Our Country, Australia

This term, the Grade Four integrated studies topic is “Our country, Australia”. We will be focussing on Australian icons and symbols and everyone is looking forward to increasing their knowledge about our wonderful country.

To begin the topic, students had to draw Australia and label as many states, capital cities and towns as they could. They couldn’t look at any maps or displays, it was all done from memory. It was interesting to see what different students know about Australia.

Olivia’s map

 Maddy’s map

Australia is in the southern hemisphere and it has a population of approximately 22,830,00. There are six states and two territories in Australia and the country is surrounded by ocean.


What facts do you know about Australia?

Can you research a fact about Australia and write it in your comment? Remember not to copy and paste straight from websites. Write your fact in your own words.

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36 thoughts on “Our Country, Australia

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I really like this post.I think I will have a great term lernig more about our contry Australia.

    here is some fact,the koala just eats and sleeps all day and the kangaroo doesn’t look dangers but if get too close it can hurt you.

    by for now

    • Hi Thomas,

      We learnt about Australia last year. It was really interesting. Once, a long, long time ago, Australia was connected to Tasmania. Tasmania used to be Van Diemens Land.

      Sometimes we see kangaroos near us. We know how dangerous they can be. One of them nearly drowned our teacher’s dog.

      From 3/4C, Upper Plenty P.S, Victoria

  2. Dear Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan,

    It is great learning about Australia. I also loved the post Miss Jordan put on there. It feels like grade 3 all over again.

    Here are a couple of questions I wan’t to ask!
    Are we going to learn any more about Australia?
    What are all our term topics? And…
    How many blog comments did you get last year?

    Bye for now from your blogging buddy
    Jess 😆

    • Dear Jess,

      Thank you for the comment it was lovely like always. is blogging fun to you?

      I can’t answer both questions but I can answer one.
      I think we will be doing doing a lot of things about Australia.

      Bye for now,

  3. Hi 4KM and 4KJ,
    we like the pictures of the maps.

    The fact that we know about Australia are:

    .The komodo dragon is an Austrailian animal with the most rating of cold blood.

    .Australia is an island.

    .Tasmania was once part of Australia.

    .The Tasmanian tiger is nearly extinct.

    .Austrailia was once indiginouse territory until us humans came along and the land was almost inhabited with just humans.

    .Captain Cook was the one who discovered Australia.

    .Bass Strait ocean is the ocean that parts Australia and Tasmania.

    From your blogging buddies,
    Lib and Josh.

    • Dear Libby and Joshua,

      You have listed some great facts. Here is a little more information on some of them.

      The Komodo dragon is native to the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Gili Dasami. We have goannas here. They are also monitor lizards but don’t grow as large as the Komodo.

      I really like your comment about the Tasmanian tiger. As far as we know, the last died out in the 1930s so they are thought extinct. Every now and then someone claims to have found evidence of them so you may be right when you say “nearly extinct”. 🙂

      Australia has had a rich history of cultures going back perhaps around 50000 years. When Europeans first came here to settle, there were over 200 Aboroginal language groups in Australia. The local people in my area are of the Yuin language group.

      Captain Cook was the first known European to have sailed along the East coast but you’ll learn others visited the west coast much earlier. Of course, as the Aboriginal people were here much earlier, it was their ancestors who were first to find Australia.:)

      I hope to see many more great posts from the two of you. 🙂

      Teacher, NSW, Australia

      • Hi Ross,
        Thanks for your comment, Ross you have put in so much effort into this . I am sitting here with my mum right now and even she likes the comment as well! I like your facts that you have done!
        Hope to see more of your comments on the 4KM and 4KJ blog! 🙂
        I hope we can Skype with you sometime!
        From your friends,
        Christy and Libby 😛

  4. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    I am having a great time leaning all of you’re great and fun work.I am looking forword to the year ahead.I’m always ready for a fantastic year of work.

    From you’re bloging buddy,

  5. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    I know some facts about Austrailian animals.
    Heres my favourite.
    Koalas eat up to 50 gum-leaves and sleep up to 12 hours every day!

    From your blogging buddy

  6. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    Australia is a great place to live. Here are some of the reasons why. We have great animals, food, people lots of other things aswell. It’s going to be fun talking to Mrs Yollis all about Australia and where going to learn more about Amirica.

    From your blogging buddy

    • Dear Maddy,

      Thanks for the comment on our blog. I think it’s great people are loving blogging. You are getting really good at blogging.

      Is this your first year of blogging?
      If it isn’t who was your first blogging teacher ?

      My first blogging teacher was Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris.

      Bye for now,
      Emily 😀

  7. Dear Miss Jordan

    last night i found out some things about captain cook here are some facts of my own,

    captain cook went to magnetic island and when he got there his compass went out of calibration
    , you want to know why?
    Because the magnetic field of the island interfered with them.

    from Heath 4kj :)ear Miss Jordan,

    • Dear Heath,

      They are very good facts.

