Reading Day!

Today 4KM and 4KJ had a special Reading Day to celebrate the joy reading.

Mystery Skype Call

We began our day with a special Skype call. The Skype name of the person we called was

We had to ask this mystery person some questions to figure out who they were. They didn’t have their video turned on at first. We thought it might have been the Easter Bunny, an American president or the Statue of Liberty.

It turned out to be our teacher friend, Mr Avery, from Massachussets, USA. He heard that we were having a reading day and wanted to read one of his favourite stories to us.

It was fun to hear this story about a popular American sport and we enjoyed taking the opportunity to ask Mr Avery some questions too.

He is a big fan of The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Mr Avery also enjoys many of the movies that are popular with 4KM and 4KJ students. We even got to meet Mr Avery’s dog, Oscar.

Favourite Book Show and Tell

Everyone brought their favourite book to school and had one minute to tell the class about it. It was fun to hear some new book suggestions from our friends!

Some popular authors in 4KM and 4KJ are Enid Blyton and R.L. Stine. Some popular series are the Percy Jackson books and The Diary of a Wimpy kid.

Reading Activities Rotation

Our next activity for the day was a reading rotation. We worked in six groups and rotated around six different activities over two hours.

The activities were:

  • Reading big books
  • Reading instructions on an origami iPad app
  • Listening to a story on the iPods
  • Reading stories on the website, Ziptales
  • Making words on a game on the interactive whiteboard
  • Seeing how many words we could make out of the letters in “happy holidays”. Congratulations to our winners Trent, Loren, Thomas and Paige.
Here are some photos from the rotation. Thanks to photographer, Trent, for 4KM’s photos.

There’s Nothing Like a Good Fit Book

The Australian tourism commercial, “There’s Nothing Like Australia”, has been very popular in 4KM and 4KJ this term. Mrs Morris hasn’t been able to get this tune out of her head and thought of the song “There’s Nothing Like a Good Fit Book!”

In 4KM and 4KJ, we love reading good fit books. These are books that we are interested in, can comprehend and include words that are just right for us.

Here we are singing “There’s Nothing Like a Good Fit Book”. We hope you enjoy our performance!

What a Great Day

We finished the day by visiting the library to get some new books for the holidays, reading some blog posts and using some reading websites. Reading Day in 4KM and 4KJ was a big success!

What is your favourite book, author or series?

What did you think of our Reading Day?

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52 thoughts on “Reading Day!

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a sensational post. I enjoyed the pictures and the videos. I thought it was really cool.

    Reading day was very fun because I love reading. You only like reading if you like the book you are reading.

    I like a lot of series. Some of them are Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dear Dumb Diary and Go Girl. I am starting to read Harry Potter again. I was reading it in grade two but I thought it was too hard so I stopped reading it. I am in grade four now so I am starting to read it again. I am up to the 5th book.

    From your classmate,


    • @ Skye,
      What a lovely comment. Your such a great blogger. Here are some things we have in common (books.)
      ♥ I ♥ the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series I have read all the books.
      ♥ I also like Go Girl.
      ♥ And a bit of Dear Dumb Diary.

      Happy Blogging,
      Libstar 🙄

      • Dear Libby,
        What a great reply to Sky.
        Here is a thing we have in commen I am a fan of Diary of A Wimpy kid series. I read it every night.

        Happy Easter
        Hannah 😉

  2. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What I thought about reading day was
    the reading groups.My favourite active
    was the Ipad and the netbooks the book

    I brag was Funky Things to Draw
    it is by Paul Konye and Kate Ashbouth


    shakira 😀

    • Dear Shakira,

      My favorite activities were the iPad, netbooks and the IWB activity.

      The book I brought in was First Year of St Clares by Enid Blyton.

      Your book sounds very interesting. What kind of things can you draw in the book?

      From your blogging buddy,

      Maha 😀

  3. Hi 4KM and 4KJ

    I wish I could have been with you for your Reading Day – what a perfect day! It would have been wonderful listening to Mr Avery read you a story on Skype. (Mrs Hembree and I are planning to do this!)

    I would have found it very hard to choose a favourite book to bring along. As a teacher-librarian I love far too many books for me to choose a favourite!

    I LOVE your song about “best fit” books. I have been talking about this in our library too this term. We are getting into the habit of taking our books for a “test drive” before we borrow them to make sure we have a book we like and can read.

