear Liv S,

      Thanks for the comment on the post.
      Luke was nice and i’m glad you learnt to dodge plaay the ball and to score!

      I sometimes watch rugby leage if its the onlt thing on tv.

      My sister (Zali) does tennis on a Monday. But I like to hasve a bit of a hit with Mum 🙂

      By for now You friend
      Clancy 😉 🙂

    • Dear Liv S,

      Thanks for the comment on the post.
      Luke was nice and i’m glad you learnt to dodge plaay the ball and to score!

      I sometimes watch rugby leage if its the onlt thing on tv.

      My sister (Zali) does tennis on a Monday. But I like to hasve a bit of a hit with Mum 🙂

      By for now You friend
      Clancy 😉 🙂

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Wow what a fantastic post my favourite thing in the
    rugby clinic was the warm up games.
    but I’ve seen rugby on the T.V sorry but I’m not
    into rugby I’m more into Athletics.


    shakira 😀

    • Hi Sahkira,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I liked the warm games aswell.

      I must say that i’m not that much of a rugby leage fan but I do not mind play tag rugny at school.

      i love Athletics but for some reason I don’t do it.

      By for now

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    that is a great post, I love it.Clancy and Maha did a good job on it.I can’t wait for next week rugby when we are going to play tag rugby. It will be so fun 🙂

    I am not realy into rugby, I’m mostly into swimming and am interested in all the famous champion swimmers.Like Ian Thorpe, Geoff Huegill and all the other swimmers.

    Good luck on your next post.

    Your friend,
    Indiana 😆

    • Hi Indiana,

      Thanks for the nice compliment about the post.

      The next rugby will be realy fun I agree I remeber when I played it last year it was hard but fun!

      I into rugby ither but it is fun to play.

      I’m not into swimming that much but my Mum makes me do lessons every week.

      By for now
      Clancy 😉

  7. Dear Clancy and Maha,

    What a fantastic post about rugby! You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into your post, included lots of details and photos to show some of the activities you participated in.

    I’ve never played rugby before, and before this year I didn’t know all that much about the game of rugby (because Melbourne tends to promote AFL a lot more), until I met my sister’s friend. He plays Rugby Union (a bit different to Rugby League) and I’ve been slowly learning more about the game. I’m so glad I read your post, though, because now I feel like I understand the game more.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Stef Galvin
    (Teacher, Melbourne)

    • Dear Miss Stefanie,

      Thanks for the great commnet on the guest post Maha and I did.

      We did put alot of effot into this post and I think it has alot of detail 🙂

      I’m glad that you are starting to understand rugby because this post 😉
      What is the difference to Rugby Leage and Rugby Union?

      By for now
      Clancy 🙂 😉

    • Dear Stefanie,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog!

      I am Maha from 4KM. Clancy and I did put lots of thought because it is my first time doing a guest post! It took us some time to put our words carefully into sentences and then gradually we made some paragraphs. It was hard but we had fun!

      I haven’t played rugby either and I didn’t know any of the rules as well! ( I think AFL is more popular than rugby). I think you might have learned little from your sister’s friend since he plays Rugby Union. I don’t think lots people know lots about rugby because I didn’t, would’ve have learned something from this post.

      Please comment again!

      Maha 😀

  8. Hey everyone

    What a great post
    I bet Maha and Clancy put alot of efort into the post

    I have never seen a real game of rugby
    have you? And my favourite sport is Soccer
    whats yours?

    bye for now
    from your mate James (-:

    • @ James,
      Yes Maha and Clancy did put a lot of effort in to this post ♦
      No I haven’t actually seen a real game of rugby before.

      My favourite sports are basketball and tennis.

      Happy Blogging.
      Your friend,
      Libst☀r 🙄

    • Dear James,

      Thanks for the comment 😉

      Yes we did put heaps of effot into this post but I think it worked out quiet well.

      I have only seen a real game of rugby on TV but I have never been to a live match.

      My favourite sports are footy and cricket but I think soccer is a fun and fit sport.

      See you soon
      Clancy 😉

  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I’m looking forward to the next rugby clinic. I really enjoyed lerning about rugby. I’m teachering my two little sisters how to score a try. Charlotte dosen’t really get it, nether ashleigh.

    I have never seen a rugby game but in the mornings I see news about iton fox sport news. I watch it because dad likes to listen to sport news when he dosen’t go to the game. When dad watches rugby I go on the computer.

    I don’t really have a favourite sport but I do watch the football and go to some games and I play netball. My team is called Leopold Raw. And I practise at the Leopold skate park. Charlotte brings her bike and rids between the netball corts and around the corts.

    bye for now
    Maddy and Charlotte 😀 😀

    • Hello Maddy and Charlotte,
      What a great comment 😆
      That’s OK if Charlotte or Ashleigh didn’t get it because they might be a bit too young to understand.