      It’s Good To see That you are leaving heaps of comments on the class blog.
      I never knew those facts thanks for telling me

      From Your Buddy Max

  8. Hi 4km&4kj
    Good Captain Cook fact! Captain Cook came from this part of England and set sail from Whitby, which is only about 60 miles from here. There is a monument to him there. Class 2 love hearing about Australia’s poisonous spiders because we don’t have any – have you ever seen one?
    Mrs M

    • @Mrs Monaghan,

      You said you want to know some poisonos spiders well I can tell you about one very poisinos spiders. There is the Red back spider I once saw in my dads garage that had just caught a flie. The red back can kill a person if you do get bitten you must rush to a hospital and then they give you anti-venom wich will try to stop the venom from spreading around your body.

      The female spider is up to 1cm long and can pack a nasty bite.

      The male spider is much smaller and it is long as 3-4 millimeters but I don’t know if it is poisinos as the female red back spiders.

      The red back spiders commonly live in urban habbitats and dry areas.

      Red back spiders eat small lizards, king grass hoppers and funnle web spiders.

      from lachlan in 4KJ

  9. It’s great learning about your own country and when it’s as exciting as Australia it is probably even better. What are the names of the territories? Can you tell me why nobody ever visits my blog from Northern Territory, does it have a smaller population?

    You will be doing some great work this year and we look forward to sharing it with you.

    Mr E
    Hawes (Eng)

    • Dear David,
      Thanks for the comment on our blog.The names of the Territories are The Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory.No not many people live in the Northern Territory but there are a lot of Aboriginal People. Some people in the NT might not have computers so they migt not visit your blog.

      Talk To You Soon Max

    • Dear Mr E,
      Learning about my country is fun but I would like to learn about other countries to!

      Their are 2 territories, NT and the ACT. I don’t know why people don’t visit your blog!

      NT has got a small population because there is more landscape than houses.

      I would love to share more information with you and your class!

      From your blogging buddy,

      Maha. 🙂

  10. Hi everyone
    When i was in grade two i studied australia as one of my topics.
    Did you know that australiia is bigger than china!
    I really enjoyed learning about australia.
    My favourite part of learning about australia is learning about all the different caltures and religions.
    i hope you all have fun studying australia. 🙂
    From Mia@3/4C,UPPS vic.

    • Dear Mia,

      Thank you for commenting on our blog.

      I am looking forward to leaning about Australia. I am mainly looking forward to learning about the animals.

      What is your favourite Australian animal?


  11. We are learning about Australia as our focus country this year.
    So far this year we have explored and did research about the different animals of Australia. Our favorites were the dingo and kangaroo.
    We read that someone thought people were playing tricks on them when they sent a platypus to England.
    We have also learned how you have summer and Christmas at the same time. It is the winter time when we have Christmas in December in the USA.
    What is the most unique thing about the area you live in?

    • Dear Mrs Todd and Roadrunners,

      My name is Olivia and I am in Miss Jordan’s class this year.

      Thankyou for the brilliant comment. We always love to hear from you.

      It sounds as though you had a good time learning about the Australian animals. My favourite Australian animals are the dingo and the kangaroo too.

      It is funny to learn that we have Christmas at different times. The most unique thing about Geelong (the area we live in) is that it is the second most popular city in Victoria.

      Talk soon,
      Your blogging buddy,
      Liv S (4KJ) 🙂

  12. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    What a great post! Olivia’s and Maddy’s drawings of Australia looked great! They have a lot of detail and look attractive.

    Some facts I know about Australia are,
    *Some Aussie animals are kangaroo’s, koala’s, wombat’s, tassy devil’s kookaburra’s and platypus.

    A fact about Australia I got off a website called About Australia was that Australia is about 7,692,024 square kilometres.

    From your blogging buddy Millie.

  13. Dear 4KM & 4KJ,

    I’ve looked up an extremely well known australian spider. It’s the Daddy-Longlegs

    It has no enemies except occasionaly the vacum or bug spray. Despite there unharmful ways they may sometimes fight over a female spider or may kill each other for no reason at all

    Daddy-Longlegs have a special method to hunt. One of there way does involve there web. Once caught the web renders bugs, other spiders, insects or what ever there unlucky prey is they are then helpless.

    From your classmate,

    • Brandon,
      We also have the granddaddy long legs here in North Carolina.
      Our dangerous spiders are the brown recluse and the black widow spider.
      The brown recluse is often from under boxes and in dark garages. The black widow has a red violin shaped spot on it and that’s how people recognize it.

