Last Day of Term One – Happy Easter!

Today, Friday 30th March, is the last day of Term One.

The students in 4KM and 4KJ have had a fantastic start to the year and everyone is looking forward to the two week holiday break.


Today was a special day because it was the Leopold Primary School Cross Country. It was held on the school oval and all students from Prep to Grade Six were involved. The students in the 8/9/10 age group had to run a challenging 1.2km route around the school grounds. The 11 years age group had to complete the course twice, running a total of 2.4km.

Here is a bird’s eye view of the route the Grade Three to Six students ran.

It was terrific to see everyone try their very best during the Cross Country. Some special achievements to acknowledge:

Elijah (4KM) won the 8/9/10 boys event.

Hannah (4KJ) won the 11 years girls event.

Becky (4KM) came third in the 11 years girls event.

Participating in the Cross Country and cheering for all of the other students was so much fun.

A big thanks to Mr Hair for organising this terrific school event!


It has been a busy nine weeks for 4KM and 4KJ. We enjoyed practising a variety of reading strategies, focussing on descriptive writing and learning about place value in Maths. Some other highlights include:

– Skyping with Mr Avery and Mrs Yollis

House Athletic Sports

Talking to British adventurer, Alistair Humphreys

Learning about Australia

Reading Day

Quadblogging with Mrs Yollis, Mr Salsich and Mrs McKenzie


We are looking forward to Easter, which falls in the very middle of our holidays. We wish all of our blogging buddies are very Happy Easter! Enjoy some chocolate and have a relaxing break!

We will be back at school for Term Two on Monday 16th April.

What did you think of the Cross Country?

What was your Term One highlight?

Do you have any holiday plans?

What are you looking forward to next term?

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53 thoughts on “Last Day of Term One – Happy Easter!

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a great post! I really liked the slideshow. I’m glad there is a two week break but I’m still gonna miss good ol’ Leopold Primary.

    The anual Cross Country was a successful event. I truly love this race but after when I’m tired and puffed I always regret it. Congratulations to Becky, Hannah and Elijah for getting medals in the races they participated in. I came somewhere in the 20’s area in my heat. It was very fun and tough but the main thing is I completed the race.

    Term one was a great start to the year as Miss Jordan said in the post. I loved everything. Maths, blogging and skyping, literacy, descriptive writing etc. I hope term two-four will be as much fun as the recent term.

    I don’t have any holiday plans. Just a family Easter and a lot of fun! But one week into term two, I will be leaving for Fiji. And on the the first day back I get my Expander (A device in my mouth) taken out.

    Well, next term I’m lookin forward to more blogging and more and more wonderful weeks to look forward to.

    Bye for now,
    Millie πŸ™‚

    P.S Don’t you think term one has flown by?

    • Dear Millie,

      Wow, what a fabulous, quality and long comment. I agree, the PhotoPeach was great. You are a fantastic blogger. Thanks for replying to me on your blog.

      Yeah, I am going to miss the days at school because I enjoy every single bit about it. There are only 2 weeks and we know they will fly so we’ll be back at school in no time. We do a lot of fun things at school. πŸ˜€

      I enjoyed the Cross Country. Yeah, congratulations to Becky, Elijah and Hannah for getting medals. You did a great job.

      I loved everything as well that we did this year. If I had to choose a favourite I would choose the Literacy Block.

      I am looking forward to Easter and the holidays. Catching up with friends and family and eating chocolate. Yummy!

      What do you like better, milk chocolate of white chocolate? I like white chcolate.

      Your BFF,


      P.S. Yes, I do think this term has flown by.

      • @ Skye,

        Thanks for my awesome reply. I’m glad you liked my comment. My favourite photo was probably the one of us two together. Remember when we were ready for our photo shoot, when the boys came up and crowded us. Oh, and if you saw little peace signs somewhere in the photo they were mine. You do not need to thank me for the reply because it’s my job having my own blog.

        I am going to miss school and Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris a lot. I do know the two weeks will fly by and we will be back at school. I don’t have to agree with you because everyone knows that we do awesome stuff ( I know I could describe stuff more specificly) at school.

        The Cross Country was really fun. Becky, Hannah and Elijah are very good at sports so it’s not surprising. I’m sure everyone’s proud of them. I know I am. Thanks for complimenting me. You did a great job too.

        I did love everything the recent term and if I had to choose I’d choose maths.

        Easter is probably my favourite thing I’m looking forward to these holidays. We got our baskets ready today! I am also looking forward to seeing friends and family too though.

