We Love Maths!

We love our maths sessions in 4KM and 4KJ.

Another word for maths is numeracy. This year at Leopold Primary School every class has to have a numeracy wall to display all of the great work we do in maths.

This week we extended our place value knowledge and made posters using four, five, six or seven digit numbers. You can see the posters on display on our numeracy wall (you might notice we have numeracy windows instead!)

We also have colourful posters and displays to help us remember different maths concepts and strategies.

On our Sites For Kids page, we have linked lots of fun maths websites. The students in 4KM and 4KJ enjoy playing them and we’d love other students to try them out too!

Mathletics is a popular website for students at our school. It is a great way to improve your skills. You can earn bronze, silver and gold certificates if you work hard enough!

What is your favourite topic in maths?

What maths games or websites do you enjoy?

Do you have a numeracy wall in your classroom?

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52 thoughts on “We Love Maths!

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love Maths. I like every topic but two of my favourites are multiplication and division.

    I like mathletics. I like play live and all the maths question games.

    I like figuring out sums!

    Sorry got to go,


    • Dear Skye,
      Thank you for commenting on our blog. I love Mathletics too. Division is a very hard subgect but you have to learn at one point. My favourite thing in maths is place value.
      from your blogging buddy

    • Dear Skye,

      maths is a great subject and a lot of people just love it.My favorite maths subject is place value.

      Mathletics is cool too.You do challenging games and also ern certificets as you pas each challenge.

      Bye for now

      Indiana 😀

  2. Dear skye,
    I realy liked your comment.I like all topices to
    and i think mathletics is awsome to.my faveorit topic in maths is subtracion because i think subtracion is realy fun.

    I like to play mathletics live aswel.I have gotin 4 sertifecets so far how many have you gotin.
    by for now Brodey 😀

    • Dear Brodey,
      your right Brodey Mathletics is awsome.
      I love playing mathletics live.My favorite subjuect is subtracion because your counting backwords .

      Beside i liked your coment.

      From your new friend Callum.

    • Dear Brodey,

      Thanks for replying to me. I like every topic in maths but there’s some I really love.

      I like mathletics aswell because it helps you improve you maths skills.

      I have a gold certificate. I got it in grade 2. I have also got heaps and heaps of bronze and silver certificates. I got a bronze one this week.

      Happy Blogging,

      Skye 😀

  3. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love maths, my favriot math is subtractoin.
    im shore you love maths as much as i do.

    your friend,

    • Dear Hayden,

      I ♥ Maths!

      My favourite subject in maths is addition and doing things with big numbers.

      Your friend Georgia

    • Dear Hayden,
      I love maths to. A great maths game is Mathletics, you can vs people all over the world in maths.

      I like subtractoin too.

      Talk soon,
      your blogging buddie
      Hannah. 😉

    • Dear Hayden,

      I love Maths. Maths is a great thing to learn at school. Some people don’t like maths because it’s to hard for them. My favourite subject in maths is adding up and taking away. I think our maths window I also like Miss Jordan’s maths window.

      from your blogging buddy

  4. Ohhh always loved maths and love that Kadyn really loves it too.
    Well if he doesn’t love it he’s very good at it.
    Maths Is very important even when your older.
    It always helps me when I go shopping or working out bills and even getting the right change for lunch orders.

    • Dear Tracy,

      Thank you for leaving a comment on the blog! I love maths too.

      It sounds like you use a lot of maths!

      Your Blogging Buddy,


    • Dear Tracy(my mum),

      I love maths. It is relly fun. I agree that it is helpful to add things up for lunch orders and much more.

      From your blogging buddy,

      Kadyn 🙂

    • Dear Tracy,
      Maths is a great thing to learn people need to learn Maths so when your grown up and you need to go shopping you need to add up the money. Your right people don’t need to love Maths they just need to like to doing it. Maths is not easy for some people but some don’t even need to use there fingers while the teachers tells them to answer a hard sum or a hard question that is maths. I am in the middle maths is not easy and it not hard. Where you very good at maths

      from your blogging buddy

  5. Hi 4KM and 4KJ

    Maths is alot of fun. Im glad that you enjoy maths as much as I do and use great sites like Mathletics to practice

    Remember to check out my classes joint blog at this adress:

    Jamie 😀

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    when I was young,(in grade 1 and 2)I hated maths but now I love it!Now I cant wait to learn maths without groaning of bordom all the time.