    I hope you have all chosen a great book that fits you to read over the holidays. I have a PILE of new books I’ve bought for our library sitting on my bedside table ready for me to read.

    Happy reading…

    Miss Y 🙂

    • Dear Miss Y,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog.

      I wish you could come to Reading Day too but unfortunately you didn’t. Yes, it was rather fun to get a Mystery call from Mr Avery and we were very lucky to get him to read to us.

      It was very hard for me to choose a book too because I am such a bookworm that I love to read I couldn’t chose but I did.

      I also love this song too. I didn’t even know that Mrs Morris had even made that song till our Skype call but before she did say that she has a suprise for us.

      Yes, everyone I hope has a good fit book.

      You are very lucky to have lots of good fit books to read over the holidays.

      From your blogging buddy,

      Maha 😀

  4. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    How much fun that must have been to Skype with Mr. Avery! We did a Mystery Skype session with him in the fall and really enjoyed ourselves.
    Of course, as a librarian, I loved the theme of this post! Any post about reading is a post for me!
    Finding just right books is really important so you don’t get frustrated. On the other hand, sometimes I go back and reread books that are really familiar too. It’s like visiting a dear friend.
    Mr. Avery and I both really enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy and compared notes after we watched the movie. We gave it a thumbs up!
    Two books I would recommend for your class are The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate and Wonder by RJ Palacio.
    Do you have any book recommendations for us?
    Keep reading!
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs. Hembree,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on our new wonduful post.

      I have to agree with you it was fun skyping with Mr. Avery!:mrgreen:

      Anyway some of the popular books at our school are Diary of a wimpy kid,
      the baby sittres club and well manly just novels.

      Waht books do you like to read?

      Sorry but I have to go now
      From Lilli 8)

  5. Dear mrs Hembree,

    What a wondeful comment. We also enjoyed a mystery skype. I also like to read, right now I am reading the Geronimo Stilton series. Do you know about the Geronimo Stilton books?

    I have been having a lot of fun blogging.

    from your new blogging buddy

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    We think your reading day sounded awesome, exciting, cool and interesting. Simon thinks it sounded like you read lots of books!

    We liked your video because, as New Zealanders, we thought it was very “Australian”. We appreciated the fine job in both singing and making the video.

    Aidan thinks your Reading Aloud blog post was great because of the information and detail you included.

    Our favourite books to read are: the Percy Jackson series, Hardy Boys comic books, The BFG, dinosaur books (including the Jurassic series) and Miss McLeod is a HUGE Harry Potter fan – as is Connor.

    Will you have another Reading Day this year? And, if so, what do you think you will do?
    We’re also really interested to know what you’re reading as your class shared novel at the moment.

    Your friends

    The Dahls reading group
    Room 24, Taradale Intermediate

    • Dear Miss McLeod,

      Thanks alot for your excelent comment.
      yes it was a very fun activity.

      Yes it was an excelent video and the singers did a great job! 😎

      I will tell you about myself:
      I love reading
      I like eating chocolate
      I am a fan of the collingwood football club and I also enjoy blogging with all you wondurful bloggers.

      Wow what a coincidence my favourite books are also the Percy Jackson.

      Sorry no we will not have another reading day this year but we will have another one next year.

      What other books do you like.

      By for now,
      your blogging buddy Trent :mrgreen:

      P.S hope we can chat soon!

  7. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love this post! Your song, “There’s Nothing Like a Good Fit Book”, was a great addition. It made me smile because of its great message. 🙂

    Reading and writing are both things I really enjoy, although I don’t always have time to do as much as I might like. We all have the same number of hours in a day but there is so much to pack in when you are interested in so many different things.

    Your Skyping with Mr Avery must have been a wonderful experience. Isn’t it great how someone so far can take part in our classes?

    Now to your questions…

    What is your favourite book, author or series?

    My favourite book, author or series would be hard to choose because they depend on why I want them…
    For younger children, I liked a series of books called Serendipity by Stephen Cosgrove. They have beautiful pictures and wonderful stories. Some favourite in the series are…

    “Flutterby” (a flying horse)
    “Leo the Lop” (a beautiful bunny)
    “Jake O’Shawnasey” (a green feathered, orange beaked bird)

    Jake was a particular favourite. When I first bought the books, I was working weekends as a playgroup leader in the children’s ward of a hospital. Knowing I enjoyed drawing, they asked me if I would paint 2m x 1.2m murals for the ward. One had Jake as the main feature. He is a wonderful bird character.