        Well it is hard to chose the answer to your qusetion. If you had of said dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate, I would have imediately eliminated dark chocolate because I hate that! I’d probably choose white chocolate too. I still can’t really decide.

        Your friend,

        P.S I’m glad you agree with me “Little Sunny”! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    • Dear Millie, πŸ˜€

      thank you for commenting on our new post. I have to agree with you this is a great post and the slide show was great. I am also glad that it is only a 2 week hoilday if it was a 6 week one I would burst into tears.

      The cross country was a very successful event I have to say. Eevryone did an exitilent job on the track. The track was not to bad even though I was really tired I still didn’t stop so did most other people. Hannah, Becky and Eiljah did a great job on the race. I came 10th so that was pretty exiting.

      Team was very cool and I carn’t wait untill term two. I really like everything Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan plan for us because it’s fun and exciting to learn. I’m looking forward to getting those new Netbooks in term two are you?

      I don’t really have that much plans for the hoildays ether but my family and I are going for a big hoilday nextEaster hoildays so that’s going to be fun. By the way your hoilday sounds so much fun I would like to come but I carn’t. Loren went to Figi last year and she back with braded hair.

      Well time is so possed to do that. Bye for now
      Maddy ;mrgreen;

  2. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading it. I loved the PhotoPeach and the song is stuck in my head. 😎

    The Cross Country was great fun. I enjoyed it and I tried to not walk. I paced myself so I could build up my speed. Congratulations to Elijah, Hannah and Becky for getting medals. You did a fantastic job.

    My highlights for this term was… everything. I enjoyed blogging, the Literacy Block, Maths, learning about Australia, descriptive writing and heaps more but I can’t remember them all.

    Next term I am looking forward to seeing who gets a blog, the Literacy Block, Bike Ed and finding out who gets there pen license.

    Thank you Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris for being fabulous teachers for term one. I can’t wait to see you in term two.

    Your classmate,

    Skye ♥

    • Dear Skye,

      I agree it’s a fabulous post! My favourite highlight for term one was blogging, maths, drawing and writing.

      What I’m looking foreword to on the holidays is to have a sleepover at my cousins house8)

      What I really look foreword to next term is to see my teaches again and classmates again:)

      From Lilli :mrgreen:

    • Dear Skye,

      thank you for commenting on our blog. I have to agree with you this is a great post that Miss Jordan posted. The song is also stuck in my head I don’t know if I can get it out. πŸ˜€

      The cross country was a great success everyone did a great job even the preps. In our race there were a lot of people to beat so the people that came top three are really good runners. And the people that came in the top ten good luck. I didn’t really want to stop to walk even though I was very tired.

      I have to agree with you again everything that was really fun and I love to do it more next term in term to. My favourite thing to do at school has to be weekend writing and everything to do with writing but I love everything else as well.

      Well next term I’m looking forward to a lot of things but what I’m really looking forward to is coming back to good old school. I carn’t wait any longer for bike .e.d. but I have to wait untill the middle of may but that’s ok. I’m also waiting to see if I get my pen licence in term two.

      love to see you all in term two
      Maddy πŸ˜€

  3. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    yes I did like the cross counrty but first of all what a great post about the cross country i am not sure what im doing but there is one super thing in the holidays you ready i am going to be in a real movie based on football isant it exciting i cant wait πŸ™‚ but a part from that nothing much πŸ™

    What are yous doing on the holidays?

    oh and i am looking forward to bike ed next term πŸ™‚

    bye for now your movie star Heath πŸ™‚

    • Dear Heath,

      I liked cross counrty too.I would also like to congratulate on what a great post this is.Somtimes I don’t like it when movies aren’t that intresting.

      On the holidays im having a sleep over at my nans for four days.I’ve got a horse riding competition to do today.Sorry got to get ready.

      From your blogging buddy,

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I think that this term was absolutely fantastic!

    Thank you Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan for teaching 4KM and 4KJ lot this term but next term we are going to have fun with Bike Ed and more learning!

    I think that Cross Country was superb even though I didn’t win anything but it was nice to see people having fun and enjoying them selves as much as I did.

    I just want to say to everyone who sees my comment, Happy Easter! I hope everyone has fun these holidays and will be fresh for learning next term.

    Happy Easter,

    Maha πŸ˜€

    • Dear Maha,

      I also think the term was fantastic too.
      I am looking forward to bike ed as well.

      I had a great time at cross country even though I did’nt get any thing,but it was worth running for it.

      I also want to say Happy Easter to everone.Eat lots of chocolate (and don’t get fat.)