    Do you like maths?
    Do you find it challenging?

    Your blogging buddy,

    • Dear Bronte,

      I was like you when you were young, I never liked maths.But now I love it!

      Well I love maths very much.But it isn’t realy my favorite subject.And I do find it a bit challenging.

      Talk soon

      Your friend,
      Indiana 😆

  7. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Maths is my most fathrit sachet at school.
    I love playing mathletics at home, school enywhere becouse of chalychis, problems and all the pepl how goes on mathletics live.

    bye from,

  8. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love maths and I love post you put on there. I’m happy that we have a post about maths because it is one of my favourite subjects.

    I think that all the maths we do is fantastic and challening. My favourite maths thing we have done so far would probley be place value.

    Well I wil see you soon
    From your friend
    Jess 😛

    P.S I hope we do more place value 😆

    • Dear Jess,
      I hope we do more place value too.
      I love maths because it is challenging and you can learn something you thought
      you would never learn, but once you get the hang of it, you’re ready too move on.

      your blogging buddy,

  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love maths as a lot of students do.My favorite kind of maths is Mathletics.Mathletics can help you a lot with maths.

    I like the newest poster you put on the blog about maths.I also like place value too.

    Bye for now,
    Indiana 😀

  10. Dear 4KJ and 4KM,
    hello ther im affraid in my class room i dont have a numerancy wall witch i would love,
    in maths i love adding its a great way to make my day bright and on top
    thanks for reading.

    from your new bloger Maddy

  11. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I do have a numerancy wall in my class beacause im in 4KJ”s class.
    my favourate activity is maths because I like big numbers.

    from paige:)

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    I do not have a numeracy wall because i dont go to school anymore,i work a full time job as a Prison Officer.
    But i do like Maths especially algebra (fun stuff to learn)

    from Burnsy xxx

  13. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love maths because it is challenging and fun.My favorite kind of maths would be place value and Mathletics.

    I think all the maths we do is great!It is a fun way to help you if your not so good.

    I will see you soon:smile:

  14. Hi 4KM 4KJ

    I’m Luca from Miss Migans class, 4M
    my favourite topic in maths is everything I’m a fan of maths. I love it!:)

    I love playing targeting math club because their are lots of games and really challenging ones.

    From Luca

    • Dear luca,

      yes a lot of people like maths and so do i my tallent in maths is halfing numbers and we also have some people in 4km 4kj that are very good at maths

      From Heath 🙂

  15. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love maths, I also Love Mathletics! 😀
    My favourite topic in maths is subtraction.

    From Loren 😀

  16. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love math so much!

    My favourite topics in maths:

    Multiplication-is a fun maths topic because it really makes you think about it.

    Subtraction-is a fun maths topic because it is a fun way to found out the answer for sums.

    Pluse-is a easy way to do maths.

    Divition-It is a fun way to do maths.

    I enjoy playing mathletices because you have fun doing the maths on it.

    We use maths all the time.

    Enjoy your maths!

    Talk soon,

    • Dear Kealee,

      yes maths is fun and also Multiplication all ways makes you think there are lots of other things that make you think and they are also are fun.
      From Heath 🙂

  17. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love maths because it is a fun challenging test.The place value test is my favorite kind we do in the class room.

    Mathletics is a fun test too.I am getting better and better each day.I have already got a couple of certificets.

    I hope we do even more exciting maths activities.

    From your bloging buddy,
    Indiana 🙂

  18. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    Numeracy is a subject I always enjoyed having with my classes and groups. I once even tutored Year 12 students studying maths with some working at a level only slightly behind the maths I was studying at university. There were some pretty smart students out there. I only studied maths for one year as part of my university science degree.

    I’m very impressed by your numeracy wall displays. Place value is such an important understanding to have. It helps us keep our calculations in correct places and helps us name numbers.