  14. Dear 4KM & 4 KJ,
    In our 4 th grade classes our student also focus on geography. The Captain Cook who journeyed to Australia, also traveled to the Washington coast and named Cape Flattery the most northern point in Washington state.
    Another fact I have learned is that Ayers rock or Uluru can be seen from space satellites. I think it must be an amazing trip to visit this red sandstone rock.
    Keep reading and learning!
    Mrs. Hembree

  15. Dear 4KM & 4KJ,

    Being a teacher and curious, I have learnt many great facts about Australia past and present.

    I have visited Captain Cook’s cottage moved from England to Melbourne, walked the ground where he stopped in Botany Bay, seen the area where he grounded his ship after crashing into a reef, and seen one of the cannons Cook had thrown overboard when his ship hit the reef. On about May 7 this year, the Endeavour replica ship will be sailing into Twofold Bay in Eden (about 20km from here).

    Did you know, Captain Cook’s Endeavour had been converted from a coal carrier (Earl of Pembroke) on the English Coast into a ship that sailed the world’s oceans under the name Endeavour?

    I have photographed many of our native animals and plants.

    Did you know the only egg laying (monotreme) mammals in the world are the platypus (only found in Australia) and the echidna (found in Australia and New Guines)?

    Did you know the koala isn’t a bear, as some people call it, because it is a marsupial and bears are placental mammals?

    Did you know an extinct kangaroo named Propleopus oscillans was thought to be a meat eater?

    Did you know Australia is said to be the world’s largest island and smallest continent?

    Did you know it was once possible to walk to New Guinea or to Tasmania when sea levels were lower?

    Did you know Sydney’s Royal National Park was the second national park to be declared in the world (The first was USA’s Yellowstone National Park but only just)?

    Isn’t it wonderful what we can learn about our country when we start to research. I think you’re going to have great fun in this topic. ☺

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

    • Dear Ross,

      My name is Olivia and I am in Miss Jordan’s class this year.

      Thankyou for your fantastic quality comment.

      I think it would be very interesting to visit where Captain Cook’s cottage was, and Botany Bay would be an amazing sight. What was your favourite part of your trip to Botany Bay?

      No, I didn’t know that fact but it is a very good fact to know. There’s something new I’ve already learnt today.

      I did know that the platypus lays eggs and that it is the only egg laying mammal but did not know about the echidna.

      I did know that the koala is not a bear but most people that live in other countries think it is.

      What an interesting fact about Australia. I did not know.

      I think it is wonderful that we can research things about our country.

      Your new blogging buddy,
      Liv 🙂

  16. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Well, to be honest, I have to say that I know much more about Australia now than I did a couple years ago. Through blogging with Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan, I’ve learned so much more than I ever knew before. For example, I had never even heard of Australia Day until just this year! We even wrote a post about what we had learned. Hopefully, after blogging with us this year, you’ll be able to learn some more about the United States and even more specifically, Massachusetts!

    Have a great weekend!

    Mr. Avery

    • Dear Mr avery,

      Thank you for your great comment.
      We loved it.

      It is great that you know much more about Australia than you did before.

      We all love Australia Day.

      That was really nice to write a post.

      From Lilli

  17. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    What a coincidence! We are learning about Australia this term too. We have started looking at Aboriginal Dreamtime stories. We will also be learning about famous Australians, Australian history, national symbols and flags and much much more!

    We already know that Captain Cook discovered Australia, Kangaroos and Koalas are native Australian animals, Ned Kelly was a bush ranger, Australia is an island and Australia is a part of the Commonwealth.

    We know that Aboriginal people believe in Dreamtime stories. They use dance, oral story telling and paintings to pass on their stories from generation to generation.

    Thank you for sharing this post,

    From ACPS 4,5&6

  18. Dear 4km and 4KJ,

    I am glad you are learning about Australia and what parts of it are witch.

    Right know I am in the Gold Coast just on my way to Movie World.

    What is your favorite thing about it?

    From Olivia in 3jw

  19. Dear Miss Jordan and class,

    Do you know who found australia. well I am going to you who found Australia,it was ……… Captain cook the famous sailor. He found Hawaii, Australia,New Zealend and I think the Galapogas islands. At first captain cooks real name was James cook. I will tell you about James cooks life story…. James cook was a teenager and joined Queen Victorias Royal Navy for short QVRN.He was a navigaor and a cartographer. He ranked up to a captain, thats why they call him Captain cook.

    He was the first persoson to map Newfoundland, New Zealend and the Hawaii islands.
    He made voyages across the pacific ocean.

    I just tried to put a picture showing the map of were he went. I will trie to make a link to the picture so you can look at it.


    Type this into a new tab and you shall see the picture. I tried to make a link but it didn’t work.
    thats all for now bye

    From Lachlan 🙂 😉 :mrgreen:

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