      From your blogging buddy,


  5. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    By the time I read your post, it was Friday night and you were already on holidays. New South Wales students don’t finish the term until the Thursday after you. Their first school holiday is Good Friday.

    Today the students from my local school visited the sportsground across the road from my house. They walked the course of their upcoming Cross Country run. They will be running next Tuesday, April 3.

    What did you think of the Cross Country?
    You are lucky to have a large school ground. My local school has to use the town’s sportsground to make the distance. It’s quite a pleasant place as they run part way along a creekside track.

    What was your Term One highlight?
    My term highlights include the many blogs I’ve visited and skyping with Mrs. Yollis and her class.

    Do you have any holiday plans?
    Unlike you, my blogging and commenting continues during your holidays as there are usually some classes somewhere in the world still at school.

    What are you looking forward to next term?
    I always look forward to new experiences.

    Have fun during your holidays everyone. My town is currently celebrating its 100th birthday so there are a number of events over the next week including an air display tomorrow morning (Saturday). I’ll be taking the chance to see some of the events.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross,
      thank you for another great and long comment you left on our blog. Well your lucky that you get one extra week of school and we don’t.

      I never knew that you have a Cross Counry at your school but good luck! I have to agree with you it sounds like a good place to just run but also for sitting down and having a peaceful pictic.

      My highlight for term one was try can get on the blog as soon as possibale but also look at our blogging buddys blog and see what is happending but also commenting on the blog and the new or newest post.

      I don’t really have much this hoilday’s so more time to comment on other people’s blog as well as ours. But I do have somthing exciting next Easter hoildays but it might include missing two weeks of school so I carn’t wait for that.

      I am really hoping that I get my penlicents next term but I carn’t tell when I get you might get it. But I’m really looking forward to bike E.D mum dosen’t let Ashleigh (my little sister) ride to school but she did tell me that we might be able to ride to school when I go to my bike e.d lessions.

      That sounds like a lot of fun I hope you enjoy yourself if you go. I think a lot of people will be there and I mean a lot so have a hoilday.

      bye for now
      Maddy πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    this a exerlent post I think Miss Jordan did a great job and put a lot of efort into it.

    I think the cross country was a great event to do in school. Well I think the race was a bit to far for the preps but got through it really well. When I raced there was a lot of people I was compteding against but I came 10th place so I was really happy about that.
    bye for now
    Maddy .mrgreen.

  7. Dear 4Km and 4KJ,

    I loved the croos country it was realy fun.
    1.2K was easy for me. Well my favourite bit of the croos country was comming tenth and spriting down to the finish. πŸ™‚

    My term one highlight was been with my awesome / fun teacher Miss Jordan! and also trying very hard to get my pen licence.
    Speaking of pen licences I also enjoyed hand writing because it is one of my favourite subjects!

    I might be going camping with my Dad up to Castle main where we camp in a tent,ride our motor bikes and go spotlighting and we do much while their! πŸ™‚

    This is Exciting My mums baby will be born some time on our school holidays!

    I would love to say a masive great thankyou to Mr Hair for the croos country it was very fun! It would have been hard work.

    Well done to Elighah,Hannah and Becky for comming first and third thats a great achevement they can rember for a long time!

    Well grat post Miss Jordan
    From you student Clancy! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    PS have a great two weeks Miss jordan and Mrs Morris! πŸ™‚

  8. Dear iesha,

    yes What a great post and yes sometimes some movies are not that intresting but you have to watch some movies at least to the middle and if you still dont like it well thats when you move on to something else well if you think thats not right it means you might have something else that you think of well thats about it bye and I hope to speak soon

    have a good easter

    From Heath

    • Dear Heath,

      Thank you for repling to me.
      Somtimes I wach the wole movie even if I don’t like it!

      How did your movie go?
      My horse ride went really well and I did’nt fall off!

      My horse was a little bit cheeky.
      Sorry got to go.
      Talk soon.

      From your blogging buddy,

      • Dear Iesha,

        I haven’t gone to do it yet, I’m doing it tommorow, thanks for asking.

        Did you feel embarrassed at all or nervous?

        Bye for now,

  9. Dear Clancy,

    Yes it has been fun this term all because of Miss Jordan. Wow your mum is having her baby in the holidays. πŸ™‚

    Yes well done to the people that came first, second and third.

    bye for now Heath

    • Dear Heath,

      Thanks for replining to my comment! πŸ™‚
      Yeh it is exciting that my Mum is having her baby but guess what she had it today LOL!

      My Holidays are going great so far how are your goping?