    Now you know the place value up to seven places, millions are easy to understand. I’ll show you a large number I know then tell you what it’s called…


    This number is one followed by 100 zeros. It is known as a googol. It sounds like Google on the internet but it isn’t. According to Wikipedia, it has other names as well but I like googol as it’s so much easier to remember than something like ten duotrigintillion.

    Aren’t numbers amazing?

    Your second photo shows your Money display. Money is so much a part of our lives it’s important to know and understand amounts. If we understand money, it’s much easier when we go shopping. We know what we should be paying.

    Mathletics – Sometimes I look after my neighbour’s son and daughter when she has to go away on a course. When I first started to look after them, they had just returned after living in Geelong for about two years. They said they knew your school but didn’t go to it. They used Mathletics for a time as they still had their Victorian school log in. I think it is fantastic.

    What is your favourite topic in maths?

    That would be hard as I enjoy so many topics but, perhaps, my favourite would be in measurement. I used to enjoy taking part in hands-on maths where we could pour, weigh, and measure. One of my favourite memories was of building a large balance scale with buckets to balance weights. It was large enough for children in my Year 3/ 4 to sit on so they could balance their own weight. Cooking was another fun activity as we had to measure and mix.

    What maths games or websites do you enjoy?

    When I had a class, I had a number of programmes on DVDs for my class to use. When I retired from full time teaching, I donated all of the software to schools and a charity. I wish we had Mathletics in my school.

    Do you have a numeracy wall in your classroom?

    Absolutely yes! We had a number of different charts, lists and information on display. When produced some on a computer, we shared with other classes. Numeracy walls are a great way to remind us of what we’ve learnt.

    Have fun with numeracy. I know I always did. ☺

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross,

      Thank you for the amazing and BIG comment!

      You are such a great blogger.

      Yes, our numeracy wall is looking great.
      I agree place value is such a important understanding to have.

      you are right seven digit is easy to understand.

      Wow, the number was followed by 100 zeros. Yes googol does sound like google on the Internet. You are right googol is much easier to understand than duotrigintillion. I was even having trouble typing it.

      Yes, numbers are very amazing but hard to understand when not explained well.

      You are right money is also a important part of our lives. It helps us pay people easy like you said.

      My favourite topic in maths is multiplication because it is pretty hard so it makes you think about it.

      I enjoy mathletics because it is fun and educational.

      You were so nice to give the software to charity and schools.

      Yes I do have a numeracy wall in my class room for I am in Mrs Morris grade.

      Keep up the great blogging,
      Kealee :mrgreen:

      • Hello Kealee,

        Thanks for replying to my comment. I also like multiplication and can work out harder ones easily enough. Once you have the basics down, you’ll find ti becomes easier to calculate larger numbers.

        One shop I visit almost every day knows me well. As they’re totalling on their cash register I often give them the total and correct change before the cash resigister works it out. It’s great practise to try to stay ahead of them.

        As you know, I like googol better than ten duotrigintillion but WIkipedia gives two more names for a googol and I have to say, they’re worse than ten duotrigintillion. The different names comes from different ways of dealing very very large numbers. In maths a little ahead of you at the moment, it is possible to write the number for a googol in a much simpler way. I created a small post in one of my blogs to show you…


        @RossMannell 🙂

    • Dear Ross Mannell,
      Before I wasn’t that good at maths but in grade 4 I am very good at maths and I love it!

      Thank you for saying that our numeracy ( maths ) wall is very good. I also think that Place value is important to learn and to help us name numbers.

      The number you showed me right there is very big. I didn’t that 100 zeros was called a googol! It sounds so much like google that if people heard what it was called they would mistake it for google,but I agree that googol is better than duotrigitrillion.

      I think nubers are fascinating how the number 1 can go up to bigger numbers like duotrigitrillion! I also think money is as important Place value because if we didn’t have money nowadays we wouldn’t have the stuff we have right now!

      I love Matheletics not because we get certificates it is because I can interact with people across the world and I can also practise my maths skills online! I also used Matheletics when I was over seas visiting my family!