    When I finished full time teaching, I gave many books away to my school and charities. I kept many as well. I made certain I kept the Serendipity series.

    What did you think of our Reading Day?

    Your Reading Day looks like it was a brilliant event because you were able to share experiences. Sharing the fun of favourite books or simply reading with friends makes reading so much more fun.

    Reading day is every day for me. I always like to tread at least for a short time before turning off the lights each night. As you know, I also enjoy reading blogs.

    It’s hard to believe the first term of school is almost over here in Australia. Your class has been able to pack in so much learning. Imagine the amazing experiences waiting to fill the next term. I can’t wait to see what posts might come my way.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross Mannell,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog again!

      I also love this post too! The song we sang was a great suprise because 4KM and 4KJ didn’t even know that Mrs Morris made this song! I was very suprised.

      Reading and writing are things I love most but I don’t have much time either. So Reading Day was a very fun and learning day.

      Yes, our Skype call with Mr Avery was very mysterious but it was fantastic when he read to us.

      It is very hard to choose one book because I am a book worm it took me a very long time but I chose a book and it is First Year at St Clares by Enid Blyton. My favorite book would probalby be Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban and I am a FAN of Harry Potter and the series.

      Serendipity sounds like a very nice book and the characters sounds nice too. It must have been wonderful painting a mural with Jake in it too.

      It is very nice of you to give away something that you enjoy and that someone else will enjoy it as much as you did and also keeping some books too.

      I agree, our Reading was fantastic to do more of reading as for the activities too.

      Reading Day is also every day for me too! I love to snuggle in a warm bed and read a good fit book I love before nodding off.

      It is hard to believe that our term is over too! I have learned more and more this term as well as learning to blog.

      I can’t wait for more posts as well.

      From your bloging buddy,

      Maha 😀

      • Hello Maha,

        If you can read the Harry Potter books, I know you’re a good reader. These books are too difficult for most people your age.

        I’ve just put a sticky note with your name on my computer to remind me of your interest. When I was in the United Kingdom in 2010, I saw some of the places used in the film.

        Did you know J. K. Rowling’s children attended a school in Edinburgh, Scotland? Some say she used that school for ideas when she created Hogwarts in her stories. It’s made of dark stone and has spires. On a dark night, wandering the streets of Edinburgh can almost make you believe Harry and others are walking the streets. It’s an amazing city.

        Teacher, NSW, Australia

        • Dear Ross Manell,

          Thank you for replying to me!

          It is very nice of you to put a post together about my favorite series for me! Thank you so much I really appreciate it a lot!

          I am going to visit the post and reply to it right away.

          Thank you heaps,

          Maha 😀

  8. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Thank you so much for letting me Skype with you. I had so much fun! It’s always interesting getting to talk to somebody who is on a completely different day.

    I’m wondering how many of you figured out that it was me who was skyping in. I guess you probably already also figured out that I was also the Lincoln Memorial and the Eiffel Tower as well! I wonder how many of you had figured out who the mystery monuments were.

    I hope you enjoyed the story. I didn’t realize so many of you wouldn’t know much about baseball. It’s a really popular sport here in America. I love the story because of the great pictures and the wonderful message it shares. I also always wanted to catch a foul ball!

    Hopefully I’ll get to skype with you again soon sometime. I wish our time worked out so that you could skype with my class! I’m sure we’ll find some way to all work together this year though!

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mr. Avery

    • Dear Mr Avery,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment on our class blog. I’m really glad our class got to Skype you because I was really looking forward to meeting you and you are probably on the top of the list of people to Skype for me. (If I even had a list 🙂 )

      When we first got called by this someone or something with the Skype name ‘Wouldn’t you like to know’, I was a little confused. Lots of people thought it was the actual Mystery Monument. You were the Mystery Monument, but we didn’t know that!

      Your story was amazing! Very good pictures, great message and you read it so perfectly even though it might of been hard to do on Skype. I would of loved to cath a foul ball too. When i went to the football earlier this year, the playing team were practicing kicking goals before they played. I was at the rails and I was chatting to my friend and the ball came flying down so when I saw it I tried to mark (catch) it but instead it whacked my arm really hard, and it hurt! My friend and I were laughing really hard afterward.