      It sounds like you have had great fun.
      My favourite sport is basketball and tennis.

      Happy Blogging.
      Your friend Libst☀r

  10. Dear Libby,

    Thanks for your comment I think
    tennis and basketball is a great
    I got some qustion for you
    do you play any sport?


    shakira 😀

  11. Dear 4KJ and 4KM ,
    I Loved the Rugby Clinic and I learned alot about Rugby I do it at home too. I also Think Luke is Awsome but I want to learn more so its go to learn new things also I think Rugby is great fun to play at home .

    your classmate
    brooklyn 🙂

  12. Dear Clancy and Maha,
    I really like sport. I thought the rugby clinc was really fun. No I havent seen a game of rugby. I do karate
    and that is a sport.
    by for now Tyler 🙂

    • Dear Tyler,

      Great comment. I really enjoyed the rugby clinic aswell. I learnt lots of new things, and I can’t wait to learn more.

      I found out a fact! Karate is not a sport. That is just one of the things I learnt today.

      I have never seen a game of rugby before. My favourite sport is tennis. I play Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I play also on a Saturday.

      Since karate is not a sport, what is your favourite sport?

      From Liv S 🙂

      • Dear Liv S,
        Thanks for your comment if Karate is not a sport then my favorite is footy
        from your class mate Tyler 🙂

  13. Deear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I really liked doing the rugby activaties but I am not a big rugby fan.Oh I think clancy and maha did a great job on this post! 😆
    Patrick 😆

    • Dear Patrick,

      You are most definitely right! Clancy and Maha did do a fabulous job on this post about rugby.

      My favourite rugby activity we did scoring trys and ‘playing the ball’. What was your favourite part?

      My favourite sport is tennis. I play most weeknights, and the weekends. What is your favourite sport?

      From Liv S 🙂

  14. Hi,4KM and 4KJ,

    I love the post,it is amazing to get reminded of that day when 4KM and 4KJ went to see the N.R.L (National rugby league.)
    It was the best day for it even though it was very hot.

    I have never seen a game of rugbe befor but I have seen lots of games of football.I baric for Gelong cats not only do I like cats but I live in Gelong.

    Bye for now,

  15. Dear Clancy and Maha,

    What a great post! I thought the rugby clinic was very fun too.

    No I have not seen a game of rugby before but I have been to Skilled stadium to see Geelong play for the first quarter because I was getting bored.(I was in grade one.)

    I have also seen my sister perform on stage with Calisthenics.(dancing)In her first dance she forgot to run off stage and she waved to everyone while she was still on stage. It was very funny.

    My favourite sport is Calisthenics and Netball. I do Calisthenics but not Netball but it looks fun and I love shooting hoops with my best friend Jazmin.

    From your Blogging Buddy,


  16. Dear Clancy and Maha,

    What a great post! I thought the rugby clinic was lots of fun. I don’t really know much about rugby, but I think after the three weeks are over I will know a lot more than now.

    I liked all the things that we did, but my favourite was at the end when we got in a triangle shape and threw the ball backwards.

    My favourite sport is swimming and athletics.
    I do athletics every Saturday morning but the season is finished now. I do swimming every Monday night, but soon I am going to be joining the Geelong swimming club. At there you have to go three nights a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

    From your blogging buddie,

  17. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    What a great post.It was so cool that we met a rugby player.I am so looking forward to going next week and having an actual game.

    Here are some questions:
    What is your favourite sport and why? Mine are basketball and tennis because my mum and dad used to do these sports.
    What do you like most about your sport? I like getting the ball in the ring(basketball) and winning games and points(tennis)

    Happy Blogging 😆
    Your pal,

    • Dear Libby

      I agree it’s a fabulous post. I think Maha and Clancy did a awesome job on the guest post. 😉

      I have one favorite sport and it is basketball. I don’t have a ring at home but my brother bought me a basketball just this year.

      From Lilli :mrgreen;

      • Dear Lilli,
        wow you just got a basketball this year how lucky are you. Lets have a conversation! 😆

        How often do you play with your new basketball?

        Happy Blogging.
        Your pal,
        Libst☀r :mrgreen:

  18. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    I thought the rugby clinic was fun,but in the start I didn’t enjoy myslef.I haven’t seen a rugby game before,only on tv.My fav sport is horseriding.
    I’v become a horse woman now.When you fall off it really hearts!

    From your blogging buddy,


    • Dear Iesha,

      What a Great comment! You are a fantastic blogger! I agree with you the rugby clinic was fun but at the start it wasn’t much fun because we wernt doing much.

      I have only seen rugby on TV aswell. My favorite sports are running and swimming. I like riding horses aswell, I used to do horse riding at Wallington Park. I agree with you when you fall of it really hurts!