      The people that came first did do a great job aand well done to:
      Hannah,Becky and Elighah πŸ™‚
      And also a great big thankyou to Mr Hair.

      Happy Holidays Heath
      From your mate Clancy
      πŸ™‚ πŸ™

      • Dear Clancy,

        That is very exciting that your mum had the baby! Just in time for Easter!

        What is your new baby sister named?

        I hope you’re having a terrific holiday so far!

        Your teacher,
        Miss Jordan

  10. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Wow what a wonderfal post. I loved cross
    country even I didn’t win but I tryed
    my best.Good job to everyone on cross

    shakira πŸ˜€

    PS. Have a great easter! πŸ˜€

    • Dear Nichole,

      My name is Liv S. Thanks for the comment.

      We also recently had National Ride2School day. 4KJ won the “golden shoe” for 2012, 90% of our class walked or rode to school. Does your school have the “golden shoe”?

      On Friday we just finished term one. We all had a fabulous term and learnt many new things.(that includes blogging.) but I would especially like to thnk Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris for a fantastic term. Is your class already on holiday? Does your school do Cross Country?

      From Liv S πŸ™‚

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    This is a great post! I really enjoyed running the cross country. At first I thought the corse was the same as shown but the opposite way and when Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan told the class it was the other way I got a little bit nervous, because I had never run the corse before but I was fine.

    My favorite thing about the term was participating in the sporting days and Reading Day was lots of fun. It was also fun having a great teacher, Miss Jordan!

    On the holidays I am going to Deniliquin in New South Wales. My family stays at a caravan park in our caravan. It is along the Murray River.

    I hope everyone gets lot of chocolate and has a great time on Easter Sunday!

    From your blogging buddie,

    • @ Sophie,

      I also loved doing the country it was great fun. I also got a bit nervous when they told us but it turned out well.

      I also think reading day was great fun but I liked reading groups that was so fun!

      Well have a great time Deniliquin well I know you will! πŸ˜†

      Happy hoildays,
      Jess πŸ˜›

      • Dear Jess,

        Thank you for replying to my comment.
        You are a really good blogger! In the cross country I came 9th. What did you come?

        I think reading groups was fun aswell.
        Are you going any where on the holidays?

        From your friend,

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    hi, it’s Bronte here. I was’nt at school for the last two days, so i’d like too catch up on what’s been happening!

    I can’t wait till Easter. last year, my Birthday was on Easter day, so I got double the presents, which was fantastic! That was the day I got my cat Chester too.

    Your blogging buddy,

    • Hi Bronte,

      Well we had cross country as you know we had a great last day I wish you were there! πŸ™

      Did you actually have your birthday on Easter Day last year that must of been awesome double the pressies COOL! 😎

      Last year how mush stuff did you get?

      Well see you next term,
      happy hoildays
      Jess πŸ˜›

  13. Well done to all of the kids who participated in the LPS Cross Country, you did an awesome job! I love the slide show, it looks like you had a wonderful time! Jess’ mum – Carole πŸ˜€

    • Dear Carole,

      Thanks for your wonderful comment!
      I had a great time in cross country.
      I like the slide show too.

      From your blogging buddy,


  14. Hi guys,

    Wonderful post it is fabulous!

    In the photo peach it looked like I was running funny. πŸ˜†

    Well great job to everybody who had a go! I also had a great time I think it was really fun!

    Well I hope everyone had a great time.

    See you next term,
    Jess πŸ˜€

    P.S Happy hoildays! πŸ˜›

    • Dear Jess,

      This is your friend Iesha!
      I also think the post is wonderful too.
      Oh,Happy Easter and Happy Holidays too!

      What are you doing in the Holidays?
      I hope we can talk soon.

      From your blogging buddy,


  15. Hello 4km & 4kj,
    Sorry for the mispelt comments.
    Anyway, I came 8th in cross country!
    We had to do 2 laps!
    I hope everyone has a safe & happy holiday!
    And remember, eat LOTS of chocolate over Easter!

    Your friend Clare! πŸ™‚

    • Dear Clare,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog.

      Thats relly good that you came 8th in the cross country! I didn’t race because I have just finished having cancer not long ago. So hopefully I will run next year.

      Anyway what are your plans for the holidays?

      From Lilli :mrgreen:

      • Dear Lilli,
        I don’t have much plans for the holidays, we might be going to Daylesford for a day!
        What do you have planned for over the holidays?
        Your friend Clare πŸ™‚

        • Dear Clare,

          Sorry I didn’t get back stright away πŸ™

          Well last night I sleped at my cousins house with my other cousins and anty’s.

