Safer Internet Day

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day.


Established in Europe, “Ins@fe” promotes this special day to encourage safer and more responsible use of online technology, particularly amongst children and young people worldwide. Safer Internet Day has been running since 2004 and it is always held on the second day of the second week of the second month of the year.

Each year Safer Internet Day has a special theme. This year the theme is “Connecting generations and educating each other”. The slogan for the day is “Discover the Digital World Together…safely!”

Visit the Safer Internet Day website for more information about “Ins@fe” and this worldwide event.


Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan always ensure students are being safe online at school. Having a class blog is a terrific way to learn about appropriate online behaviour and “netiquette”. We have blog guidelines which we all follow to make sure we are being safe while blogging.

We also watched this fun Garfield cartoon about being safe online. Just click on the image below to watch it yourself.



To celebrate Safer Internet Day, we made posters about being safe online. Some of the important internet safety messages we came up with are:

 – Be safe online and you’ll be fine

– Think before you go on a link!

– Keep your personal info safe

– Be friendly online

– Don’t give away your YAPPY!

– Keep your passwords secret

What does YAPPY mean?

What are your tips for being safe online?

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47 thoughts on “Safer Internet Day

  1. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    I think it’s a really good idea that we have a Safer Internet Day because some people aren’t doing things safe online. Some people get stolen because the meet people they don’t know.

    I like all the poster they are awsome.

    from your blogging budding Maddy

  2. Dear Mrs. Morris and Miss Jordan

    all the posters were awesome my favorite one was “be safe online and you’ll be fine”

    it was very well extremly good.

    well bye for now. mine truly, Riley 😀

  3. Dear Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan,

    Safer Internet Day is pretty cool and informational.

    We think the Garfield cartoon is really funny!

    The posters are really cool!

    From Maha and Lilli 😀

  4. Hi 4KM
    Its Trent and James from 4KM.
    I love the posters there very good.
    I hope we can make more.

    from James and Trent.:evil:

      • Dear Vincent,
        So I here you like making posters, there pretty cool hey? Yes I actually do like hotdogs, especially with tomato sauce and cheese. What do you like on yours?

        From Trent 4KM 👿

  5. Dear 4KM and 4KJ
    Everyone should know about
    Internet safety.
    You don’t know what your
    getting yourself into!
    But we know!
    from your pal Loren 😀

  6. Dear Mrs Morris and Miss Jordan,

    We loved doing our posters yesterday!
    We think it’s great having safer internet day because a lot of kids get hurt on the internet. Watching the garfield show we lerned things like don’t say your going to meet someone you don’t know.

    We think our posters look great, and we think everybody out of 4KM and 4KJ’s look fantastic!
    We worked very hard and we think they have turned out great.

    This is what YAPPY means:

    Your full name
    Phone number
    Your address
    that is what YAPPY means.

    When taling to people on the net be polite and don’t start a fight.

    From Emily and Georgia

  7. Hi 4km & 4kj,
    The Safer Internet Day videos were very educational and now that I read it I won’t do things without confirmation from an adult if it envolves an email.
    From Brandon. XD

  8. Dear Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris.

    Wow what a great post, they were awesome posters.

    A tip for keeping safe on the Internet is not telling people your plans, or your full name.

    This is what YAPPY means.

    Your full name
    Phone number
    Your plans.

    Bye for now your blogging buddie Hannah 😉

  9. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    This is a wonderful post! Making sure that you are safe at all time while you are on the computer. I really do feel that by making it Safer Internet Day more and more people will be aware of just how really important this is.
    I really do believe adults too need to follow these YAPPY rules too.

    So stay safe and have a wonderful year blogging while you are all on the computer.

    From AA.

    • Dear AA
      Yes This is a wonderful post,
      Yappy is a great way to remember how to be safe on the intenet.
      Our Posters we made show heaps of ways of how to be safe on the intenet

      From Your Buddy Max

  10. Colourful and eye-catching posters – big bold writing, bright colours and super slogans make your posters very effective! We try to teach our kids to be SMART:
    What should you keep Safe
    Be careful when Meeting up
    Think about what you Accept
    What is Reliable?
    Who should you Tell

    But I think YAPPY is more memorable!
    Mrs M

    • Dear Mrs Monaghan,
      My name is Sophie,
      Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog and looking at our posters. I think everyone did a great job!I think SMART is a great way to remember how to be safe on the internet.

  11. Hello there 4km and 4kj! Hope you are all happy to be back at school and starting grade 4.

    Travis has come home and told me all about the YAPPY you learnt the other day. I was so happy to hear you are learning how to be safe on the internet. I know as a parent that is very important us.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your year in grade 4. Happy learning peeps!

    From Melissa ( Trav’s mum)

    • Dear, Molly,

      Yes we are looking forward to it.
      There is also a other thing like yappy but it is smart.
      Haydn and Trvis.

  12. Dear Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris,

    I think sfer internet day is important as we all need to stay safe on the interenet. If we all keep our YAPPY to ourselves, the internet will be a safe place.

    I think everyone’s posters look brilliant and i’m sure everyone learnt some tips. My tip to stay safe is…
    Don’t give away your YAPPY, YAPPY stands for:
    Your full name
    Phone number
    Your plans.