      It is very funny that my favorite topic is Place value! I have lots of others but I just LOVE this topic!

      I agree that measurement would be very popular in favorites. I think before you retired you would of had so much fun doing measurement in the grades you taught!

      My favorite maths game is Code-breaker and my my maths website would be Matheletics!

      You would had fun showing your students the DVD’s ! I have a question for you, what kind of DVD’s did you have?

      Yes we do have a numeracy wall but is small and about money! I think if you just look at a numeracy wall you would learn lots about the topic it is on!

      I will have fun learning numeracy!


      Maha ( 4KM )

      • Hello Maha,

        There is nothing better than discovering a new talent. Maths is very much like that. You may struggle then one day it seems to all fall in place and becomes much easier.

        At times I’ve had children in class who said they were having problems and couldn’t do the work easily. I would hand them some work from a year or two before and they would say it was easy. When I asked how they felt when the work was new to them, they said they thought it was hard. Maths is like that, as long as you don’t give up, it’s amazing what you can learn to do in school.

        Of course there are limits. I only did one year of maths at university in my science degree. My main studies were in zoology (animals) and psychology (behaviour). I had decided university level maths wasn’t needed to teach primary but it did help me earn some money from tutoring Year 12 students while I was a uni student. 🙂

        As to a googol, here is the same link I gave Kealee. It shows an easier way to write a googol but is a little ahead of your maths at the moment but won’t be by high school. 🙂


        I see you like code breaking. Have you tried to break Sudoku puzzles? They can be hard but I find them fun and many very easy. Many newspapers and magazines have them.

        Puzzles and similar mind games are great exercises for the brain. 🙂

        I can’t remember the names of a number of the Maths games I had as the last were given away over six years ago. Some were simple maths practise games, others had activities like Mathletics but there were some where in order to solve a mystery or complete an adventure, you had to carry out different maths tasks. These days, I would probably have wanted to use Mathletics as it has great activities.

        Keep learning, it’s something you can keep doing throughout your life. Did you know there are tests to see how intelligent people are? What I have found out is the older you get, the less you need to answer correctly to get the same intelligence level. This means if you keep your minds active, you will seem to get smarter as you age. My scores are about the same as when I was 20 yet, at 57, the scores say I’m now smarter. I suppose the tests show they don’t know what they’re talking about. 🙂


  19. Oops, I see the googol didn’t display correctly so here it is again…


  20. Hi 4KM and 4KJ

    It’s so wonderful to see so many of you who are enjoying maths! The Mathletics program you get to use is fantastic and it helps to make it fun.

    I know Indiana loves using Mathletics which really helps her with it, I wish I had it when I was in school!

    Keep up the great work everybody!

    Georgia 😉

  21. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    everyone seems to be enjoying maths very much.I hope we get to do more exciting maths through out the year.

    Maths is a very importent subject that everybody should learn.Times tables is becoming easier for me and I know all of my place value sums now.

    See you soon. 😛

    Your blogging buddy,
    Indiana 😆

  22. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I love maths! It helps you add up things like lunch orders and much more I like times and plus.
    From your blogging buddy

    • @ Kadyn,

      Great comment. I don’t love maths I just like maths.

      You are so right you need maths as it is so important in everything we do.
      I enjoy doing my times tables as I am getting rather fast at recalling my times table. I practice just about every night.

      Do you like doing the times tables Kadyn?

      From your friend,
      Bubble B. (BB)

  23. @ Kadyn,

    Great comment. I don’t love maths as a matter of fact I just like maths.

    You are so right that maths is so important for lots of reasons.
    I really enjoy doing the times tables. Do you have a favourite maths game?

    Addition is fun when it comes to maths.

    From your blogging pal,

  24. Hi,

    honelstly that is a ‘fact’ that i love maths in ‘fact’ its my favourite subject.

    There are two games that improve acuracy well for a start theres Kids VS Ice cream and spite cannon 1 and 2 that should be enough for now

    well i cant talk forever, bye for now


    • hello,

      im back just to say about my spelling errors in ‘honestly’ i accidently made it ‘honesltly’ and ‘acurracy’ i made it ‘acuracy’


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