          And I relly want to see the Lorax with my cousins!

          From your new friend
          Lilli :mrgreen:

          • Dear Lilli
            i have seen the Lorax it is really good, hope you think so too, bye for now your friend Clare! πŸ™‚

    • Dear clare,

      its ok that you might of made a few mistakes, I do it all the time and yes a lot of people will be eating chocolate

      its good that you came 8th. You had a try, it would be hard to do two laps for a lot of people

      bye for now Heath

  16. Dear 4KM and 4KJ.
    What a great post, I liked the slide show it was awesome.

    The Cross Country was a successful event.
    I loved The race, it was great fun. I came fist but it would’en of mattered to me if i came last.

    Term one was a fantastic start to the year with two kind teachers Miss Jorden and Mrs Morris. I leant lots more about maths reading and literacy. But a new thing I have leant is how to blog!

    In the holidays my nanny and poppy are coming down to my house. They are staying for Easter.

    Next term i’m looking forword to Bike ed and more blogging!

    Happy Easter
    Hannah! πŸ˜‰

    • Dear Hannah,

      I agree, what a great post! The slide show Mrs.Morris made was showing the highlights of the Cross Country.

      The Cross Country was a successful event. I came last but it doesn’t really matter because it was so thrilling to see everyone’s including your face happy to have come 1st,2nd, 3rd made it into districts or just tried their best!

      Term one was a fantastic term with the most lovliest teachers Mr.Morris and Miss Jordan. I learnt lots of new things too but the thing I loved to learn most is blogging!

      On the holidays I am kicking back, having trips to the swimming pool, riding my bike and lots of relaxing!

      Next term I am looking forward to Bike Ed too!

      Happy holidays,

      Maha πŸ˜€

  17. Hello 4KM and 4KJ

    I am new to blogging and I am really impressed with your first term of blogging.

    I teach a grade 3/4 class at Kingsville Primary School. I am going to spend a little bit of my holidays setting up a classroom blog for my students. I would like to share your blog with my grade so they can see how great it can be to have a class blog. I think we are going to learn lots about blogging from you.

    This is the link to the blog that I have started to set up. I don’t want to do too much because I want everyone to have a chance to have some input.

    Thanks for sharing your learning and have a great holiday.


    • Dear Deb,

      Thanks for the comment.

      We are a grade four class, with 52 students in both grades.You can look at that on the about page.

      For the Easter holidays we are going camping at Morong camping grounds.We are going to stay there over Easter.I hope to get a lot of sweets and chocolate for Easter.

      It is a lot of fun having a class blog.
      I just looked at your blog it is a great blog.

      have a great holiday
      from thomas

      • Hi Thomas

        Thanks for taking a look and giving me some feedback about our blog. It is still early stages. Hopefully it will be looking a lot better after another term.

        Have a great time camping. I hope the weather is kind to you.


    • Dear angie,

      thank you for your comment yes most the kids did do good and thank you for saying that

      bye for now Heath

  18. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    today I was the day that I was in the movie blinder witch is comeing out next year I think
    it was really fun in the middle of the day on the football ovle some one very special came you ready for the anwser hear gos πŸ™‚

    it was simon from nitro circurs + liom πŸ™‚
    we all got a singniture from both of them on a nitro circurs poster

    And if you have any quistuns to ask me go ahead and ask me i bet you will get the answer

    got to go and have Dinner

    bye for now Heath

  19. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    What a great post. Happy Easter to Mrs Morris, Miss Jordan and class. Easter is coming up and we have to be good.

    Yes it was a big day for me and our class. Because it was the Cross Country!
    In the Cross Country I came 14th and it was a pleasure to train with Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan.

    It was also a pleasure to work with Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris as a class and Skype with some of our blogging buddies.

    Here are some questions:

    What do you normally get for Easter? (chocolate)

    What do you like most about Cross Country?

    What was your favorite part about Cross Country this year?

    Your Pal,
    Libstar πŸ™„

  20. @ Heath,
    Make sure next time you leave a comment on the topic of the post. But your comment did sound fun.

    Your pal,
    Libstar ☀

    • Dear libstar

      thank you for replying to me i will make sure that the next comment is about this post thanks for the heads up
      yes it was very fun you would of liked to be there the best part was when the nitroe circes people came it was fun better not talk about it any more

      Bye for now From Heath

  21. Dear 4KM & 4KJ,

    Hello everyone, hows your holidays been so far?

    Sometime in the holidays I really want to see the Lorax!

    From Lilli

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