Guest Post: Skyping With Mrs. Yollis’ Class

Today we skyped with Mrs Yollis and her class. Here is a…

by Millie and Kealee.

Today at 9:00am (in Leopold) we started skyping Mrs Yollis and her class (it was 2pm for them).

We interviewed some of Mrs Yollis’ students and then they interviewed some of us.

We asked Mrs Yollis’ students some interesting questions. Some of the questions and answers were:

Question: What do you do on the weekends? Answer: Play soccer and baseball.

Question: What is your favourite subject at school? Answer: Art.

Question: What sports do you like to play? Answer: Gymnastics, soccer and blogging.

Question: What is your favourite food? Answer: Pizza and Pasta.

Question: What are your hobbies? Answer: Gymnastics, instruments and sports.

Here is a PhotoPeach we made with the photos taken by Olivia S and Trent:

 Have you ever skyped someone before?

If you haven’t, do you think it’s looks like fun?

What question would you like to ask Mrs Yollis and her students?

If you had to do write a guest blog post, what would you post about?

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36 thoughts on “Guest Post: Skyping With Mrs. Yollis’ Class

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    First of all I would like to say a big well done to Kealee and Millie. You did such a great job on your guest post.

    I thought it was really fun skyping with Mrs Yollis again, as we will not be able to skype with her class until term 4. 🙁

    If I had to write a guest post I would probably write a post about how cool blogging is. I like blogging because it helps with litercay skills and you can collaborate with other classes from around the world. What is your favourite thing about blogging?

    From your blogging buddy,
    Liv 😉

    • Dear Liv,

      Thanks for the comment. You were so fast at getting on the blog and leaving a comment. Excellent job.

      I thought it was fun too skyping with Mrs. Yollis. It’s a shame we can’t skype ’till term 4.

      What a great idea for a guest post! You explained it very well. And, it does help your literacy skills. My favourite thing about blogging is probably getting to know others from around the world and having such popular teachers, the clustr map is enjoyable to look at too. What would your answer to some of the questions on the post be?

      Your friend,
      Millie ♥

    • Dear Liv,
      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. Kealee and Millie did a great job at putting a new post on our blog. It is sad that we carn’t skpe with them until term for because of day light savings but I’m looking forward when we can skpe again. My favourite thing about blogging is replying to someone and putting a comment on our blog.
      from your blogging buddy

  2. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    It was very exiting skyping Mrs Yollis’ class.
    Some of the questions that were asked were very

    It was funny because the people in Mrs Yollis’ class had only one question to ask, but when we were skyping they wrote down some more questions.

    Some of them wrote down lots more questions and they only needed 2 or 3 more.

    From your blogging buddie,

    • Dear Soph,

      Great comment. Like I said too Liv, It was great that you got on the blog so early and left a comment. Amazing job.

      I really enjoyed skyping with Mrs. Yollis too. It’s a shame we won’t be talking to her untill term 4. (Ofcourse we can still comment on her blog though)

      It was funny when they only wrote one question down. Luckily they got some time to think and write a few more.

      Your friend,
      Millie 🙂

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a terrific time we had Skyping with all of you! It is always fun to hear about the different interests and hobbies.

    Sophie, you are correct! We had to quickly adapt to the situation. I thought that you would ask one question and then lots of follow-up questions on that topic. Instead, it was a range of questions that was needed. I quickly realized my mistake and had the kids add more questions. They are very interested in all of you, so it was easy to think of questions. 🙂 I think they could have asked questions all day!

    Sometimes in life you plan, and what you planned…didn’t work. Having the ability to change quickly is a good skill. Has anyone ever had to adapt to a situation?

    It was lovely to meet everyone again. We’ll continue to get to know each other through blogging!

    Millie and Kealee, terrific guest post! My students will have ours up tomorrow. Remember, our day ended when we said goodbye!

    Happy blogging!
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    • Dear Mrs.Yollis,

      I loved Skyping as much as you did! I think it was fun learning more about your hobbies & interests too!

      Anyway, that was a great quality comment! I also think that Sophie is right about how quikly you have to adapt the question they ask you and you have to act quikly and answer it.

      It was very funny that your students only did one question and 4KM & 4KJ had prepared lots of questions for your interviewees. It was lucky that Miss Jordan & Mrs.Morris explained it to you otherwise we would’ve had a small skype.