    Bye for now,

    Your blogging buddy,
    Liv 🙂

  13. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    the first week of school has been excellent!I have learned lots of new things and made lots of new friends.

    I loved it when we made the yappy posters,my sign was stay safe online.I would have loved my poster to be on the blog, but you chose other people so it doesn’t really matter anyway.

    Yappy stands for:
    Your full name
    Phone number
    Your plans

    See you later,

    From Indiana:)

  14. Dear 4KM and 4KJ

    The first week of school has been excellent! I have learned lots of new things and made lots of new friends.

    I really enjoyed making the Yappy posters. My sign was stay safe online. I would have loved it if my poster was on the blog.

    Yappy stands for:
    Your full name
    Phone number
    Your plans

    See you later,

    from Indiana

  15. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Your posters look really cool. I liked the coloring. I agree that Internet Safety is important. I think it’s important to not click on or download anything that pops up.

    I think that you are going to have fun blogging in this class.

    Your pal,
    Techie Kids

    • Dear Evelyn,

      Hi my name is Kealee and I am in 4KM.
      Thank you for the comment.

      The internet is a very dangeres thing is you don’t be careful. One thing you need to remeber is YAPPY.

      It was very nice of you to say the posters were good.

      Do you have any qustions?

      From your new friend,

  16. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Why is yappy a word? It is funny. Now you are 4KM and 4KJ and I agree that we should have to be safe online.

    Techie Kids
    in Michigan

    • Dear TJ,

      Hi TJ my name is Kealee and I am in 4KM.
      Thank you for your great comment.

      YAPPY is not a word it is a acranam. An acranam is the start of an impotant thing and the frist letters of the words are made into a word.

      From a new friend,

  17. Dear,miss Jordan and Morris

    Hi my name is Lauren miss Moore is my teacher I am in 3 grade. Your blog is so cool! I love the vido.


    • Dear Lauren,

      Hi my name is Kealee and I am in 4KM.
      Thank you for your comment.

      It is nice of you to say you love the video. Thank you for the nice complament.
      I think our blog is cool to.

      From your new friend,

  18. dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    Welcome back!What are you doing?We all agree with you.We should be safer on the internet.Thank you so much for your help.


    • Dear Mattaya,

      Hi my name is Kealee I am in 4KM.
      Thank you for the comment.

      It is nice of you to agree with us.

      We have been doing a lot with our two new awsome teachers.

      From your new friend,

  19. Daer,miss Jordan

    Here in michigan it is winter. But this winter their is not that much snow. Also not that cold.It is like fall time.

    from Gabriel

  20. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,

    I hope you are having fun back at school after summer vacation. I still have four more months in school before summer vacation. We get eight mounths of school but the summer is fun in Michigan.

    Hope you are having fun back at school.

    Techie Kids

  21. Dear 4km and 4kj,

    Wow that poster was amazing! Internet safete is inpotent. How do guys think of that poster thing?How did you do that?

    TEchie Kids

  22. Hi James & 4KM & 4KJ,
    Pleased to see that you are learning about safe internet use…I will be watching you when you are at home!! So will Mum !
    yappity yap yap.

    From Dad 😀

    • Dear James Dad,

      Hi! I am Kealee and I am in James grade.Thank you for writing on the blog!

      We will be very happy to hear from you again.

      Have a nice weekend.

      Best Wishes,

    • Dear Robert,
      thanks for embarrassing James, its very funny how you did it cyber saftey is agood thing to do at home so you do keep an eye on james.Dont be embarresst jame my mum and dad are watching me.

      from a blogging buddy Trent (^0_0^)

  23. Hello 4KM and 4KJ,

    I think the your internet safety posters are brilliant and carry very important messages. If we give away personal information, we share too much with people we don’t really know.

    YAPPY is a great acronym to remember. Despite all of the warnings students around he world receive, I have still had to occasionally remind some they have given away too much information.

    If we ignore YAPPY, we ignore safety.

    Have a great time this year. You’ll probably see my comments appear on your posts from time to time as 2KM and 2KJ found last year. 🙂

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  24. Dear 4km and 4kj,
    I just love Garfield he is so funny. I have 6 of his comics,I hope you like him to! I have some advice for you,read his comics!

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  26. Hello 4n and 4kj
    This morning we visited your blog to find out what YAPPY means. We are now going to make our own posters on Kidpix.
    We liked your page on Internet Safety Day and we used it to learn about how to be safe online. Thanks for being our teachers today!
    From Ms Lockyer and her Grade 2 class

  27. Dear 4KM and 4KJ,
    We wanted to write and thank you for sharing your learning about online safety with us. The Garfield video was really interesting. Even though we are in grade 6, we love cartoons! We think it is fantastic that you share your classroom learning on the blog because it means that our teacher, Mrs Bates, can find out about great new videos.
    We have a few tips for being safe online to share with you:
    -Passwords should contain capital letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols to make them more secure.
    -You should have different passwords for different accounts.
    -Keep your passwords safe and never share them with anyone, even a good friend.
    -Always go to a trusted adult if you’re having trouble with online bullying or if you think your account has been hacked into.
    Thank you,

    • Dear 6LB,
      Hi my name is Hannah i am in 4KJ.

      I also think the Garfield video was a great way to show internet safety.

      Your blog post was great and gereat tips on how to keep safe.

      From Hannah

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