      Yes, I would love to Skype you again. It would be fun an a great experience.

      Happy Easter,
      Millie 4KJ

      P.S I enjoyed having a little conversation about Harry Potter since we’re very big fans!

    • @ Gabrielle,
      What a great comment and thanks for commenting on our blog. Here is a question for you , where are you from?

      Your new pal,
      Libstar ♥

  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ
    I really like your class blog. It’s very interesting. The part that I enjoyed the most was reading day because its a great idea. We want to try it in our classroom to.
    from Gabrielle in Darwin.

    • @Gabrielle,
      thanks for comment.I would have to agree with you Reading Day is a good idea! :mrgreen:

      From Olivia

      PS.Darwin must be a nise place to live.

  10. Hi
    I’m Matthew,Wow your blog is really nice and good the background is good. I have a blog that you could check out. I haven’t done much work on it but I am from Brisbane but I go to a school called Rosebery School in Darwin. It is really good at our school but there are lots of bullies you just have to stand up for your self if they push you around and even swear. They back chat the teachers and they are really mean. I don’t hang around them but there are birds that swoop you. It’s not fun to get swooped by birds my brother is in grade 5.
    from Matthew

    • Dear Matthew,

      My name is Indiana, but everyone calls me Indi. I’m glad you like our blog a lot of people comment on it.I haven’t got my own blog yet, but i’m hoping to.

      I go to Leopold Primary School in Victoria. I’v been to Darwin before with my family. It’s really warm where you live.

      I’m guessing that you’v seen our latest post on Reading Day. Everyone had to bring there favorite book to School and talk about it. My favorite book that I bought to School was a Goosebumps book called “The Scarcrow Walks at Midnight.

      Well looks like I’v got to go now.

      From your new friend,
      Indiana 😆

  11. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    WOW your blog is Awesome!!! I Love the True Story of the Three Little Pigs,It’s very Interesting.I also love The Fit Book and the Skype thing with the cute dog<3 it's really cool.:):):) You should come check out that's my classes' website.I love all the pictures and videos I think your class did a great job.P.s your backround is awesome,same with your blog.P.s Love your website.By Blaise

    • @ Blaise,

      My name is Liv S. Thankyou for the comment. We love to hear from new people.

      I do agree that “The good fit book” song is brilliant. Do you know what tune is sang to? Skyping is really fun as we have done with some classes around the world. I learnt many things over Skype and hope to learn more. Have you ever Skyped?

      Reading day was fabulous fun. We do independent reading every day. We like to choose good fit books.

      Has your class ever had a reading day? If not, I do reccomend it!
      Has your class had a maths day?

      Liv S 🙂

      • Dear Liv 🙂 S

        No I do not know what song it sang to, Yes I have skyped before,YES I would love to have a reading day But no we have not had a maths day.P.S does your class do art? If you do you should put it up on the blog!
        By Blaise (P.s im a girl.)

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I loved Reading Day it was so FUN
    I must say to Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris thans for the Fantasticly Fun day!

    It was such a good mistery Mr avery made it was just about to be a crime seen, those statues that it was so hard to see what was going on there!

    My favourite books are Where Wally and the series big Nate. The author of Big Nate is Jeff Kinney the author of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. Diary of aWimpy Kid is also another of my favourite book series! 🙂 🙂

    By for now guys

    • @ Clancy,

      What a great comment! I also loved reading day it was great I also want to say thankyou to them because it was so fun.

      All of your favourite books I dont know about because I have never read them but they sound very good. 😆

      Happy reading,
      Jess 😀

  13. Hi guys,

    Where can I start it is such a fabulous post I dont know what to say.

    I really loved reading day so much I really want to do it again! 😀

    My favourite activty was probley the IWB. It was so fun making the words but we only got 15 I think? I also loved the I pods and the big books. Actually now I love every activity we did.

    Reading day was great fun! 😉

    Happy reading,
    Jess 😆

    P.S I also loved the skype call and the song! 😎

    • dear jess, 8)

      i also loved the reading day i wish we can do it again favroit activedy was the netbooks.

      i also think reading day was so FUN.

      your frind,
      Hayden. 8)

  14. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    this is a wonderful post, I really enjoyed the piches.