      I only had one situation to adapt is when it was 12:00 and I had just seen the fireworks in Sydney and then suddenly the trains stopped coming so I had to walk 7 miles to get to another train station. It was awfully scary walking in the dark!

      I was very pleased to hear that we were skyping with you again!

      I would like to know more about your students through skype this year. I was shocked that we couldn’t skype with you till Term 4!

      I agree with you, the guest post Kealee & Millie made up was fantastic! I still remember thatby Friday you will have the post up! 😀

      From your blogging buddy,

      Maha 😀

      • @ Maha,
        Thanks for a wonderful comment back to me! 🙂

        Yes, once I heard the questions from Max and Paige, I realized that my students had better adapt…and quickly!

        Luckily, we talk a lot about how to adapt. In class, we discuss solutions to problems…so all that talk paid off. I was very proud that my students got it together so quickly!

        Great example of adapting to a new situation when you were in Sydney! It must have been scary walking that distance in the dark. Figuring out a solution to a problem is a strong life skill! Good for you, Maha!

        Always nice to chat with you!

        Your pal,
        Mrs. Y♥llis

        • Dear Mrs.Yollis,

          Thank you for replying to me. I agree with you,the questions Paige and Max asked your students were rather hard to adapt to but your students did such good jobs interviewing and being interviewees.

          Yes it was rather scary but I am talking about my whole family when I say it was scary!

          Yes I was rather scared when I found out we were walking in the dark. But mum always says ” You
          always have to be scared of something”.

          I always like it when you comment on the blog and to get a conversation going.

          From your blogging buddy,

          Maha (4KM)

    • Dear Mrs Yollis,

      Thanks for writing a quality comment on our blog. Skyping with your class today was so fun! I hope we can do it again! It’s a bit hard though with the time difference.

      Yes, it was funny when your class only had one question per student. Your idea was good too. It would have been interesting to find out different things from the same topic.

      I have never had to adapt to a situation before but it would be funny if I did have to. Have you ever had to adapt to a situation before other than the skype session?

      I agree! 🙂 Millie and Kealee did a great job at doing the guest post.

      What is your favourite thing to do in blogging?

      Your blogging buddy,

      Skye ♥

      • @ Skye ♥,

        Thanks for commenting back to me! 🙂

        I was very proud of my students for quickly changing the plan that we had. Being adaptable is a good skill to have!

        Yes, I have adapted many times in my life. One time was a Skype call with Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan. We were Skyping and there was no sound from us. Guess how we adapted? We typed the conversation in the chat box!

        You asked what I like about blogging. I enjoy seeing what other students are learning. Reading their posts help us learn. I also enjoy making new friends like all of you!

        Maybe in the fourth quarter, we can have a call where we try to keep the conversation going with follow-up questions on the same topic. We’ll see!

        Your pal,
        Mrs. Y♥llis

        • Dear Mrs Yollis,

          Thanks for replying to me.

          I agree, your students are great. They now know how to adapt. You are a role model for your class and for all your blogging buddys.

          It’s good that there was a conversation box. Technology is great. Don’t you think?

          Can’t wait to skype again soon,

          Your pal,


  4. Dear 4KJ & 4KM,

    Well done on your skyping session with Mrs Yollis and her class! I really enjoyed reading the post. You asked some interesting and appropriate questions to her class.

    It is amazing to see the contrasting interests of the Children in the United States as compared to children in Australia. What a fantastic way to learn about students your own age that reside on the other side of the world!!

    Your class is extremely lucky to have this technology!

    I look forward to reading about your future skyping sessions and any of your exciting classroom endeavours!

    Keep up the great work!

    From Nicole (Millie’s Mum)

    • Dear Nicole,

      Thank you for your coment, I also thought the questions were interesting and appropriate too.

      I thought Mrs.Yollis’s class had different interests then us but they don’t! For instance some kids in our class play soccer and cricket ( baseball), most people like to play Bamboo too!

      I thought it was very nice too blog with them today.

      Please comment again,

      Maha ( 4KM )

    • Dear Nicole,

      Thanks for your great comment.

      Yes it is really fun to Skype with other people from the other side of the wold. I enjoyed being one of the people who answered questions from other people in Mrs Yollis’s class.It was fun to answer some questions,but we only had 1:00 to answer the questions and that was the down part of that.