      From your blogging buddie,

  19. Dear Clancy and Maha,

    I think you two did a fabulous job at writing this blog post. I liked the pictures and great job Lilli for taking them. Who knows, you two could get your own blogs? ❓

    Anyway, I really enjoyed the rugby clinic. I liked learning all the different things like ‘play the ball and passing backwards’. Luke was great. I can’t wait till we play the rugby game next Tuesday.

    I haven’t seen a game of rugby on TV or live.

    My favourite type of sport is netball. I play it and it is very fun. Millie and Hannah are in my team. You are not allowed to step in netball.

    What is your favourite sport?

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Skye ♥ ♦

    • Dear Skye,

      Clancy and I tried our best doing the post! Thank you for saying so anyway!! I also think Lilli did a great job doing the pictures! Well, I think other people will get their own blog but I am hoping that most people ( including me ) get their own blog. I am crossing my fingers to see who gets them.

      I also enjoyed the rugby clinic thoroughly! Who knows what fun we will have this week! I also enjoyed to ” play the ball” and pass backwards, though there were a lot of rules! 🙂 Luke was a very good teacher!

      I haven’t seen a rugby game on tv or live either I am not a rugby fan but I do enjoy playing games about it!

      My favorite sport is netball as well! It must be very interesting playing netball because they are a lot of rules! My team is called Leopold Lightning. What is your team called??

      From your friend,

      Maha 🙂

  20. Dear Sophie,
    What a great commet I really liked how you put paragraphs four times.

    I really liked the rugby clinic too.
    But I don’t know much about it eather.

    My favourite thing was when we taped the other person on the sholder And they had to drop the ball then you had to pick it up.

    Bye great friend,
    from Hannah.

    • Dear Hannah,

      Great comment!

      I think the Rugby clinic was lots of fun. I think we will know alot more about rugby at the end of the clinic.

      My favourite part was when we got in a triangle shape and threw the ball backwards, then tried to score a try.

      From your blogging buddie,

  21. Hi Brooklyn,

    It was a great post Clancy and Maha wrote. I loved all the photos of 4KM and 4KJ. I’ll have to stop talking about the post and start talking about your comment.

    I learned a lot at the Rugby Clinic too. I learned that you have to pass the ball backwards, you have to touch the ball on the ground to get a mark…Well, I forgot!

    I don’t play Rugby at home or anywhere really. However, I play Hockey. Not Ice Hockey of course. Its the regular grass type of Hockey. I’m not saying Grass Hockey isn’t fun, It’s the best!

    Your friend,


  22. Dear Clancy,

    hi Clancy. I like rugby but I’am more into scoocar and creckit.

    no I’ve never seen a game of rugby but I’ll try to see a game or even two.


  23. Hello Clancy and Maha,

    I’m sorry it has taken me a week to comment on your post. I made sure to keep the link until I could comment.

    At my last school in this town, we would have both rugby and AFL clinics. It was through these clinics I learnt more about AFL as, having grown up in Sydney in the 1950s and 1960s, there was no such thing as AFL in New South Wales. AFL was something the Victorians played while Queensland and New South Wales had rugby. Times have changed as both sports have followers in each state.

    What did you think about the rugby clinic?

    Rugby and AFL clinics were always fun because of the activities available. I even think my class had fun.

    Have you ever seen a game of rugby?

    I once was in a game of rugby. The Year 12 students at my high school were playing against the teachers at the end of the year. As I was a big and strong Year 12 student, I was asked to be in our team. It sounds like a great idea to have someone big and strong in your rugby team but they forgot one thing, you also needed to be fast. When I caught the ball and started to run, two teachers quickly tackled me. 🙂

    What is your favourite sport?

    My favourite activity, apart from going to the local cinema each week, is walking. I can sometimes be out for hours, especially if I need time to think about a story I might be writing.

    I also enjoyed cycling for a long time so I have a soft spot for cycling at the Olympics. I once spent five days riding from Nowra to Tathra in New South Wales. I covered about 300km complete with backpack and tent on board.

    As far as other sports are concerned, I did play some soccer as a boy but wasn’t a good player. My main activity was Scouting involving hiking and camping.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  24. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I’m a 4th grade student in New Orleans, Louisiana. We don’t have rugby where I live, but we have football. It’s kind of like rugby, but you can throw the ball straight ahead of you, and you wear lots of pads so you won’t get hurt. The ball is smaller and is shaped like a lemon.
    I have always wanted to play rugby. Do you have rugby for girls?
    I hope you had a good time!

  25. Dear, 4KM and 4KJ
    I really liked hearing about the rugby clinic! I have played rugby before. I bet all of the participants had a great time! Does the school have a rugby team?
    Your Friend,

  26. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    My name is Wade, and I like all of your blogs! I think it’s cool how all of you are learning how to play rugby! Rugby sounded interesting when I read it. It had a lot of detail. What made the school interested in rugby?

  27. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    I really liked the blog about rugby. It must have been fun. Was it? I play rugby at school. I like it a lot.

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