    My favourite thing about reading day was the oragamie that we did I made a swan, so that was defintly my favourite activity. I also liked the one were you have to find as many words as you can out of Happy holidays.

    I loved reading day, it was one of my favourite things to dothis year.
    My favourite Athor is Jeff kinny and my favourite series is the Diary of a wimpy kid books and I also like the captin underpants books. I brang in captin underpants and the warth of the evil wedgy women, well thts a long title.

    hope everyone has fun on Easter day and get a lot of chocolate.
    I am going camping for Easter holidays.
    are you going anywere on the holidays

    from your blogging buddie

    • Dear Thomas,

      You are a really good blogger.
      My favourite thing about reading day was the origami aswell. I made a piano and a fox.

      The book that I brang was called, Just a Dog. It is about a boy telling stories about when he first got his puppy, Mr Mosley.

      Yes, I am going camping on the holidays. I am going to Deniliquin in New South Wales. It is along the Murry River.

      I hope you get lots of chocolate for Easter!

      From your blogging buddie,

  15. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    WOW, I really loved reading day. (I hope we can do maths day!)

    Skyping Mr Avery was really cool. At first I thought it was the mystery monument. (I do know that a statue can’t talk.) I thought it was a teacher faking. I want to skype again soon. My favourite rotation was the iPad because I love origami. I also liked listening to the story on the iPod.

    I think Kealee, Patrick, Iesha and Lochlan did a wonderful job on the song. I can’t get it out of my head!

    From Liv S 🙂

  16. dear liv s, 8)

    i think reading day was rely fun. my favriot activity was the laptops because it was rely cool doing zip tales.

    I think skyping to Mr. avry was cool and I rely enjoyed reading the book.
    Bye for now,
    Hayden 8)

  17. dear 4km and 4kj,

    were not going camping any more because i dont fell well and were on the way to the docters.

    from your sik friend,

    ps. dont forget to tell me about what we did today. 8)

    • Dear Hayden,

      Thanks for your great comments.

      It’s no good to hear that you are sick today. What a shame you will miss the Cross Country.

      Don’t forget that it is very important to use capital letters for starts of sentences, names, places etc. I’m sure you’ll remember that next time you comment! 😆

      Best wishes,
      Mrs M☀rris

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  19. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    Wow I have no-one to reaply to.:(
    I hope everyone has a happy easter and a great holiday.

    From your blogging buddy,

  20. WOW 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a fantastic song and great way to describe good fit books. We have been focusing on good fit books this term as well, so I can’t wait to show our grade when term 2 starts up. They will love this song.

    Great performance by all!

    I will have to go and find the original version about Australia. Do you think I will learn something new from listening to it?

    From your nearest blogging friends,
    Mrs Murphy @ PLPS

  21. Hi 4KM & 4KJ
    I really enjoyed your post on your reading day – we celebrated World Book Day at the start of March, and similarly devoted an entire day to reading activities, as well as dressing up as book characters for the occasion!
    You obviously have a wide variety of books that you enjoy reading as a class. Popular in our class at the moment are The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the Beast Quest books, Jacqueline Wilson, Harry Potter books, Horrid Henry & Grim Gruesome (stories about Vikings).
    I hope you are all enjoying a good read over the holidays – I have started off my holiday with The Hunger Games which I have been wanting to read for quite a while, but it’s almost impossible to put it down and get on with anything else!
    Happy holidays
    Mrs M & A Room with a View

  22. Dear 4km and kjm
    I like your website it is relly good how long did it take you to do it? you should look at ours.
    from Katie

  23. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I like blog your blog sooooooo much! and the background to. I came in Darwin and my school is called Rosebery primary school and I was born in the Philippines


  24. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Hi, I’m a fourth grade student in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    I think if our class had a mystery skype it would be fun because we would do what you did, and it seemed really fun!

    What did you like about the mystery skype?
    Was it guessing who the person was?


  25. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    My name is Marley and I live in New Orleans, Louisiana.
    I really like your blog. It looks like it takes a lot of work. I’ve watched a lot of your videos too. You put some great stuff on your website, and I love how much work you put into your posts.
    Of all the stuff you do, what is your favorite thing to do in school? What’s your favorite subject? What is the best video you’ve ever made?


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