      I also look forward to seeing the other great new posts on the blog.

      your blogging buddy,

  5. Dear 4KM and 4kJ,
    Wow I like your blog post
    shakira tells me all about your blog
    I really like the fire works on the heading
    I got to go bye for now


    jiaan 😀

    • Dear Jiaan,
      hi, Im a friend of Shakiras.
      Im glad to hear you like the new post,I think the headings cool too.

      Does your class have a blog?
      Do you like blogging?

      bye for now,

  6. Dear Jiaan,

    Thanks for the comment. It was really good. I’m glad Shikira tells all about the blog so you left a comment.

    Yes, the fireworks are pretty cool.

    Shakira’s friend,

  7. Dear miss jordan and mrs Morris,

    Remember me!

    I am Georgia from last year in grade 2 I really miss you two!

    I learnt a lot last year I hope this year I learn heaps too!

    Kayla has gone to a river but I forgot what it was called!

    love from your student from last year ,

    • Dear Georgia,

      Thanks for commenting on our new blog! I hope you’re enjoying grade three. Miss Jordan and I miss all our old students but we’re enjoying teaching grade four too.

      Enjoy the long weekend,
      Mrs Morris

      • Dear mrs morris,

        Thank for replying yes I will have a good weekend.

        It is Adrians birthday today and we are having BCC pizza yum!

        I made Adrian a present I didn’t but it at all.

        Georgia. *

  8. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I enjoyed the new format! It’s fun to read guest student posts! I thought you did a great job with the questions and answers and the photography!
    I hope someday before June, I can arrange to Skype with your class as well. It’s always a little tricky with our time differences, but it could work.
    In the meantime, I will answer your question. If I had to do a guest post, I would write about my favorite books!
    Keep Reading!
    Mrs. Hembree

    • Dear Mrs. Hembree,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on the 4KM and 4KJ blog. Skyping is great fun. It was great that Millie and Kealee got to do a guest post!

      It would be good if we could skype with you. I agree, it is hard with the time difference but I bet we can figure something out.

      That would be a good idea to write a post about your favourite books. What are your favourite books? I like books that are funny and have adventures in them.

      Your blogging buddy,

      Skye ♥

  9. Hi 4KJ & 4KM,

    You are certainly doing a lot of exciting things with your skyping and blogging and learning so much about it, which is a great experience!

    I think you are very lucky to have such wonderful teachers who bring such an opportunity to you.

    I have never skyped before because I haven’t had the need to…my family and friends live locally. If I had someone close to me move to another country then I think I might have to set up skype!!

    Keep up the good work…

    Cassie (Skye’s mum)

    • Dear Cassie,

      Thanks for the comment. It was very nice of you to comment on our blog.

      Yes, I enjoy having Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan as teachers, you can do so many awesome things with them.

      Skyping is very fun. I have skype on my iPod and skype some of my friends and family on there. Another good thing is, it’s all free!

      Skye’s friend,
      Millie 🙂

  10. Dear Mrs Hembree,

    Thank you for your comment. I really enjoyed writing a guest post. It was a lot of fun.

    Yes, I would love to skype you sometime soon too. Shame about the time differences though.

    You blogging buddy,

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I think skyping with Mrs Yollis and her class was very, very fun. I enjoyed being a typtist although we had to be quick to type everything on Word, it was still so much fun.

    Yes, I have skyped someone before. I have skype on my iPod and skype friends and family on there. It’s a lot of fun.

    I’d probably ask Mrs Yollis’ students these questions:
    ♥ What is your favourite shop?
    ♥ Do you speak any other languages?
    Could someone answer those questions themselves?

    If I could do another guest post, it would probably be about how great my teachers are.

    Talk soon,
    Millie 🙂

  12. Love the post and NO we haven’t got involved in skyping anywhere near enough! If I did a guest post, I think I’d do one on the excitement and difficulties that are linked to making iMovies. I’d like to ask Mrs Yollis how she used to teach before the digital age! 🙂
    I very much like the way the comments are replied to on your site and I hope to switch to edublog quite soon so that we can do that at our school.

    Thanks for sharing

    Mr E

    • Dear Mr E,

      Thank you for writing on our new post.

      Sorry that you didn’t get replyed to straight awy way. I actually wasn’t there when my classes skyed. 8)
      From Lilli (4KM)

  13. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I liked how you could talk to the kids in America on a computer and see them too. The photo’s that my sister Liv took were lovely.
    Bon (Liv’s sister)

  14. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    From Mrs. Yollis’s class post and yours, I can see the Skye session was very successful. Your questions were well chosen so you could learn more about your blogging buddies.

    Have you ever skyped someone before?

    No, but I have recently set up an account.

    If you haven’t, do you think it looks like fun?

    From the sessions I’ve read about, they do seem fun.

    What question would you like to ask Mrs Yollis and her students?

    That would take some thought as I’m more familiar with answering questions.

    If you had to do write a guest blog post, what would you post about?

    You probably already know I normally post many comments on other people’s blogs. If I had to choose a topic for a guest blog post, it might be about science, history, maths, writing, reading, photography, video work or music.
    It might seem many topics but the type of guest post I would write would depend on who would be reading it. A post on astronomy might not go down well with a five year old or a 25 word story might be a waste of time for someone in Year 12 yet, today, I have written something about astronomy to a high school student and a 25 word short story.

    Keep blogging. I love seeing the posts.

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  15. Dear Millie and Kealee
    I am very impressed by your guest post – it is very well set out and clear to read. I enjoyed seeing what questions you asked – did you prepare all your questions in advance? Did you agree a topic to Skype about?
    We did a bit of Skyping for World Book Day in our class, one with a local school who were reading the same book as us (The Boy who Biked the World) and one with Roadrunners in North Carolina, who are part of the Flat Stanley project we’re doing, so we talked about our Flat Stanleys.
    If I could do a guest post, I would write about 10 must-read books for children in Y3/4!
    Keep up the good work!
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View, UK

  16. Dear Kealee and Millie,

    Great post! I loved reading it as much as I loved watching the Photo Peach.

    I haven’t skyped outside of school but I have skyped with Mrs Yollis. If I could skype with someone outside school I would of love to skype with my family or friends.

    I got to interveiw Logan and these are some of the questions that I asked…

    What are your hobbies?

    What subjects do you do outside of school?

    I was lucky to get chosen as a interveiwer!

    If I were to write a guest blog post I would write about myself, my hobbies and my friends.

    Your Blogging Buddy,


  17. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    It is Ashleigh here from Taradale Intermediate School. It sounds like you all enjoyed talking to your blogging buddies face to face! I have skyped someone before, in fact just a couple of nights ago. I think it is a great way to keep in contact with friends and family who you don’t see that often who live overseas.

    Do you think that now you have skyped Mrs Yollis it will affect the way you blog with them?

    If I could write a guest blog post I would probably write it about our Friday extra activities such as culinary arts, art extension, performer’s group and many more. Fridays are an opportunity for you to get out of class and do something different for most of the day. I am in Culinary Arts and I am really enjoying it. Last week we had to cater for the teacher meeting after school. We made sausage rolls, mini pizzas, club sandwiches, chocolate brownie and lots of other yummy things!

    Does your school have any extra activities you can be involved in on a specific day of the week?

    Yours sincerely

    Ashleigh, Room24

  18. Dear, 4KM and 4KJ,
    I go to Rosebery Primary school, Lovley blog, I love the Three Little Pig Story, It was very Interesting, I can see you guys make a awesome team building blog, I love doing skype, I wish my class 3/4 Bracegirdle and Morrison had skype!

    P.S I can’t wait what your whole class name is! Ours is 3/4 Renegades.


  19. Dear Ashleigh,

    Thank you for replying on our blog!

    My name is Maha from 4KM.

    Yes, our class did enjoy skyping with Mrs.Yollis for many reasons.

    I skype I fair bit too because my mothers side lives in Pakistan so skype comes in handy to find out what they’re doing!

    No, I don’t think skyping with them will affect blogging with them.

    If I could write a Guest Post it would be about activities too but different ones like what you do out of school for instance tennis or netball. What does culinary mean?

    All the yummy snacks you made are making me hungry but I have had dinner.

    Our school has lots of activities on specific days! For instance, we have Cross Country and House Athletics and many more.

    Please comment soon,

    Maha 😀

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